H1Z1 (PC) Survival Tips for beginners

In our Survival Guide to H1Z1 we show you how you survive the first game in the Zombie Apocalypse hours. We give you the following numerous tips on basic game mechanics, such as food, weapons and the open fight.

Table of contents

Game Error G28 - find out server status
Find food and water
Life energy and stamina
Loot tips
Request airdrops
Other players
Fighting Tips
Find and crafting weapons
Build shelter

Game Error G28 - Server Status

Another important point first: H1Z1 is currently in an early-access phase. This means that game elements and concepts are not final. For our guide, this means that things can change for a patch. Also many patch phases are currently planned in which the server can not be reached. This is illustrated with the Game Error G28 in your browser. If you want to know whether the server is available again, you have the launcher on the red gear icon at the bottom left click. There you will find a list of servers with the current status.


At the beginning of your journey in H1Z1 the orientation is difficult. The world is very large and completely new territory for you. Here you have two ways to improve your chances of getting targeted approach. In the game you will always find excerpts of the card by the edges of the roads. These are located there on a bulletin board and tell you based on the little red arrow, where you find yourself. Furthermore, you help the sights. Climb mountains near to you to provide an initial overview of your environment.

Outside the game, it is also recommended a printed map of the game world to have at hand. Once you have determined your first position on the basis of the sights in the game, you can plan an exact route. So you quickly reach the yield rich locations H1Z1. For this purpose you take the best a compass at hand in the game. Either you find this during your adventure or use the crafting menu.

Find Food and Water

At the beginning of H1Z1 it is completely left without care. Your Hydration- or energy indicator drops drastically but after the first few minutes. A good way to compensate for this deficit is first Blackberries, which can be found in brown bushes in the wild. They occur frequently compare to white and give you about two percentage points for both indicators back. So long as you can survive until you find proper food or you can craft yourself. As you make the best food we tell you in our crafting guide.

Endurance and Vitality

In addition to food and drink you see two more ads in the lower right corner of your screen. First, you have the stamina bar that shows how much stamina your character has. This decreases as soon as you sprint or attacking with a melee weapon. But you may be able to charge again simply by walk a little slower or remains on the spot.

The second bar is your health indicator that gives you information about your life energy. If it falls to zero, you die your figure and you have to start over. Will you be attacked by a fall or take damage, we deducted life energy from wild animals or players. Bled her, she falls continuously until you stop the bleeding by an association. Spawn you get great new a bag Gauze (bandages) that you have to make end meet, until you can establish proper bandages made of rags.

Loot - Locations and Tips

An important part of H1Z1 is of course the loot that is hidden in the game world. There are various types of Lootspawn. This means that their common tools such as a crowbar found in factories and supermarkets to get more food. The prey can be located in both cabinets or boxes, as well as objects, such as tables. So keep your eyes open and take noticeable objects targeted to find out whether you may be able to remove. Especially at the beginning it will be difficult for you to distinguish Loot from surrounding objects. The eye for it you get after some playing time on your own.

Airdrops - Tips and Tricks

A second way to quickly get good loot is the so-called airdrops. For real money, all players can buy these packages of care in the shop and then request in the game world. But even those who do not have the wherewithal to do so, can benefit from airdrops. This must in fact be only collected and can be predicted by a low hum of the aircraft. So you have plenty of time afterwards to watch for and to give chase. But beware: Other players also want some of the loot and zombies spawn in the box as soon as it touches the ground. The best way you airdrops in small groups, as you may be able to better defend against thieving player.

Behavior of other players

In H1Z1 you are never alone. Currently swell the servers with players. Accordingly, you meet usually after a few meters in the game to the first man. Already in the first seconds determine how you behave towards others. In most cases it is already sufficient to F1 Button to press to be not equal attacked. In this way you raise your hand to the friendly greeting and signals your counterpart that her poses no threat. This is also by voice chat with the middle mouse button.

Still tries to tell at first glance how well the other player is equipped. You have usually nothing to worry about just a simple T-shirt and a pair of trousers. However, they may have weapon such as a bow or a stick in the rear hand. Players who are already equipped with a backpack, you should avoid, however. Here is a good chance that they have looted an airdrop or have managed to get in any other way a gun in the game.

We recommend you always be friendly towards other players. Equal to any other off, you miss a lot of small interactions that make up the appeal of the game. But attempt in situations that are difficult to predict, to be careful.

Fighting Tips

Sooner or later you will be in H1Z1 not come to a fight around. There are some important things. If it is among the opponents to hostile animals, such as bears and wolves, you can keep the upper hand through a few simple tricks. Have ready a bow for this case and run with the animal in tow a car nearby. About the hood or the trunk you come to the roof, where the animal no longer can reach you. Now you can easily edit it from above with the bow.

For a player of open struggle is of course a bit more difficult. Here first is all about the equipment. How good are your weapons and equipment which transmit your opponent in the battle? If you have only a rudimentary melee weapon you do not need to try your luck against a firearm or only when you really have nothing to lose. No matter what the equipment looks like: It is important that you can land the first hit. This can already be realized through an arch, her fires with from a distance on your opponents.

If both parties have only a melee weapon, it can quickly become hectic. Encircled your enemy to dodge his punches and then smite. Connect during a fight can be fatal, because you give a look into the inventory unable to move. So stay on the move and fight until your opponent or her lying in the dust.

The first armament

Start a new round H1Z1 you should be cast into the wilderness defenseless. Only your fist stay for defense. We recommend that you as a first step to trouser than to tear and T-shirt. As a result, you get Scrap of Cloth (rags) to combination with a Wooden Stick (wood floor) to a make shift Bow (Makeshift sheet) crafting. Also with Wooden sticks then establish Wooden Arrows (wood arrows). That you may be fitted in no time with a ranged weapon.

If you need a gun for close combat then simply get to the BlackBerry shrubs. For them, there is a chance you a Branch (Branch) find that can initially be used as a weapon. Later, you can also improve the branches by convert with metal to a spear.

Build a shelter

The long-term goal of every H1Z1 – player should be to find a suitable place for a shelter. Eventually you come to a point in the game, where you need more space for found items. Then you can return to your quarters and go on the prowl again your items. Seek out the best for a place in the wilderness and build your own accommodation. Select your prefabricated buildings such as abandoned factories or campgrounds, and you will quickly make the acquaintance of other players who are in search of loot. At best, you are not alone, of course, but build with your fellow players on a small base. This allows your headquarters defend better.