Jennifer Lopez and Johnny Depp ready to launch their new films (2015)

Jennifer Lopez and Johnny Depp, two of the biggest stars in Hollywood, presented their new movies in the US this weekend, "The Boy Next Door" and "Mortdecai" respectively, although, according to forecasts, none can take away the number one "American Sniper".

"The Boy Next Door" is a fatal attraction tape in which the Puerto Rican artist plays a high school teacher mortified by her husband's infidelities.

Her character, Claire Peterson, ends in the arms of a young neighbor (Ryan Guzman, "Step Up") who becomes obsessed with her sickly.

Lopez also serves as producer of the independent film, with a budget of only 4 million and shot in 25 days.

Meanwhile, "Mortdecai" is a comedy that revolves around a quirky art dealer (Depp) who travels the globe in search of a cherished painting that could contain the code of an old bank account of the Nazis.

In this meeting with David Koepp Depp, director of "Secret Window" actor shares scenes with Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor and Olivia Munn.

This weekend thriller "Black Sea" and the drama "Cake" also premiered. "Black Sea" starring Jude Law and Scoot McNairy, suspense commitment under the ocean with a story about a group of British and Russians evicted by society, who risk their lives to rescue the bottom of the Black Sea sailors gold carrying a Nazi submarine lost in World War II.

Furthermore, "Cake" offers one of the best performances in the career of Jennifer Aniston a woman with chronic pain who becomes obsessed with the suicide of a classmate of his therapy group. The cast is completed by Anna Kendrick and Sam Worthington.