Kelly Clarkson reveals that her new album will be pop

The singer Kelly Clarkson decided to give some details of her next album via Twitter and revealed that the material will be pop.

"People keep asking me. My new album is pop, but I've always been influenced by music that I love as pop-rock, country, R & B and dance.

In addition, the singer also revealed that the album will include a duet with an artist, with whom she has worked previously. "Oh, and people keep asking me about the duet that will be on my album Here's a tip:. This is not the first time we sang together," tweeted.

The artist also spoke about the first single of the LP. "Two lines of the first single 'Proof Of Life' and Dr. Dre #TheNextEpisode" she wrote.

In December, Kelly Clarkson returned with the Christmas album "Wrapped In Red", released in 2013.