Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX (PS3) Unlockable Cups

Paradox Cups can be played after you have spoken with Hades in Hades chamber.

Unlockable Cups

Cerberus Cup - Do Agrabah, Halloween, and Pride country for the first time
Goddess of Fate Cup - Complete the previous Cups and create the first fight with Xemnas
Pain and Panic Cup - Complete the Disney Castle for the first time
Paradox Cup: Cerberus Cup - Except for the last form, the form must be level at 5 and Paradox Cup: Pain and Panic must be unlocked
Paradox Cups: Hades Cup - Complete all the previous cups, sheepskin Space Paranoids for the second time and got all shapes and incantations to level 7
Paradox Cup: Pain and Panic - Complete all previous Cups
Paradox Cups: Titan Cup - Summon level should be at 5 and Paradox Cup: Pain and Panic must be enabled
Titan Cup - Complete the Olympus Coliseum for the second time

Where to get incantations

Chicken Little - In the 100 Acre Wood, after the second cutscene
Genius - Beat Volcano and Blizzard Lord
Peter Pan - In the ship graveyard at the second visit of Port Royal
Stitch - In the transition to the computer room in Hollow Bastion, after you got the master mold

Torn Pages

You need to completely 100 Acre Woods.

Torn Page 1: In the library-Disney Castle
Torn Page 2: In the Pride Lands at the Oasis
Torn Page 3: In Hallow Bastion at the Crystal Fissure
Torn Page 4: In the Land of the Dragons in the Throne Room
Torn Page 5: The Tower at Agrabah


Bond of Flames - win the fight with Axel in Twilight Town
Circle of Life - talk to Simba after arriving at The Pride Lands.
Fenrir - defeat Sephiroth, the optional boss in Hollow Bastion
Follow the Wind - Barbossa defeated in Port Royal
Guardian Soul - defeat Hades in the Underworld section of Olympus Coliseum
Gullwing - talk to Yuna, after that all other
Heros Crest - defeat the Hydra in Olympus Coliseum
Hidden Dragon - Shan-Yu defeated in The Land of Dragons
Holy Pumpkin - defeat the Test Subject in Halloween Town
Monochrome - defeat Pete at Timeless River
Oathkeeper - complete Sora's first visit to Twilight Town
Oblivion - Xigbar defeated in The World did Never Was
Photon Debugger - create Space Paranoids
Rumbling Rose - talk to Beast after the re-arrival in his castle
Sleeping Lion - go to Ansem's Study in Hollow Bastion
Star Seeker - get the Valor form in The Mysterious Tower
Sweet Memory - win the 'Spooky Cave' Mini-Game in The Hundred-Acre Wood
Ultima Weapon - get the Ultima Recipe in the property in Twilight Town (after synthesis - in the Moogle shop use)
Wisher's Lamp - defeat Jafar in Agrabah
Wonders of the Abyss - create Chapter 4 of Atlantica

How to unlock the Cup

Cerberus Cup: You have to Agrabah, Halloween Town and create the Pride Lands for the first time.
Goddess of Fate Cup: You have to create the first fight with Xemnas and create the previous cups.
Pain and Panic Cup: You have to go through the Disney castle.
Cerberus Paradox Cup: One has the hero, Way and master mold have at least level 5 and you have managed Paradox and brimstone.
Hades Paradox Cup: It all shapes and incantations must have at least level 7, did all the previous cups and Space Paranoids have all through.
Paradox and brimstone: You have to create all the previous cups.
Titan Paradox Cup: Summon the Level One must have at least 5 and Paradox pitch and sulfur must be managed.
Titan Cup: We need to create the second time the Olympus Coliseum.

Secret Story

First you have all 3 stories on Professional / Veteran by play or to normal and the diary complete 100% and create with Terra in the Mirage Arena "Proscribed guard."

Then you listening through and done with all 3 characters in their memory stands the complete sticker albums and so you switched the secret FScl freely in the aqua is in the dark.