Learn how to transfer Pokemon from old games

I often see the question whether one can transfer the Pokemon from one game to another. Here I explain to you how this works and right from the start of generation 3 (Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald / Fire Red / Leaf Green) to Generation 6 (X / Y / OR / AS). For the transfer of generation 3 to Generation 4 (Diamond / Pearl / Platinum / HeartGold / SoulSilver) you need a Nintendo DS (Lite) puts both games in this and go in Gen.4 game to the main menu and choose "Pokemon from ... transfer" select 6 track, and start the game and put yourself to the park of friends. This is in Diamond / Pearl / Platinum on Route 221 and in HeartGold and SoulSilver in Fuchsia City. Once there you will have the 6 Pokemon capture again with the so-called Park ball work just like the master ball.

How do we transfer from Generation 4 to Generation 5? For this you need 2 Nintendo DS no matter what variety to Gen.5 game you put yourself to Porter laboratory on Route 15 and say the scientists very top. After that make for 2nd DS and go to download and upload you gameplay the mini-game on the 2nd DS. At Last but not least transfer Generation 5 to Generation 6. Only a Nintendo 3 / 2DS and you need additional programs Pokemon Bank and Movers. First Specifies your Gen.5 game in the 3DS and Start Mover this transfers the complete Box1 from your PC to the Pokemon Bank. So next Start with your Pokemon Gen.6 game the bank and draw you the Pokemon from the bank on your game and finished.

Important: you can not skip a generation and when your Kyurem is just merged with someone you need it again until disconnect.