Life is Strange (PC) review

There are many types of games. There are those that are based on the spectacular, the need to focus on the sheer fun and then there are those who want to convey. Within the latter group, perhaps the most extravagant of all, we could put a Life is Strange, a new episodic video game by DONTNOD Entertainment, a company of French origin who know more for being the architects of Remember Me 

The proposed study is distinguished Parisian would say that almost diametrically proposed at that time, while retaining its DNA, especially in relation to building a very evocative, unique microcosm again with a female protagonist. Everything else has nothing to do, betting on a plot that is the epicenter of the gameplay, some characters that are relatable and a game system that combines exploration, conversation and the occasional puzzle.

It has come to be defined as the time that The Walking Dead, Gone Home and Heavy Rain are, but we seem unfair to compare it to any other game, even if it be one of such quality. It really is a unique title that shows personality betting on those elements that DONTNOD feel more comfortable away from past mistakes. Powerful script, powerful atmosphere and lots of decision making in a project not as ambitious but well executed and left with a good feeling waiting for what awaits us in later chapters.

A microcosm of decisions

The French team led by Jean Maxime Moris has focused gameplay experience Strange Life is something so simple yet so full of possibilities as the famous "butterfly effect", summed up in the saying that the flapping insect can change the world. As players, we will have a number of decisions to take on the adventure. Some have a short term effect, others simply will not change anything. But then there will be others with a long history.

This is one of the biggest bets of the program, because even in this first episode we will have the opportunity to check the results of our decisions, not until later chapters when we see the true consequences. Cause and effect led to a point that rarely had been executed in such a profound way and well run ... no false promises. It's best works, resulting in a completely satisfying experience.

But there's more. Accompanying this decision, our protagonist, Maxine Caulfield, has the curious ability to move backwards in time. Thus, during certain times of the adventure (a conversation, an event or a puzzle) -such which- we can rewind events and take advantage of it.

It is an unconventional adventure that will delight gamers looking for a slow but deep and reflective history

There are few puzzles and, in general, we find a rather low difficulty. These could be few, but still important weaknesses of an adventure that focuses primarily on walking around the stage and stop interacting with everything we see. Something like an adventure under a third person perspective, without cuffs and action shots, but with the opportunity to look at photos, documents and lots of elements that populate the set (really dense in that sense).

It is an unconventional adventure that will delight gamers looking for a slow but deep and thoughtful story. Its retro tone in US Oregon coast might not connect with everyone, but if you get to see something beyond the typical institute teenagers with their fears and problems just enjoying ... a lot. The case of a missing girl, the typical leader bully football team cheerleader we have stereotypes, like our own "heroin" together in a plot that at least got us hooked.

The title makes great feelings, encouraging us to continue learning more about the history of Maxine Caulfield

The story contains many winks, from Twin Peaks to direct influences of independent cinema. The music, in this respect, helps channel the general feeling with the help of groups like Syd Matters, with deliberate and melancholy over the two hours that lasts about this first episode rhythms. Short, you might think, but actually the program stops extraordinary sensations, prompting us to continue learning more about the history of Maxine Caulfield.

Everything from filing to the menus and cutscenes enjoys great taste and personality with a visual section that the warm tones, sun and, ultimately, visual aids that help the player connect with human nature abound of the game is dyed.

At the end of the day, that's the feeling it has given us the new production of DONTNOD. The decisions we have an implication a posteriori, and indeed sometimes the program will make us doubt ... There's never anything obvious. Always will stay with the unknown of what would have happened if we had done this or that action. Unlike other games, here's morally correct decision may give us good results in the short term but not in the future. For something "What if ..." (What if ...?) Would be the original title of the game. Of course, it was not chosen at random.

The experience is so simple yet so complex as the butterfly effect itself. We could be here lines and circling over the same and not find the true essence of Life of Strange lines. Precisely because life is strange, and this game is really personal. You may like it, disappoint or just bored, but we are sure that indifference will not let you ...