Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (MH4U) 3DS - demo gameplay review

This past Wednesday was a big day for everyone who enjoyed for years to hunt huge monsters, as it not only told us that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate comes out next February 13, but Nintendo also giving away codes to access a demo of the game.

Thanks to them we could try firsthand many of its characteristics, as expected, is just a tiny sample of what will be the final version. In fact, here we only left three creatures hunt when the title comes out we will find over 80 different species.

Our victims in question have been the Great Jaggi, the Tetsucabra and Gore Magala (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, respectively). The first is an old acquaintance of Monster Hunter Tri keeps all his movements and normal attacks, so between its low difficulty and the experience we had with our previous battles against him, the poor had no chance and ran more time down in the ground attack.

Moreover, the Tetsucabra is one of the new monsters that have been included for the occasion. The battle against it has not seemed to us quite affordable as it has a number of more or less predictable attacks and it takes a while to run, so you should not have too many problems to dodge. Yes, very careful when combat in front because it can use its huge fangs to catch giant rocks and whet your skull with them. Moreover, it is able to make great leaps, so you'll have to constantly repositioning the camera for no and thus lose track position be controlled at all times.

Finally, Magala Gore has offered us the best fighter of all demo, showing why was the monster logo original version of Monster Hunter 4. The battle is not particularly difficult, but also leaves a respite and any mistake can end up being paid dearly. The creature is very fast, can fly, he can travel great distances in the blink of an eye, and has a special way that increases its speed, strength and aggressiveness considerably, while acquiring new and devastating attacks.

As if that were not enough, not leaving toxic clouds around the stage, complicating our positioning and range of motion. If we touch one, we will automatically be infected by a virus that will begin the process of incubation, something we will be indicated by a purple bar under our name that will be filling slowly. This dangerous disease diminishes our defense, negate our natural regeneration of life and lower our affinity with the weapon to relocate, but also able to reverse the situation if we attack well before the end of incubation.

If we can cause enough damage before the purple bar reaches its maximum, we will release the virus, we will become immune to it for a while and our affinity improve, which will give us an advantage that we can use to turn down a good amount of life the monster. As you can see, the Gore Magala force us to maintain a very aggressive attitude and move on offense whenever we can, even if we are not careful we will eat enough punches (and a combo of them can be lethal).

A playable level we have to say that the title is Monster Hunter 120%. In fact, it was put in front of the console and know how to play without revising tutorials or anything (there are, but are optional). The combos with classic weapons system using objects, power management, the elusive, the various traps, explosive barrels, collecting materials, the possibility of breaking and cutting certain body parts of monsters, maps fragmented into numbered sections, and so on.

The controls are also very similar to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate version for Nintendo 3DS, maintaining, for example, the camera tracking monsters, with which we can approach the creature we want with a single touch of a button. Emphasize that we have not had any problems playing without the second stick and that the elements of the touchscreen are better distributed to make them more accessible and useful.

Everything remains virtually unchanged, although there are certain additions that worth mentioning, as the best mobility now have our characters, allowing, for example, be able to leap small steps automatically and without breaking stride. Likewise, they are now much more agile climbing.

Also included is the ability to get on the back of the creatures, which will give us the opportunity to make a lot of damage and keep quiet so that our partners have an easy target. Yes, getting successfully execute this action is quite complicated and we have to use the ground with his head to put us in an elevated position and jump on them, which also equals more vertical scenarios. Another way to climb up a monster will overthrow first and put us on his back.

With regard to arms, all the classic have odd new movement (although most essentially handled virtually unchanged) and also we find two of them totally unprecedented: the Glaive Insect and Axe Charged. The former has a complicated operation, since it has some very acrobatic moves (if mastered, can even take a giant leap to land on the back of a creature).

Moreover, the Axe Loaded is much easier to control. This weapon has two modes, the first of them the sword and shield. Thanks to it, we accumulate energy that will serve to transform into a giant ax weapon able to strike some truly devastating blows. As we say, easy to use, effective and fun to use.

Something that we really liked this demo is that it has given us the chance to try the online and, at least in this trial, are heading rapidly goes smoothly without lag or anything that hinders our experience, what if this keeps well when the game reaches us next February 13, we have hours and hours of fun guaranteed in the company of other players. Just do not know if it's the same in the final version, but the key system to play with friends has seemed uncomfortable and impractical.

Regarding the graphics, to say that this is one of the leading games of the entire catalog of Nintendo 3DS. The scenarios are beautifully recreated (although there are occasional texture and certain funds that could be better) and monsters will leave you directly with open mouth, thus modeling the spectacular having as its incredible animations (things like movement Magala Gore wings have forced us to check several times we were playing on a Nintendo 3DS and not a new console). The same is true of lighting and certain graphical effects: flawless. Until the 3D effect it has seemed great with a deep getting volume to the different elements we see on screen. Little sound to comment beyond a soundtrack that, from what little I have heard, has put us squarely in the action.

As you can see, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate promises to give us just what fans of the saga expected: more and better. While the level of controls and development the title remains practically the same, as you well know, there so many new creatures also amounts to many mechanics that we already learn experience very renewed game, so we do not find time for finally arrives on February 13 so we could go hunting.