Most Anticipated Video Games coming out in January 2015

It seems that the New Year will not begin with a bang but the month of January we will suggest, however, some interesting titles. Below we offer a complete list of the major releases. If you love zombies you will find some ideas including the highly anticipated Dying Light!

Warhammer Quest (PC)

Warhammer Quest is a strategy RPG video game developed by Rodeo Games which will arrive on PC, iPad and iPhone on 7 January. The title is set in the universe of Games Workshop's fantasy and based on the structure of the classic board game-style RPG. The four fighters are based Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf Mage Waywatcher and human and you can purchase separately other characters like the Warrior Priest and Troll Hunter. Each character has of course the special features that are balanced.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

The fungus brave armed with backpack and flashlight is the protagonist of the new Nintendo platform Weblog. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker offers a layer structure similar to that already encountered in stage dedicated to Toad in Super Mario 3D Worlds and is characterized by the excellent quality of level design and the classic puzzle game component.


Tengami is an interesting adventure game with a solid puzzle component developed by Nyamyam, coming out on January 15th on PC, Wii U, iPhone and iPad. The title is inspired by the mystical atmospheres and fairy of feudal Japan and proposes levels whose scenarios during the adventure you change creating new puzzles to discover.


H1Z1 will be made available on Steam on January 15, the MMO RPG set in an America ravaged by a terrible epidemic that has turned everyone into zombies. The theme is not original promises but the mechanics still seem attractive as they leave some freedom to the player in organizing together with comrades to survive.

Resident Evil HD Remastered

The Resident Evil series takes a blast from the past with the remastered edition of the beloved first chapter developed for GameCube. The structure of the game and polygonal modeling are largely unchanged while the image will be cleaned with filters and better texture. The game is expected to arrive on January 20 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC.

Blackguards 2

Blackguards 2 is the direct sequel to the title developed by Daedalic Entertainment for PC. It is a role-playing game in traditional fantasy style that embodies gameplay quite varied, from mechanical GDR and a strategic component.

Saints Row IV Re-Elected

The remastered version of Saints Row will come out on January 30th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game, enriched with filters and improved texture will also include the DLC "Gat Out of Hell", distributed separately from January 23 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Grim Fandango Remastered

The curious graphic adventure in 3D developed by LucasArts Entertainment had won back in 1998 a number of fans, who now greet with joy the remastered edition for PC, PS4 and PS Vita coming January 27th. Grim Fandango adopts the graphic style of the "Day of the Dead" Mexican to tell a story related to crime and corruption.

Grand Theft Auto V (PC)

After waiting almost infinite PC users can now get their hands on the popular Grand Theft Auto V on January 27, provided of course the additional content offered remastered edition of the game out on November 18 on Xbox One and PS4.

Dying Light

One the most anticipated titles of 2015, arrives on January 30. Dying Light promises to offer the player a gaming experience based on the collection of resources and strategic strength. The peculiarity of the title consists of alternating between day and night, where the zombies become extremely aggressive and dangerous.

Life is Strange - Episode 1

From the creators of Remember Me, the next January 30 will come the first episode of a new series entitled Life is Strange. It is an adventure game that will put the player in the role of Max, a young girl who discovers by chance to own an incredible power, which is to rewind time for a few seconds. The vicissitudes of the protagonist will be told through five episodes that will be released separately.

Below the other releases of the month of January 2015:

• Far Cry 4: Escape from Durgesh - January 13 - Xbox Live and PlayStation Store

• Heroes of the Storm: Closed Beta - January 13 - PC

• Evolve: Open Beta - January 15 - Xbox Live Gold with One

• FX Football 2015-15 January - PC

• Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell - January 23 - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC

• Raven's Cry - January 28 - Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC

• Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires - January 30 - PS3, PS4 and Xbox One