Prototype 2 (PC) Fix Radeon graphics cards issues

The game will not run

Many players with Radeon graphics card probably have the following problems:

Game invites forever crashes after intermediate sequences from, jerky all the time.

You can install an older graphics card driver to fix this, Sparks. But it will not always work.

Better alternative- using Radeon Pro, the program can be downloaded for free.

Install it and then proceeds as follows:

- Deactivate in-game graphics settings with anti-aliasing

- Make you with Radeon Pro a profile for Prototyp2.exe examine under steamapps / common / prototype2 ascertain with Radeon Pro under the tab "tweaks" VSync control on Double VSync and dynamic frame rate control at 30 FPS

- Provide Under the tab "Advanced" flip queue size to 1

- Take the settings under right click on profile

- Start the game normally

Enjoy playing