Resident Evil HD Remaster: learn to face most common enemies

Resident Evil HD Remaster is the remake of the first game of the popular franchise of Capcom mixing hostile environments, low on ammo and endless hordes of zombies. As usual in games of the series, a huge variety of enemies appear during the campaign. Want to learn to deal with the dangers of the game? Check out the tutorial.


The most common among all the game's enemies, zombies never cease to be dangerous. Because they are slow, you can forward them in more open areas. In general, some shots are enough to finish them off.

Crimson Head

Easily identifiable by their red head, are faster and more powerful version of the normal zombies. Are capable of causing much damage, both with bites or claw blows. Also more shots to kill them is required. The only way to kill them is definitely with fire.


Dogs are always scary zombie, and in Resident Evil history is no different. These creatures usually walk in groups and can get you down or bite your arm. The best strategy is to run, dodging its attacks.


This kind of giant insect can destroy you with just a few attacks, and should be managed with extreme caution. Opt for weapons like the shotgun to cause much damage.


Although absolutely terrifying, the crows don’t get to do much harm in the characters, allowing you to simply run far away. Don’t waste ammo trying to kill them, and stay away.


The only strategy known to avoid the lethal attacks by sharks is to run away as fast as possible. Like normal fish, they become harmless out of the water.


Among the most powerful of the whole game, they are fast, strong and can jump platforms. Use heavy weapons to defeat these enemies, and stay away. When finished, make sure that they are dead, or they may return.