Resident Evil HD Remaster PS4 Cheats

Find countless Resident Evil HD Remaster Cheats, Keys, codes, secrets, trophies and achievements to complete the game.

End Plant 42: To remove Plant 42 it is enough to use a knife, no need to be spending ammunition because the knife is easy to defeat.

Automatic Joined: Press the R1 button to use the automatic pointed in residet Evil HD Remaster.

Head Zombie Launcher and Rocks: In the home screen Resident Evil HD Remaster pressed within five seconds: Circle, X, Circle, X, Circle, X, Circle, X, Circle, X, Circle, X, Circle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle. Then go to the room where all the paintings and organize them by date are, after that click on the last painting of one of the ridges behind you. You must enter the menu of arms and quickly press R1, R1, R2, R2, Left, Left, X, X, if you get to do it very fast and will head Zombie Launcher Rocks in the weapons menu.

Change Costumes: At the end of the game having rescued the other two characters, you get the special key. Go after the big mirror room after the blue double doors on the ground floor of the mansion. Explore the area and see that you can use the special key into a locker where you can change your clothes.

Connect to Computer: you are the keys that prompted the computer in Resident Evil HD Remaster. The connection name you must enter is JOHN. The first password is ADA and the latter is MOLE.

Below we indicate the location of each of the discs and terminals Resident Evil HD Remaster.

Disc 1: Inside the secret room of the Library B.

Disc 2: After the huge stone in the living crank.

Disc 3: On the desktop there on the steps of the laboratory.

Terminal 1: In the particular room A.

Terminal 2: In the morgue.

Terminal 3: In the labyrinth of power B.

Doom & Medals Books: Books must bring perdition to the power that lies behind the underground passageway. Sign in inventory, go to Check Item and rotates each book to see the covers. Press X and the book and opened. This will reveal the necessary medals to drain the fountain and access to the laboratory.

Choose weapon: At the title screen press Triangle, Square, Square, X, Triangle. After this begins the game, press Start, X, X, X, Start, and you will have selected weapon.

Promote elevator: To enable the current elevator that takes you to the final battle with Tyrant, you must go to panel energy in the first room of the maze of power. Head southwest corner of the room and restores power to the darkened areas. In the last room of the labyrinth of power, use the terminal end of the room.

Infinite Rocket Launcher: Complete Resident Evil HD Remaster in less than three hours. It can be done, although you may have to retry several times.

Unlimited Missile Launcher: As for the rocket launcher, you must finish the game in less than three hours.

Pool table: You look out on the balls of the pool table in the bar stay in the gatehouse. You will see that your numbers is 12, 6, 3, 9, and together with bats intended as a clock. The numbers represent the hours on a clock face. According to what argument will mark a time, Jill says Chris 3:45 and 2:15. This makes opening the door of the hive with the numbered keyboard easier. To Jill enter 3, 4, 5 and Chris, enter 2, 1, 5.


Moon Crest: You will find it in the attic. When you arrive you will find a snake. you can run around to catch the emblem of their nest or will hook shot to kill and take the emblem.

Star Crest: Head to the large first floor gallery and find a series of pictures. Look at them from youngest to oldest, and press the buttons. The correct sequence is: newborn, child, youth, adults and the elderly. Finally, once you've pressed every button, go to the final frame and press the last button and get the emblem.

Sun Crest: Enter the gunsmith second floor and pushes the two statues on the vents. After that press the button on the cabinet floor and background that contains the emblem will open.

Clothing Optional: To get the special key must complete the game having rescued friends. Jill and Rebecca if you play as Chris, and Chris and Barry if you play as Jil). Now starts a new game. Enter through the double doors of the lobby to the room mirror. We can open the door with the keys that are in the far wall. Optional costumes are here.

Wind crest: Push the statue on the balcony of the second floor dining room and pick up the blue jewel among the mangled wreckage below. Take this gem to the living statue Tiger first floor and insert into the eye socket of the statue. This will make the statue rotate and display the emblem.

Cheat Codes:

Infinite Life: 800C5 1AC0060

Start with Flamethrower: 800C8784FF06

Start with pitcher rocks: 800C8784FF0A

Action replay codes:

Start with rocket launchers: 772700BB3436 87BB5A61963F

Infinite Bullets: 871D0CBF4237

Infinite Rocket: 87BB5A61963F

INK infinite ribbons: 87F9D6ED1664

Colt python: 87C25F609939

Infinite Health: 300C51AC 004C

And then we leave the trophies of the game for PlayStation 4:


Not a scratch: Complete the game on easy or higher difficulty.

Minor injuries: Complete the game on Easy difficulty or higher.

Blood, sweat and scars: Complete the game on Normal or higher difficulty.

Stealing the dead ?: Get the object of stone and metal with Chris.

Gardening high risk Defeat Plant 42 with Chris.

Complete Collection: Volume 2 Get with Chris.

Family Reunion: Defeat Lisa Trevor with Chris.

Exhumed: Defeat a Crimson Head prototipo1 with Jill.

Housekeeping: Get the helmet key with Jill.

Monster Hunter: Kill Jill Yawn.

Seeking the truth: Get into the lab with Jill.

This is Resident Evil: Die first.

The first is special: Defeat a zombie.

Smells like churrasco: Burning a zombie.

Hunter Hunted: Defeat a Hunter.

Bravo, Rebecca, bravo: Salva Chris with Rebecca.

A gentleman: Save Jill Barry.

Delaying the inevitable: Richard Salva with the help of a serum.

Punished without dinner: Save Rebecca Hunter's hands.

Trevor lucky: Save Barry hands of Lisa Trevor.

What would you do without me ?: Libera Jill from captivity with Chris.

What I have to do all ?: frees Chris from captivity with Jill.

Why do not you die ?: Defeat a Crimson Head.

For the hair ...: Survive the first attack Yawn.

Fried Shark !: Defeat Neptune.

Spider sense: Defeat the Black Tiger.

And without paying a penny: Get all costumes.

As the palm of my hand: Visit all sites on all maps.


The end of the nightmare: Complete the game on Hard difficulty.

We are in this together: Complete the game with Jill and Chris.

Survival Horror: Complete the game in Survival mode.

The first time Chris: Complete the game with Chris.

The first time Jill: Complete the game with Jill.

It had to be Chris: Complete the game with Chris and Jill Rebecca rescuing.

It had to be Jill: Complete the game with Jill and Chris Barry rescuing.

Do not leave us, Chris !: Complete the game with Chris not rescue anyone.

Do not leave us, Jill !: Complete the game with Jill not rescue anyone.

In the blink of a zombie: Complete the game in 3 hours.

I've been a bit rushed Complete the game in 5 hours.

At the Edge of the Impossible: Complete the game with only the knife. (Nothing lighter, defense objects or stepping zombies).

Save is for cowards: Complete the game without saving.

Burning Barbecue !: two zombies at once with the lighter.

Armed to the Teeth: Get all weapons. (Including all of the grenade launcher ammunition.)


Sometimes I see dead: Complete the game on Enemy invisible.


Doctorate in Resident Evil: Get all the trophies.

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