Resident Evil HD Remaster (PS4) Healing Herbs, Unlockables, Infinite Arms

Resident Evil HD Remaster PS4, Healing Herbs, Unlockables, Infinite Arms, Computer Keys (Password)

Healing Herbs

The pots that we can be of three colors. Learn their effects as soon as possible because they are the way to survive in the game -the healing spray are scarce.

As a general rule, you can not mix more than a blue or red plant in a combination, and you can not add a red or blue two greens.

Green: 25% cure health
Green + Green: 60% cure health
Green + Green + Green: 100% cure
Green + Red: 100% cure
Green + Blue: 25% cure and poison
Green + Green + Blue: 60% cure and poison
Green + Red + Blue: 100% cure and poison

Unlockable Costumes

Code Veronica
Termna the game twice with Chris on any difficulty

Finish the game twice on any difficulty with Jill

Inspired by Sarah Connor (Terminator 2)
Finish the game twice with Chris on any difficulty

The Mexican
Finish the game with Chris on any difficulty

Infinite Arms

Rocket launcher
Complete the game on Normal or harder in three hours or less

Samurai Sword
Complete the game on Normal or harder in five hours or less

Unlockable Modes

Real Survivor
Finish the game in Normal

Invisible Enemy
Real Survivor ends

Again ...
Complete the game once on any difficulty

A dangerous zombie
Complete the game with Chris and Jill on Normal or higher with the same file saved.

Computer Keys (Password)

Near the end'll find a computer lab asking key to enter. Are the same as in the original Resident Evil and the solution to the puzzle's find documents in the area, but if you have problems, are: JOHN username, password ADA first and last MOLE.

Win heads without wasting ammo

The ammunition is extremely scarce in the game and should save each bullet for zombies and hunters. The heads are very strong and will test your arsenal of shotguns and grenade launchers, but quiet, there are some that do not need shots.

Yawn (big snake): The first time you meet this giant serpent need not defeat it. Runs through the mask of the room and flees. If you saved -with Richard Jill he'll shoot. The second time you are with Yawn yes you need to waste ammunition.

Lisa Trevor: in the first two games this deformed creature is invincible. Just dodge his attacks.

Neptune: after removing the water, you have to kill this huge shark to get an object. Go to the bottom machine, throw it in the water, press a lever and zaps the animal.

Plant 42: This plant in the guardhouse. If the V-JOLT factories and use it in the roots will be very weak, making the battle easier.

Tyrant: the second encounter is an endurance test. Hold the countdown and near the end Brad throw from the helicopter rocket will fly to pieces this experiment.