Rune Factory 4 (3DS) Gifts List

Rune Factory 4 (3DS) Gifts List (Like/Dislike)

What everyone likes or dislikes you will find on this list. This is not quite complete but includes the most important:


Loves: Apple Pie, Relax Tea, Vegetables, Platinum, Diamond, Orichalcum, Shade Stone

Likes: Baked Apple, Silver, Gold, Jewelry, Apple Dishes, Hot Chocolate, Cakes and Cookies

Dislikes: Grape, Grape Dishes


Loves: Chocolate Cake, Cake, Cookie, Cookie Choco, Omelet Rice

Likes: Union Stew, Sweets, pot dishes, Flowers, Eggs and Egg dishes

Dislikes: Curry Dishes


Loves: Mixed smoothie, Emery Flower

Likes: Flowers, Honey, Fruit, Juices

Dislikes: Fish, Ironleaf

Xiao Pai

Loves: Crystal Flowers, Emery Flower

Likes: Flowers, Chinese Dishes (eg Chinese Manju, Gyoza)

Dislikes: Tomatoes


Loves: Prelude to Love, Golden Juice, Pineapple Juice, Pink Melon, Gold Vegetables

Likes: Vegetables, Shrimp, Lobster, Fruit Dishes, Flowers, Mushrooms, Apple Pie, Cake, Cookie Choco, Ice Cream, Strawberry Milk, Flan, Strawberry Jam, Grape Jam, Bamboo

Dislikes: Squid, Squid Dishes


Loves: Pumpkin Flan Cake, Apple Pie, Chocolate Cake, flan, cheesecake

Likes: Medicines, Hot Chocolate, Hot Juice, Relax Tea, Hot Milk, Sewing Material, Moon Drop Grass, Ice Cream, Cookies and Other desserts

Dislikes: Veggies and Cold Drinks


Loves: Salted R. Trout, Grilled Lamp Squid

Likes: Grilled Fish, Fish, Pom-pom Grass, Poison Powder, Grass Lamp, Lamp Squid, Squid Sashimi Lamp, Rainbow Trout, Rainbow Trout Sashimi, Charm Blue, Great Blue Charm

Dislikes: Milk, Milk Dishes


Loves: Tempura Bowl

Likes: Rice, Rice Ball, Baked Rice Ball, Salmon Onigiri, Bamboo Rice, Egg Bowl, Omelet Rice, Rice Porridge, Milk Porridge

Dislikes: Bread, Raisin Bread, toast, french toast, Steamed Bread, Butter Roll, Roll Jam, Stone, Branch, Scrap Iron, Weed, Withered Grass, Can, Can Rare, boat, Failed Dish, Disastrous Dish, Curry Bread, Cheese Bread, Picky people


Loves: Chocolate Cake, (most) Boss items, Stew

Likes: Sweets

Dislikes: Sashimi


Loves: Salmon Onigiri, Turnip Heaven, Gold Turnip

Likes: Turnips, Onigiri, Glasses, Sandwich, Curry Bread, Meat Dumpling

Dislikes: Grilled Fish


Loves: Curry Rice, Gold Vegetables, Ultimate Curry, Curry Royal

Likes: Fried Rice, pot stickers, Meat Dumplings, Vegetables (except turnips), Omelet Rice Croquettes, Flan, Ice Cream, Gyoza, Steamed gyoza, Chinese Manju

Dislikes: Turnips, Pickled Turnips, Turnips Heaven


Loves: Milk Porridge, Tuna, Snapper Lover, Lover sashimi, Glitter Snapper, Sunsquid

Likes: Other Fish, Carrot, Milk, Milk Dishes, Sashimi

Dislikes: Sweets


Loves: Gold Veggies, Pancakes

Likes: Honey, Mushroom, Vegetables

Dislikes: Monster Drops from Dragons


Loves: Relax Tea, Relax Tea Leaves

Likes: Flowers, Jam, Bread, Sweets

Dislikes: Pickles

Lin Fa

Loves: Milk Porridge

Likes: Chinese / Oriental cuisine, Rice, Milk, Hot Milk

Dislikes: Udon Dishes


Loves: Mushrooms, Veggies

Likes: Dishes

Dislikes: Medicine


Loves: Tempura Bowl, Egg Bowl Udon Dishes

Likes: Scrap Metal, Onigiri

Dislikes: Other Metals


Loves: Risotto, Dried Sardines

Likes: Milk Porridge, Relax Tea, Vegetables, Vegetable Juice

Dislikes: Medicines


Loves: Relax Tea

Likes: Honey, Sweet Potato, Lumber, Stone

Dislikes: Disastrous Dish


Loves: Fried Rice

Likes: Moon Drop, tempura, tempura udon

Dislikes: Tomato juice, ketchup, Demon Blood


Loves: Stew

Likes: Moon Drop, risotto, Omelet, Flan, Pumpkin Flan, Cheese, Cheese Dishes

Dislikes: Rainbow Trout

Luna / Noel (your child)

Loves: Heart Pendant, Aquamarine Ring, Emerald Ring, Sapphire Ring, Diamond Ring, Ruby Ring, Ring Happy (Luna), Strider Boots (Noel)

Likes: Fried Rice, Doria, French Fries, Croquettes, Omelet Rice, curry dishes, tuna sashimi

Dislikes: Salad, Pickled Turnips, Vegetable Juice, Vegetable Smoothie


Loves: Pendants

Likes: Elemental Crystals, Flowers

Dislikes: Skull, Fish Bones


Loves: Salted Salmon

Likes: Iron, Salmon

Dislikes: Eggplants