Stranded Deep (PC) Crafting Basics, tips

If you are permanently in crafting mode in Stranded Deep. This means that you no more need crafting materials, the best on a heap. Excluded from this are building, for this you need a hammer.

The easiest way to do is actually throw the materials immediately after you arrive in a pile, or sorted the same, so it saves you the hassle later on the island.

Your "main ingredients" for the manufacture of objects are:

Rock shard (stone wedges [stone with knife edit])
Rope (ropes [with a pocket knife on Yucca Plants])
Palm Fund (palm leaves)


Crude Axe (Axe gross)

1 x Stick
1 x Stone
1 x Rope

Crude Hammer (Hammer gross)

1 x Stick
1 x Rope
2 x Stone

Crude Knife (Coarse knife)

1 x Stick
1 x Rope
1 x rock shard

Crude Spear (Spear gross)

1 x rock shard
1 x Rope
2 x Stick

Campfire (bonfire)

5 x Stick

Fire Pit (hearth)

1 x Campfire
6 x Rock

Spit Fire (Cooking) - Here you can fry food)

1 x Fire Pit
1 x Rope
3 x Stick


4 x Rope
4 x Palm Frond
6 x Stick

Faster with the Raft

If you're on the road you have to raft down easily while you paddle "Esc" key to bring up the pause menu (left mouse button still hold, even in the pause menu) and then close it again with "Esc". Now, when you're back in the game and let go the left mouse button, you will find the paddles automatically. If you are now press again the left mouse button to paddle, paddling 2 times at once, and are thus twice as fast. This is quite helpful in the beginning; if you are not already have an engine for the raft.

A stranded boat wreck loot

The first one fall a palm tree which can then decreases with the boat. Then you climb on the boat and open the door, then to set the palm pure and go down. Now you can get out of the boat and get out of there, as you just have to climb up the wall only