Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment- Cheats, Bonus Items

Bonus Items by end attacks on Aincrad

To get these items, you must finalize the heads of the plants listed with the final attack.

Chaos Arm: plant manager 85
Chaos Armor: head of the 87th floor
Chaos Greaves: plant manager 83
Cross Boots: head of the 80 plant
Cross Jacket: head of the 78th floor
Dark Repulser: head of the 88th floor
Duel Gloves: plant manager 76
Duel Greaves, head of the 79 plant
Vest Duel: Head of the 81st floor
Elucidator: head of the 89 plant
Elven Cloth: head of the 86 plant
Fatal Cloth: plant manager 98
Finster Glanz: head of the 91 plant
Graceful Light: plant manager 90
Mine Cloth: plant manager 82
Order Arm: plant manager 93
Order Boots: Head of the 95th floor
Order Cloth: head of the 97 plant
Seeker Plate: plant manager 77
Shadow Eater: head of the 96 plant
Shadow Eater Boots: Head of the 94th floor
Sleipnir Ring: head of the 99 plant
Undergarment: plant manager 84
Valkyrie Mail: plant manager 92