Tengami (PC) Walkthrough


The game takes place entirely in an old Japanese book where you as a young warrior task is to find three of the four missing cherry blossoms. Here you come by turning the pages for the different chapters.

Chapter 1

In the first chapter you will encounter on not too difficult tasks. Just follow the path and follow the instructions which throw you to the game that way.

Quickly you come to a big tree where you started with the small bell to the largest bell, this brings sound. Even the mystery at the fountain would be quick to solve, where you only let the water down and then up again.

Once you have used the missing piece you come to a hut. Go in, sliding down the door on the right. Now leave the house and go to the right where you come through the collapsing and unfolding items to a subterranean tunnel which brings you to your first cherry blossom.

Chapter 2

In the second chapter you go far to the right and come to a place where there are three different ways to fold several times. Its here as well as at the next bridge to move forward.

You find yourself in front of the tall building you will first need to ring the big bell right to change the seasons. Begin with winter to get on the ice quite right to bring the colorful ring in your possession.

Set this one in the spring in the building and completed the pattern to be seen at eight bells. Once you are back in the first season, all eight bells ringing. Finally, it shifts the last time the door where previously were the bells, which now shows an image of the cherry blossom.

Now it is lawful for you through the locked door with the cherry blossom to arrive.

Chapter 3

In the third chapter you have to go far to the right again and you capture through your way. After a short time you come to a small dock on which you simple set of three pieces in the right hole.

Once you have done that, you are the owner of a small ship and sail with this far to the right, ride the black tower over and ignited by one, all wood pile.

You arrive at an old shipwreck, you have here especially when turning the pages pay close attention to small hidden symbols, which then uses after the row for the next puzzle. Once both locks are cracked you get a gear.

Sail back to the tower, and set the acquired gear on a roof to light the last woodpile. Back on the boat, you sail to the right again and move the large rock. You find yourself in a building and must now move two statues to unlock the door in the first room.

The new path leads you to another puzzle with icons. It is important to write down the individual symbols everywhere around on their number by, so you can pick the lock and get a sword that belongs to one of the two statues.

Head over to your ship and rotate the sun icon to a new way. You find yourself in a room where your task is as a mirror to arrange to get the disc in the middle of the animals. This disc puts you in the statue and thus opens the lock to your last cherry blossom with which you finish the game.