The Binding of Isaac - Rebirth (PC) useful tips

Helpful little tips

1. If you can fly you lose only half a heart in barbed rooms. (Except in Womb or Utero, and more levels after Moms Heart / It Lives)

2. The chance of Devil spaces is reduced when you take damage in the plane.

3. If one red chest opens oderSin-Hearts (black heart) collect, and beggar blows reduces the chance of angel spaces.

4. After you have defeated Moms Heart10 times, It Lives comes only (stronger version).

5. The 'normal' Brimstone has an infinite range.

6. If you only kill the little baby from the Boss Gemini, you unlock a new level.

7. After you have defeated the Devil 6 times Isaac turned to free the Negativitron or Positivitron which allow you that you can in the darkroom and chest level.

8. If you have broken stones to the slight chance that an item space or a space Devil SIMILAR space is revealed (in the form of a hatch with a ladder).

9. The Hard mode is not much difficult with the enemy, but there are only a few Loots (drop / items that remain on the side of the room or lost of enemies).

10. If you defeat Moms foot in less than 20 minutes, you will see an entrance to another room, which is broken out of the wall (the Boss rush here you have only between 1 in 4 random items and decide then all bosses {except: defeat Moms Foot / Moms Heart / Satan / Isaac / The Lamp / Blue Baby} and then still get another item).


Azazel is introduced with Rebirth character that is very different from the other characters. It will be shown when you receive it within a run 3 deals with Satan.

Azazel can fly over everything and will not deteriorate with spines (apart from those in the sacrifice of space). He also has permanent Brimstone and thus can cause a lot of damage. However, many items that increase the amount of tears (example: 20/20) are Azazel do nothing. In addition, the Brimstone beam is very short, which ran close to Azazel must opponents, which can be very detrimental for some opponents.

Azazel starts with 3 black hearts, which is compensated by the just starting out very strong Brimstone. One should, however, a fast, find two HP-up items.

Azazel is very strong against bosses, but if he is surrounded, it may be over very quickly with the fun. Especially for Mom, who like many enemies spawn, it can be problematic, which is why you should come up with a large number of heart container.

Speed is a fatal status value for Azazel as his beam has only a small width and so the goals will be difficult. In addition, it can be VERY quickly, you can touch slightly different opponents. Therefore, one should be careful not to increase speed too much.