Top 10 Unlockable Characters

Explore and discover the background a videogame is typical that we all do when playing a title. However, often the developers decided to give us a little extra motivation to do so.

Thus, most titles, we have a number of unlockable content * * (trophies), which lead us to perform certain actions or meet certain requirements.

Obviously, within all the trophies, one of the most valued are those characters you can unlock challenges to make certain orders in the game.

That is why we present a list with the Greatest Unlockable Characters in video game history. From hidden fighters, even characters that one would never expect to find in certain titles.

Meet the Top 10 unlockable characters here.

Akuma - Street Fighter series

The Tofu Survivor - Resident Evil 2

Mr. Game & Watch - Super Smash Bros. Melee

Mog - Final Fantasy VI

Meat - Mortal Kombat 4

Young Harman - Killer 7

Hideo Kojima- Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Colonel Sanders - Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity

Morinth - Mass Effect 2

Cloud - Final Fantasy Tactics