Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark PS4 Cheats

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The new release of Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark arrives with new types of Decepticons. Equip your weapons and your Autobots accompanies each mission to eliminate hordes of enemy. Here we give some tips

Points infinite XP:

Option 1. While playing with Chapter 2, The Ruins of Crystal City, start the mission in the Vault Secret until you reach the goal "Seek the leader of the Insecticons" Before you can combat leader, you must deal three swarms of Insecticons. Switch to Starscream and eliminate the three waves of enemies. After killing them, go to the terminal and press X, then press B to exit the terminal. This will save the game. Now pause the game and load from the last save point. It'll start from the point where you're attacked by three waves of Insecticons. You can repeat this as many times as you want.

Option 2: Playing Chapter 7, progresses through the mission until you get near the end. Hack the terminal arms before entering the final section turret. Select "unshielded" while hack and will achieve + 300% XP points. If you can, get the multiplier x6. Now go to the area Prison Jazz and end with the basic enemies. Once you've deleted, go to the mark on the len and jump to the turret. After the enemies start appearing use TECH XP bonus, and destroy all the enemies that appear. Now wait for Jazz appears to pause the game. Select the "start from the last save point" option.

Hack Recommended:

Exploit enemies: You get a 75% XP whenever an enemy dies and explodes damaging nearby enemies have around.

More ammunition: Enemies drop more ammo, if you have less health and give you 75% more experience. Try to take cover soon as you can to benefit from this.

More health: Gives you 125% extra XP and enemies drop more ammo and health. If you have a weapon with a decent ammo capacity.

No Shield Regeneration: You get 300% extra XP, but the shield is not regenerate until finish the battle. Use it if you have a good shot and you cover frequently.

Hard Boys: You get 200% extra XP, but the enemies will cause more damage and have less health. If you cover frequently and you know dodge enemy fire while your shield is regenerate. TECH Assist


Use these TECH assists in the following situations:

Battle Drones with Cybertronian repair drones Ultimate Power: The battle drones sneak attack enemies within range. It is quite useful if you are in a battle in which you have to meet frequently, covering fire, or where you are hiding your enemies. CURED heal nearby allies. You can only activate a drone at a time.

Barrier defraction: Note that since the barrier is fixed, will not protect you from enemies moving. It is quite useful when you have to rebuild your shield and no coverage.

Energon regenerator Health: It is quite useful when you're the wizard. Heals allies and can also heal longer.

Energon shield regenerator and charger: This combination lets you regenerate health while simultaneously regenerate shield.

Grenade tours: Guided heat, very effective against groups of enemy grenades.

Recommended Weapons:

The following weapons are recommended for the following situations:

Melee: The best attack for a short distance. Lethal and powerful.

Loading Rifle Nucleon: Requires a long time recharge after each shot. Very useful for long distances in a safe position.

Canyon Riot: Has a very wide range and cause enough damage. Your ammo is limited, but you can improve it.

Thermo barrel rocket: This is a heavy weapon locating enemies with a guided missile. The ammo is very limited.

V32.CYBR Corruptor: Will the enemies temporarily put on your side and help you attack the nearest enemy. It's a good weapon when you're surrounded.

X18 Scrapmaker: Does not require recharging, but we'll have to wait a while to cool down after each shot.