Uncharted 4: A Thief's End for PlayStation 4 - review

Things are going well for Sony. PlayStation 3 closed cycle with an enviable catalog for any platform, and PlayStation 4 has sold in just one year 18.5 million consoles, with a catalog that still may not justify those sales. Anyway, PlayStation 4 have to be happy that their console sells well. A larger user base, greater economic risks can be taken when Sony fund new games.

One of these new games that take a substantial budget behind it is Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, which, like virtually every game from Naughty Dog for every PlayStation console, is bound to increase its units sold. Not long ago we saw the game in action and know the first details. Now, the magazine Game Informer has revealed new details about the highly anticipated title of adventure, and we will have all that is known so far.

The New Drake

Three years have passed since Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception . Drake Elena lives quietly with his wife, until an unexpected event interrupts the peace. He turns his older brother, who considered dead, called Sam Drake. "The new Drake" says her life depends retrieve an artifact of the pirate Captain Henry Avery, an actual historical figure, and take our Nathan to return to action. This will be the basis of history, in which you want to explore the human side of the protagonist of the tetra logy now, and the thoughts that lead him to fight for someone who disappeared from his life long ago.

After the sequence that we saw in the PlayStation Experience -pickup the beginning of the article, and to which we will refer him along, Sam and Nathan discuss the accuracy of the artifact. Sam appears refreshed and ready to continue the search, while Nathan is tired and wounded. This highlights the lack of progress and how you ever leave behind his life for a possible lie. Sam tells him that if he is not ready to go can go home, but a few seconds later found an engraving Drake puts faith in the mission.

So we will go in search of Libertalia, a mystical city that pirates have established in Madagascar. Of course, this will lead to travel many locations all over the globe that Naughty Dog will not reveal yet. During this trip we will face Rafe and Nadine two bounty hunters who try to snatch the treasure. Rafe will not hesitate to use everything at your disposal to get the artifact, and Nadine has a private military agency in South Africa, so be prepared to encounter challenges in our way.

Naughty Dog ensures that each character is introduced into the saga explores new sides of Drake, and see how it awakens a new rivalry with his brother. In turn, it is necessary to make a game that runs at plot level both veterans of the series and for the first try. Nathan Drake returns to be seen as the little brother, Sam Drake and sees his brother exceeded, further arousing resentment mixed with doubts and secrets of the past. All this adds to the poor Elena I just wanted to Drake asentase head, and Sully, which as we saw, or escuchamos- in the first video game, help us "one last time".

The Old Drake

They say that an old dog can not learn new tricks, but Nathan Drake goes to prove otherwise. Naughty Dog is determined to get the formula Uncharted evolve without losing its essence. On the one hand we see how the combat offers more freedom, more open environments and greater possibilities, but always forcing us to move on, to constantly change position and alternate punches and shots. This range is expanded exploration well, as we will have several paths to choose from. The study says that there will be no better than another way, and perhaps one will offer a challenge combat and other platforms, which may further encourage us to replay to see all it has to offer. Yes, the game will remain more or less linear adventure, no open world.

New tools are also introduced, in addition to the two new elements already known, that promise to offer more depth than we expect. Here are the pin (peak climbing) and rope, which will introduce a new scan axis: the vertical. Beyond what we saw in the trailer of gameplay, both tools have enough presence, and may also be used in puzzles. For now, Naughty Dog does not want to uncover surprises about it.

Collectibles again, also with more depth. These introduce a system of tracks thanks to which we can inspect looking for some detail on them. Similar to what we saw in ways Uncharted: Golden Abyss, we can look for clues in the objects, which will serve to mark other treasures, sometimes even with an X on the map. Drake's diary is updated dynamically according to the things that we find a way, so a player to explore in detail will be more complete than the day of one who does not entertain.

In Uncharted 4: A Thief's End also wants to strengthen the artificial intelligence of both the enemies as our companion. It seems that Sam will be enough time on our side, and work with us to evolve seen between Joel and Ellie. The enemy, meanwhile, have more intelligent routines, once we find out, will not return to its path by default-, they warn each other and try to find as we go unnoticed thanks to its new infiltration system. Finally, we promise better integrated puzzles in history and environment make us think while providing accessibility.

The Generation Gap

Naughty Dog is a study of those who care products, and even the reviews, as The Last of Us Remastered . It did not fall into the hands of an external study, but rather the original development team. This allowed him to leave preparing for the new console from Sony, and so already have a solid foundation on which to build Uncharted 4: A Thief's End . Anyway, the video of the gameplay we saw was not surprised as it should. DriveClub and rain have a very high bar, and new Naughty Dog simply not yet hits as expected.

Obviously, it's a game still in development, and we do no player in their right mind -and least in this day corren- prefer a sequence executed on a computer high range and then complain about the downgrade could possibly get. Naughty Dog is working very hard on the visual aspect of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End , and demonstration, with bug included, was a clear example of transparency and honesty of the study. We have seen in detail modeling Drake, and ensure that you are watching everything every detail just to pick up objects, our protagonist will have up to 60 animations.

In pursuit of detail new factors come into play such as wind and gravity. The wind moves the hair on the chest -including Drake and his clothes as well as foliage and different elements of the environment. Gravity and inertia of the protagonist modify animations when climbing. The water does the same with clothes and hair ... Also, the sequences are all in real time, leaving the pre-rendered videos. Obviously, a picture is worth a thousand words and video raised some doubts, but it seems unlikely that the final version of this title will disappoint in the graphic.

The Technical Side

Going into more technical aspects, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End saves more from what is shown in that video resolution has quadrupled, at least, from Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception , and the water moves through procedural tessellation technology. This new title has a system that developed between Naughty Dog and Sony's Advanced Technology Group, allows surfaces show great detail when viewed up close, using a tiling system that adapts to yield. This is complemented by new algorithms for the level of detail of the items on display, more effective than ever.

A new shader that has been in development for over two years and is based on real properties to add to the game a more credible appearance is also introduced. Drake animations to scale are much more complex, adapting to the shape of the wall with unique animations forgive the redundancy for two thirds of the transitions. Finally, by way of comparison, Drake had in 250 parts "animatable" on PlayStation 3. PlayStation 4 has, only in his face, 800. The skin will wrinkle and our hero moves with every gesture, and even may notice under eyelid the eyeball when blinking, Naughty Dog promises.

The study claims to be facing a major challenge on the technical side. In the eternal debate on the resolution and frame rate per second, the goal is 1080p and 60 frames, but say they do not sacrifice the -elements screen experience, artificial intelligence, animation, range of scenarios, effects, and so by 60 images. Un-optimized and a year ahead, the game runs at 37 frames per second on average, so it is too early to confirm one way or the other.

The problem is that your engine was designed for PlayStation 3, unlike a platform architecture to the PC, just the opposite PlayStation 4. While other companies already had an engine ready to computers, Naughty Dog has had to adapt its engine, which has given many headaches. So much so that claim they can spend the next 4 or 5 years discovering things about both of your engine optimization and console.

Drake, we've missed

Naughty Dog is unique, and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End , breaking its tradition of not wearing one of his sagas to a new generation of consoles For this fourth installment promises memorable moments, humor, action and solid gameplay than most, and. the surprise would not they succeeded. There are still mysteries to solve-the multiplayer, confirmed, or if it will be the final adventure of Drake, but it will be one of the greats of 2015 is something that seems undeniable.

For now, the study says much work remains to be done in the words of Christian Gyrling, chief programmer, "now begins to look good" - in all aspects. Naughty Dog gives confidence, and each of his works is a step forward that reflects how people forming it grows. Surely it will take several months until we see Uncharted 4: A Thief's End in action, although both their fans and their detractors, will be a game that will give much to talk about.