Use Dropbox and Google Drive without taking up HD space

Dropbox and Google Drive, as well as other online storage services offer programs for Windows and Mac, are useful because they are able to expand in a way, the computer's memory. But if your account in the cloud is larger than the HD, you may have a problem - unless you use Odrive. See how to take advantage of the tool and keep all your files accessible without taking up space locally.

Although some filing cloud services already offer selective synchronization, Odrive works differently. Instead of forcing the user to choose the folders you want to download at the time of installation, the program allows you to view all while shortcut way. The file itself is only downloaded to the machine when it is clicked. Check out the step by step.

Step 1. Download and install Odrive for Windows or Mac;

Step 2. Open the odrive folder in Windows Explorer or Finder and double-click the folder corresponding to the storage services in which you already have an account;

Step 3. When redirected pair authentication page, enter your login and password, and then confirming that you want to grant access to odrive;

Step 4. A window appears on the screen with all the files and folder icons that you had stored on the service. Click the right mouse button on the folder or file you want to use and select "Sync folder" in odrive menu;

Step 5. odrive will only download what is light, transferring large files only when you really need (everything is in lilac will not be in HD). Wait a few seconds to finish downloading content;

Step 6. Once the sync is complete, the folder will change color, becoming easy to see which are downloaded and which are just shortcuts. At any time, you can get it from the computer while the living shortcut choosing "UNSYNC" from the contextual menu.

Ready! Now just choose which folders you want to keep synchronized and at the same time, maintain access to other files as simple as clicking a folder. Thus, it is possible to have better control over your items stored in the cloud without taking up computer hard drive with useless things. It is also worth experimenting with accounts from other services.