Find all 52 Heart Pieces of The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask 3D – guide

1. North Clock Town

As a link, run to the north the slide or climb high up on the side of the pillar. From there, jump on the tree where the heart piece is waiting for you.

2. South Clock Town

Check out the moon tear from his observatory and give it to the Deku dealer as a gift for his wife. Then be able to use the flower to fly as Deku of the bell tower. There is another Piece of Heart's waiting for you.

3. East Clock Town

About the Deku Palace you reach the top of the roof of the back entrance of the inn "to stew". Inside, go down the stairs to the bathroom - after midnight you give your hand out of the toilet a Deku certificate. She hands you a Piece of Heart.

4. East Clock Town

In the Palace, put on the mask of night and listen to the first story of the grandmother. Answer the question correctly.

5. East Clock Town

In the Palace, put on the mask of night and listen to the second story of the grandmother. Answer the question wrong.

6. East Clock Town

At the residence of the mayor, put on the mask of lovers. Speak now with the mayor, so that you can stop the debate. Because he reflects on his true duties, you get a Piece of Heart.

7. West Clock Town

Out in the evening, talk to the postman in the post office. Because the sense of time it is very important to take his challenge. Stop the clock felt after 10 seconds.

Tip: Use the rabbit mask you can see the time counter. For your skill he gives you a Piece of Heart.

8. Clock Town

Set on the cap of the postman and search any mailbox. You'll find a Piece of Heart.

9. West Clock Town

Once you have a bankroll of 5000 Rupees at the bank, you own a Piece of Heart.

10. North Clock Town

Games every day, the Deku bouncy game in a cave at the source fairies and crack the record. On the first and second day there is a prize of some rubies, on the third day presents you the owner of despair a Piece of Heart.

11. West Clock Town

Go to the Professional Training Center and start the expert course. Now you have to reach 30 points to get a Piece of Heart.

12. East Clock Town

Check out the first shooting and reach more than 39 hits to get a new quiver for your arrows. You have to play the game again and reach a "Perfect!" (50 results), as a reward you will receive a Piece of Heart.

13. East Clock Town

Visit the Games Center "Favorite & Baby". Profits every day the game by a "Perfect!" reach. On the first and second day there is a prize of 50 rubies, on the third day, they give you a Piece of Heart.

14. East Clock Town

Check out the "treasure chest" and turn you into a Goron. Now say to start with the owner, a game. You master the maze, there is a Piece of Heart. (The transformation is indeed not needed, but as Goron it is easiest).

15. North Clock Town

Set on the fox mask and pick one of the moving grass tufts. You will encounter a yellow fox, who asks 5 Questions from you. Answer them correctly and you get a Piece of Heart.

16. West Clock Town

At night on the first or second day, Put on mask and dance, “Kamaro’s Dance,” with the two twin sisters. They appreciative for the new dance study and give you a Piece of Heart.

17. Marshes of Madness

Swap the Deku dealer document the country against the swamp certificate. Use the Deku palace and then fly on to the roof of the Info Centre to bring you the Piece of Heart.

18. Marshes of Madness

Give the photo of the Deku King on the first day the man in the Info-Center and you get a Piece of Heart. Tip: Try it sometimes with a picture of Tingle.

19. Marshes of Madness

At the entrance to the Swamp is an old dead tree. Climb it up and take off the crown of the Piece of Heart out.

20. Marshes of Madness

Once you've defeated Odolwa, go again to the Info Center. Talk to the old witch and start the game. Score 20 hits and if you win, you will get another Piece of Heart.

21. Marshes of Madness

Visit the Swamp Shooting Gallery and reach first 2000 points to get a better quiver for your arrows. Then achieve at least 2180 points. For this neat score the owner gives you a Piece of Heart.

22. Marshes of Madness

In the gardens of the Deku Palace you will find a Piece of Heart. Sneak just past the guards. If you have the rock-mask on, the guards can not see you.

23. Dusk woods

You will find some chests In the crater of Dusk woods, each located on a tree stump. In a box you'll find a Piece of Heart.

24. Termina

In the tall grass in front of the Milky Way where you'll find a hidden hole in the ground. You arrive to a cave at the end you’ll find some enemies. Defeat them and you get a Piece of Heart.

25. Termina

Nearby access to Great Bay, the two fences, is rocky. Blast it away and you'll discover a hole in the ground. In the cave you shoot down the hive and take the Piece of Heart.

26. Termina

At the start of the Snow head there is a hole in the ground in the snowy field. In the cave you have to defeat Dodongo, and then you will get a Heart Piece.

27. Termina

Look on the second night 2-3 clock with a telescope from the Observatory and keep the left eye.

It will pop up a Deku trader who has his hiding in a hole right near the Observatorium. Go there and talk to him. Say the first offer no, so he will sale you a Piece of Heart for 100 Rupees.

28. Termina

Check out the four holes in the ground with the myths stones. Game in each hole as plays the Goron's Lullaby. If the last Myth stone is red, you get a Piece of Heart.

29. Romani Ranch

Go to the Romani Ranch and check out behind the dog track. Put on the mask of truth and you will find out which dog will win. Take the one who says that his paws feel light as a feather. Win 150 Rupees, you get a Piece of Heart.

30. Great Bay

Take a picture of a Gerudo Pirate and give it to the fishermen. This then gives you a seahorse. Then swim to the needle rock and kill serpents. Once all defeated, you'll find one of the tunnel and you'll find another seahorses. Seahorses are both combined, they give you a Piece of Heart.

31 Great Bay

Go to the small bay near the entrance to the pirate fortress. Use the Hookshot to get to the upper portion of the mountain. Plant a miracle pea, let them grow and fly to the penultimate platform. Now there playing the Scarecrow polka and pull you to the fishing Hagen for scarecrow. There lies the Piece of Heart.

32. Great Bay

Once you have won the battle against Gyorg, go to the promontory on the skull coast. There you will find a boat that leaves as soon as you jump on it. Get dressed with the Hookshot to the archipelago over when the boat is close enough. Win a game against the fisherman and another Piece of Heart is in your possession.

33. Great Bay

Go to the research station and feed the two red fish with a few small fish that you have brought in bottles. Another Piece of Heart you'll find on the beach near the pirate fortress.

34. Great Bay

After you have won against the Angry Beavers at current clamps, you will walk again against them. As profit you will get a Piece of Heart.

35. Great Bay

Under the current clamps at the Great Bay is on the bottom of the water a robbery mucus. Defeat him and you’ll get another Piece of Heart.

36. Pirate Fortress

In underwater access to the Pirate Fortress, there is a Piece of Heart in a cage. Press the print button and quickly rush to the cage before the door closes again.

37. Zora's Domain

Go into the Zora cave and read the Mikau’s diary, and jam with Japas's last session. Once you have completed the two melodies, you get a Piece of Heart.

38. Cave of Zora

In the cave of Zora, check out Lulu's room another Deku dealer with whom you are trading as a Goron the mountain deed against the sea certificate. With the Deku flower you can fly to shelf on which you will find a Piece of Heart.

39. Spinning house

In the spinning house you need to hit with arrows in order to open a secret access to a Piece of Heart in the dining room, the colored masks in the correct order. With the Captain helmet you can use the Stalchildren in the library and ask in the dining room; they call you the correct order.

40. Goron Village

Swap in Goron Village as the Deku dealer document the swamp against the mountain document. With the Deku flower you can reach the rock wall, on which there is another Piece of Heart.

41. Snowhead

On the way to Snowhead you can find on the right side invisible platforms that you can see using the Lens of Truth. On the last platform you play the scarecrow polka and swing you over by fishing hooks, where already a Piece of Heart's waiting for you.

42. Mountain Village

After defeating Goht, go and explore the treasure chest that is located near the Goronendorf, as Zora. The Piece of Heart is located right next to the suspension bridge.

43. Mountain Village

You have to talk to all the frogs in Termina with Don Gero's Mask. The first is on a tree trunk near the spider house at the bottom, of the Second Temple in Duskwood after Gecko was defeated.

The third is resting on the wash basin in Clock Town, the fourth in the Great Bay Temple again after Gecko was defeated and the last appear at the frog pond, after you have defeated the Goth, Spring arrived.

Talk to the mask to the frogs and organizing the frog concert. As a reward, there is a Piece of Heart.

44. Ikana Canyon

Give in Ikana Canyon as Zora the Deku merchant marine certificate. As a reward you get 200 Rupees. With the Deku flower you reach the other side of the river, there you will find another Piece of Heart

45. Ikana Cemetery

Go into the second night in the cemetery of Ikana. Put on the helmet of the captain and dig the bone-goers. In the secret cave that opponents do cold and you get at the end of a Piece of Heart.

46. Ikana Canyon

In Ikana Canyon there is a house in which you can participate for 30 Rupees at the ghost hunt. You have to defeat the four wisps within three minutes. As a reward, there is a Piece of Heart.

47. Ikana ruins

From the roof of the ruins you shoot with an arrow on the crystal switch to turn off the flame. Go to the column on which a Deku flower is. From there, fly further on the pillar with the desired Piece of Heart.

48. Hidden Shrine

After you defeat all 4 mini bosses hiding in shrine of Ikana, a Piece of Heart is waiting for you.

49. Moon: Deku Labyrinth

In Deku maze you'll find in the great hall a Piece of Heart, when you reach the right rear corner of the chamber using the Deku flower. Piece of Heart is in the Cubbyhole.

50. Moon: Goron Maze

Go to get you the Goron maze over the abyss, a Piece of Heart.

51. Moon: Zora's maze

In Zora maze you get a Piece of Heart at the end of the tunnel when you swim in the correct order: right, left, left, left

52. Moon: Link maze

In link labyrinth, sprinkle in the penultimate chamber using Bombchu the crack in the wall. Behind it is an eye switch that you shoot it with an arrow. As a result, the last Piece of Heart is waiting for you.

Have fun! Collecting all heart pieces.


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