Best Truck Simulator games for PC and Smartphones

Euro Truck Simulator 2 and 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal are just two of the many popular truck simulators among game fans. In this style of play, users are challenged to address the huge cargo vehicles in various locations around the world, with the mission of making supplies of urgency. In order to experience? Check out a selection of the best titles in the genre for PC and smartphones.

- Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Paid)

One of the most popular of its kind, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is famous for its excellent visual and first gameplay. The challenges of the game is popular throughout Europe, where the player must run down the time to make their deliveries driving vehicles of different sizes, weights and brands. The game works exceptionally well with wheels of different brands, especially those with force feedback.

- 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal (Free to try)

Major competitor of Euro Truck, 18 Wheels accurately reproduces the daily life of an American truck driver, containing excerpts from the United States and Canada. In addition to the long journeys, players can also invest money in buying new trucks or even companies, making the business more profitable.

- Truck Racer (Paid)

Unlike most games of trucks, Truck Racer abandon long journeys and roads and puts players in the shoes of a runner dispute truck races. The game features a career mode and the ability to customize various parts of trucks, including its look.

- Scania Truck Driving Simulator (Free to try)

With beautiful graphics, the game is known for its advanced level of challenges, with extremely dangerous roads and very heavy and difficult to drive machines. Break, you can still drive many of the popular automaker machines

- German Truck Simulator (Free to try)

Another excellent choice for fans of the genre is German Truck Simulator, which has focused its challenges in Germany and nearby regions. Are many trucks with totally different characteristics, which should be chosen for specific missions, earning money and prestige to the player.

- Truck Simulator 3D (Free)

Even being unique to smartphones and tablets, the game has several features seen in major games for more platforms. The visual and gameplay are also first, requiring precision and concentration of drivers.

- Transporter 3D (Free)

With neat visual, various camera angles and intuitive and fun gameplay, the game challenges players to carry various types of goods by cities and roads. You can still unlock vehicles and unique achievements.

- Truck Driver 3D (Free)

Upload your truck with the most diverse types of materials and make their deliveries by five different maps, totaling more than 50 challenges. The game has graphics and fun gameplay beautiful.

- Truck Parking 3D (Free)

Test your skills maneuvering the giant machines in small spaces without causing damage to vehicles or goods. Use the onscreen controls to make precise curves and complete the various challenges of the game.