Cheat Codes / Achievements: Might and Magic Heroes 3 HD Edition (PC)

Cheat Codes and Achievements: Might and Magic Heroes 3 HD Edition (PC)

Yes, they are still there, the classic cheat codes! With Tab (TAB) you can open the console in the game and enter the code.

Cheat (code)
nwcshrubbery / nwcwatto +10,000 Gold and +100 of all resources
nwcavertingoureyes All buildings + 35 Archangel
nwcantioch All siege weapons
nwcgeneraldirection / nwcrevealourselves Discover card
nwcprophecz Uncover treasure map
nwccoconuts Unlimited Movement
nwccastleanthrax Maximum Happiness
nwcmuchrejoycing Maximum Morale
nwconlyamodel You can build all the buildings in your own castle.
nwcsirrobin You lose
nwctrojanrabbitYou win
nwcigotbetter / nwcquigonHero rises to a level
nwcpadmeSelected hero in any empty slot 10 Archangel.
nwcalreadygotoneSecret Item Map
nwctim / nwcmidichloriansFull of magic and 999 mana.
nwcfleshwound 5 Black Knight
nwcdarthmaul Selected hero in any empty slot 10 black knights.
nwcphisherprice Other colors
nwccoruscant City is completely removed
nwcr2daAll fighting machines
nwcpodracerSelected hero can move arbitrarily far

The following 13 Achievements can be used on Steam for Might and Magic Heroes 3 HD Edition unlock.

Gets the cow! Used a cheat code.
Home Sweet Home Closes Campaign "Long Live the Queen" from.
Devilish Complete the campaign "Dungeons and Devils" from.
Liberator Complete the campaign "liberation" from.
Cold-blooded Complete the campaign "war booty" from on Tatalias page.
Berserker Complete the campaign "war booty" from on Krewlods page.
Lich King Closes Campaign "Long live the king" from.
Restored Erathia Complete the campaign "Song for the Father" from.
Independence Complete the campaign "seeds of discord" from.
Squire Includes 10 cards in the Normal difficulty without cheating.
KnightIncludes 10 cards in the Hard difficulty without cheating.
GeneralIncludes 10 cards in the difficulty level expert from without cheating.
HeroIncludes 10 cards in difficulty from Impossible without cheating.