Clash of Clans: 5 reasons that explain the success of the game

Clash of Clans is one of the most successful games for the current cell, with over 100 million downloads in just Android. Check out five reasons that explain why Clash of Clans is practically a "gender", and extensively copied by other titles.

Great competitive environment

Clash of Clans is a strategy game that combines elements of strategy in real-time and shifts. Players never face in real time, although they can control where and when his troops will attack. Thus, the app offers a high level of competition that is triggered via notifications.

From the center of village level 5, the resources start to get scarce, pushing the player to look for new ways to achieve or gold and elixir. From the center of village level 7, attack other players will be your main goal to steal black elixir. One of the highlights of the game at this point is that you can never steal 100% of the other user's items. In addition, there are protections as a shield and serve percentage. All done in a way that the attack player does not feel much in the "loss".

It has no "hack"

This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet. There is always someone in forums and groups Face book asking if there is "hack" for Clash of Clans. But, unfortunately, does not exist. What's modes are offline the game to get the most gems, gold and infinite elixir, however, if the player tries to get online, will be banned immediately. This is a negative point, since the application requires a Face book account or Google+ for the player to save his progress.

The incessant fighting Supercell, game's producer, against the Dodgers is one of the reasons for the success of Clash of Clans. Without the slightest possibility of cheating, the way is to walk the line, including buying more expensive items app and this will speed up the construction of items, egg yolks.

Gameplay complexity

With a simple look, the gameplay of the game often deceive many players. The fact can not control the troops as soon as they are released in the field, may leave the impression that the game is completely random. However, it has many variables such as alloys, levels, black troops and more. Incredibly all balanced brilliantly by the application producer.

The focus of attack is visible during the time that the player releases each unit of the troops. This allows to see where they will attack and, in addition, each troop following an attack pattern. Thus, players can create "layouts" to their villages and this is a major game mechanics. There are, for example, layouts for "to farm" gold and elixir and unique layouts for clan wars.

Run on any mobile phone and at worst connection 2G

One of the great triumphs of Clash of Clans is that it does not require many resources to run. The game runs even the most modest cell with only 512 MB of RAM. But the highlight is that it is not demanding in internet consumption. It is an online game, but you can play up with the worst 2G signal it encounters.

Since this is such a light game, players have even emulated Clash of Clans on the PC through the emulator BlueStacks, and used this to do livestreams via Twitch or YouTube .

Great rewards in the war of clans

One of the most brilliant balconies of SuperCell to produce Clash of Clans was to create the war of clans. In this event, a group of players facing another team and the winners are left with the rewards accumulated during the war. One of the best ways to train the attacks and defenses.

In the war of the clans, another element stands out, the balance of the game. It is necessary that both clans declare war to the conflict start and players can select which villages will participate in the war.