Criminal Girls: Invite Only PSVITA review

Almost by surprise, because nobody argued for a western release of Criminal Girls: Invite Only, NIS announced last summer distribution of this game for PS Vita that updates the Criminal Girls PSP sequel. It was thought that leaving would be massacred with cuts by censorship, and as announced Nippon Ichi, there have been changes that don’t affect gameplay but determined fog in-a scene just over there where there was little - or sounds of moans and phrases that suggested an inordinate pleasure. Since we could not compare with the Japanese version is difficult to be more specific modifications, but there seems to be drastic.

This story begins when the protagonist appears converted, without understanding very well, a prison guard. Not that this is the nicest job in the world, however it is a rather special prison. Inmates are actually criminals, one for each cardinal sin, and should be punished for eternity in Hell. There is only one way of redemption, hope to pass a series of tests and that's where we come in to guide this peculiar group composed entirely of females per dungeon for the purpose of amending their souls.

Criminal Girls is a RPG game similar to the many that you play on PS Vita or other platforms, with a few twists in its approach. The male protagonist does not fight directly nor a hero with a great sword, limited to explore the maze accompanied girls team. There are random battles and occasionally is the most powerful on stage, especially those that block a hallway leading to a chest or stairs to ascend to the next dungeon. Although these clashes are unavoidable, you can at least prepare for the worst. It has as usual maps designed with closed doors asking a key that should look at the other end of the route.

Scattered around the map are save points, rest -Recover all health-, shop and motivation. The latter is one of the most controversial features of Criminal Girls, is that inmates are rebellious and strong distinctive personality. So the first no attention to us, they need a "corrective" to sadomasochistic style. The mechanics is: to win battles an experience that evolves directly abilities of the girls, they are points to spend on one of these motivations is not obtained. -Screen Really talk about minigames and butt- touch panel such as pressing with a whip or other object on the temptations that appear on image for a limited time.

To tune up these scenes slightly, the background shows animations of girls in suggestive poses receiving the blows, covered by a fog dissipates as they level. Certainly, but not as outrageous as it was to believe except that it is a free approach and this is especially girls a couple that seem exceed twelve years. Besides being the way to develop their technical discover more about their preferences or their past. This that for certain players can arouse curiosity and curiosity, others will be an element that instantly discard the game.

Criminal learn the basic commands first attack and then, as we would call classes, people will tend more to magic, brute force and other strategies, fenders type. The curious thing is that the fighting is not playing like a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest traditional, but are they who offer each turn they can do, and chose based on that. The idea of personalities that don’t fully control is thus reinforced, although in practice the gameplay does change greatly respect to cited RPG.

Criminal Girls has interesting aspects mixed with other loose or directly deficient. If we start with the positive, we say that broadly as dungeon crawlers works: journey to explore, many combats, - another original question posed is whether like it or not, a combat system that ensures that you cannot abuse again and attack the same time. In short, compared to other RPGs changes four things on the way to present it, but you still have your character warrior, white mage, black, etc. It is accessible to any fan of the genre, and entertains for tens of hours.

It is also true that not everything that gamers deep sue. There are accessories that equip, and that lack of deliberate control does not have feeling of mastering the battles as you wish. In a round can offer you joint attacks or a unique, so there seems to be some randomness in their behavior. Furthermore, it is necessary to grind or struggle to go with ease by these dungeons, shortly and an extended duration artificially appreciated.

Adaptation to PS Vita seems to have intended the graphical improvements for the phases of torture and not that dungeon or fighting, which shows what is really the priority of the study. It was a very modest title on PSP and Vita occasionally is easy to see even effects or low resolution graphics. The display of struggle, of course, cannot be more schematic drawings with deformed team four females and center monsters, none animation. A Destiny of Spirits you can forgive, is a free to play, while here gives an impression of very low budget. Really the only value of this port is coming to West and includes more content than the PSP, otherwise the exchange platform is anecdotal.

Criminal Girls: Invite Only comes in English with Japanese voices. Not a game with many conversations, so it's not a big deal. It is far from being a person, so we understand. The music without being memorable or quality, is catchy.


It is a pity that both Criminal Girls focuses on the issue of motivation to the point overshadow the other sections. And not by moral debates which may cause, but the truth is that it's not so bad, but because it seems the only aspect revised and adapted for PS Vita, where it has invested in technology-the Live2D- and is the main aspect of originality . Not that it's a bad idea, in fact probably not the way to improve the girls the game would have gone completely unnoticed, but then abused him and ends up losing his grace.

In conclusion, a decent RPG despite being composed by a cast of prisoners with indecent tastes. Entertaining and without major bugs, but will speak of it just so politically incorrect.