Dark Souls 2 HD: Scholar of the First Sin: Hands-on impression

Darks Souls 2 HD, also known as Scholar of the First Sin, marks the first appearance of the franchise for the new generation of consoles. At an event sponsored by Bandai Namco, in São Paulo, we had a chance to check out the new title on the PlayStation 4. Check out our impressions of the game that will be released for Xbox One and PS4, PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 and PC.

Get ready: you will die more

First unveiled in November last year, Scholar of the First Sin is a special package that will feature three DLCs (Crown of the Sunken King, Crown of the Old Iron King and Crown of the Ivory King). The full title will have a visual redesigned in the new generation and a much larger number of NPCs and enemies.

Unlike the original version, the new game has a multiplayer capable of supporting up to six players, that may confront you in PvP or help you in cooperative experiences.

Perhaps one of the most significant changes is the enemy of repositioning in the scenarios. We tested a small build of the game during the event and we can say that the Forest of Fallen Giants, for example, housed a much larger number of undead and other terrifying creatures that were not present in the original title.

The repositioning of enemies is a change that serves to completely change the game experience. That means a big fan of Souls series will have to relearn how to play to discover new strategies, as the safest areas in the previous version were extinguished.

If Dark Souls 2 was already a challenging title, date, From Software wants to reach the apex of punitive elements. This is because the artificial intelligence of aberrations has been enhanced to ensure that the player can easily get away from the toughest struggles. The refined IA, along with the greatest number of enemy should make the experience of the First Sin Scholar more intense and immersive.

Although it has several new features, the story of Dark Souls 2 is the same. However, there are areas unpublished and unseen secrets to keep the player entertained for a long time, exploring every inch of the vast kingdom of Drangleic. Although no information has been confirmed by From Software, it seems, it's likely that the new version has a new final boss.

A more inviting reign

While versions of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will suffer minor visual changes, issues of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will provide a visual experience much more enjoyable.

Both the PlayStation 4 version as the Xbox One should run at 1080p and 60 frames per second, which certainly helps in the most challenging encounters against hordes of enemies, since everything runs smoother. Regarding the PC version, From Software said to have been inspired by the mods created by the players themselves to make the graphics upgrade.

The build in this event left explicit visual evolution of Dark Souls 2. Running on a PlayStation 4, the visual reworked, with new textures and more detailed lighting effects showed that Scholar of the First Sin hit the market to be the definitive version the last game of Souls series.

According to the team of Bandai no "competition" between the Dark Souls 2 HD and Bloodborne, game also developed by From Software, "Bloodborne explores a completely different theme and has a dynamic combat that, although it has similarities, it is much faster. No doubt there is room in the market for both games. "

Dark Souls 2 HD arrives on Xbox One and PS4 on April 7, 2015, with all the extra content, graphical improvements and additional functions. Xbox 360, PS3 and PC version will also receive this "makeover" of the game, but with lower quality graphics in the case of older consoles.