Dragon Ball Xenoverse unlockable characters / achievements

Comes a new title Dragon Ball Xenoverse, where we find the largest cast of characters from the franchise. We can follow the story of Goku and his friends seen from different viewpoints and go unlock their powers and abilities. Here we show a list of unlockable characters and how. Also leave detailed how to get many achievements that hides the Xbox One version:

Android Nº 18: Complete the Androids Saga - Level 34 Required.

Beerus (Bills) Complete training Goku - Level 70 Required.

Freezer: Complete the Frieza saga and complete the formation of Ginyu - Level 20 Required.

Ginyu: Complete the first time Frieza Saga - Level 15 Required.

Gohan and Videl: Complete Buu Saga - Level 40 Required.

Gotenks: Complete Buu Saga - Level 40 Required.

Krillin (Kuririn): Complete the first time Saiyan Saga - No Level Requirement.

Mr. Satan (Hercule): Complete the first half of Androids Saga (Saga Cell) - No level requirement.

Perfect Cell: Complete the first half of the Androids Saga (Saga Cell) - Level 30 Required.

Piccolo: Complete the first time the Saiyan Saga - Level 5 Required.

Son Goku: Complete Saga Démigra - Level 70 Required.

Vegeta: Complete the Saiyan Saga - Level 8 Required.

Below you will see a list of achievements that you can unlock in your Xbox One:

It's just the beginning of the world: you finished the prologue!

Goodbye, Son Goku: You finished the Saiyan saga!

Velo melancholy: Have you finished the Return saga of the Saiyans!

Impending war: Have you finished the Ginyu Force saga!

Peace for the future: Have you finished the Android saga!

More exciting by the hair!: finish the legendary Super Saiyan saga!

No matter what, we'll be fine!: Complete training Son Goku!

Kami complicated Task!: Complete training with Piccolo!

Total Power miraculous!: Complete training Krillin!

I'll end with all !: Have you completed training with Vegeta!

Soon you will be awesome!: Complete training Son Gohan and Videl!

The Warrior Elite mightiest!: Complete training Ginyu!

Eternal Fear !: Complete training Freezer!

Hazardous fast approaching: Complete training Nº18!

I must defeat !: Complete training cell!

NO ... TEN P-KAN !: Complete training Mr. Satan!

Are you looking for trouble !: Complete training with Gotenks!

Hold hard !: Completed training with Bills!

The most intriguing secret !: You got your first Dragon Ball!

The hope for this planet: You found the Dragon Ball 2 stars!

A city that is not: you been at all levels!

For the sake of the future: play a match online first!

Meeting to die: you added to a Patrol Time to "Favorites"!

Pure excitement: have sent a gift!

HUNDREDS OF BREASTS Love !: Have you received a gift!

Starting a fantastic trip !: Have you finished one side quest!

Test my courage: Have you finished 7 sidequests!

The chaos is coming !: Completed over 50% of secondary missions!

Emotion of the last century !: Have you completed more than 80% of secondary missions!

Full stomach, butt !: power you gathered all final attack!

Total Power definitive !: you gathered all special abilities!

Teach a man to make ends !: You successfully complete 7 police cars!

Rival of my dreams: you observed seven bouts!

The romance is yours !: you gathered 500,000 zeni!

Join, split, merge ... Confused !: Have you participated in "Eternal Battle" 7 times!

Seeds of love for heaven: this item revived allies KO 7 times in fighting online!

Legend of the Super Saiyan: You finished the Freezer saga!

Goodbye, warriors: You finished the Cell saga!

Expanding the future: Have you finished the Bills saga, God of Destruction!

I remember Grandpa: You found the 4 star Dragon Ball!

The best miracle of the world: you gathered seven Dragon Balls and have invoked Shenron!

We have to !: You unlocked all the characters and their variants!

You dance with me ?: Are you played seven bouts online!

I will fight with love, courage and honor: You won seven fights online!

Beyond lost memories: You finished all the side missions!

Get your impossible desire !: You won in "Eternal Battle" 7 times!

Rainbow in your eyes: Levels maximized friendship with all teachers!

War of the universe: Have you finished the monster saga Bu!

Ill strong, strong heroes !: Have you finished the demon god Demigra saga!

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