Dying Light (PC) collectibles / quests

In this guide for Dying Light you will find all collectibles!

Through these quests you can also get special items and plants that you usually find a note on a "bulletin board".

- Bulletin Board Tower (starting area)

- Notice Board at the Harbor (East of the map)

- Here you can find all the solutions to these quests!

Here you can find the list of collection tasks:

Aromatic Herbs


Gift Herbs

Midnight Bride


A familiar state of emergency

Witches Brew

Lighter gas

To be continued ...

Aromatic Herbs

Mission objective - Find Lavender Plants

The harbor, in whose vicinity you can find the lavender plant, located just east of the map. North to northeast of it there are cliffs on which grass areas you will find the plants


The search area for this Dulse is indeed marked on the map, this area has not been explored, will not find these.

These algae are in the northern part of the map in a lake. These are to be bring to the shore, both in the depth of the lake, as well as close. The red color is fortunately hardly be overlooked

Gift herbs

Mission objective - Browse the highlighted area after toxic herbs

In the south of the map, the plant in question is to be found. Follow the path east and there should be no problem to take all ten plants.

Midnight Bride

Mission objective - Collect Midnight Bride herbs

The Midnight Bride herb has, as the name suggests, are collected at night. The quest is marked in the western part of the map. You should not stay too long in the dark, take a nearest security station before you make yourselves on the way


Where to find the Mission: This mission takes you to the harbor. Santiago is the man you need to speak to him! (Through a call sign marked on the map)

Mission objective - Find binoculars

On the large antenna, west of the harbor, can be found on the second level above the ground, a pair of binoculars that can take for the job

There is an antenna that you must also enter for a main mission (The antenna in the circled area with electric fences). Also here is a pair of binoculars; we unfortunately can not accept.

A familiar state of emergency

Where to find the mission: Dawud is one of the residents in the tower, the starting area. If you ride the elevator up and take another flight of stairs to the top, you'll find it in one of the front APARTMENTS (with an exclamation mark)

Mission objective - Find a Firearm for Dawood

This firearm must be a gun. This is very rare to find, but is within this small hut where apparently someone has taken the life of it.

The target can be found southwest of the map. Take them and bring them to Dawud and complete the mission.

Witches Brew

Where to find the mission: Dahlia, the witch is a woman within a security zone (here marked on the map).

Mission objective - Go at night to the caves and collect all the mushrooms

The mission objective is marked over a large area on the map. It should not be a problem to find the place. In the cave you come, by jumping into the lake and from there swims through a large crevice.

Tip: In the cave itself, it is at night safer than during the day, which probably has to do with the fact that local shadow hunters go out on the hunt. Nevertheless, you will meet inside the cave on one! To defeat him, I advise you to stay in the water and to illuminate it with the UV lamp. If you're lucky, the hunter sooner or later falls to you in the water. He cannot swim and is therefore immediately die.

The fungi that you need to find, located on the cliff walls. They are easy to overlook if you only have the bottom in sight. In this cave there are as many mushrooms as you need.

Lighter gas

Where to find the mission bulletin board

Mission objective - Looking in the city after Lighter gas

Info: All this items are in a laundry basket

Lighter Gas (1) Where, at the roof of the Apartment. There in the middle of the roof you can find it!

Lighter gas (2): which you also find on a roof. Within the space, can be entered there, you will find a box of laundry the next lighter gas therein.

Lighter gas (3): Is also available on a roof, next to a large water tank!

Lighter gas (4) and (5)

Lighter gas (4) and (5): Are not far from lighter gas (3) and close to each other! You are in a building. The Fourth on the covered roof and the opposite Fifth, on the balcony of the same house.