Dying Light (PS4) Walkthrough

Areas of Harran
1. Awakening - Parkour Test
2. First Assignment - The Goon
3. Airdrop - First Night Pursuit
4. Pact with Rais - Get a Gun
5. Siblings - Bolter Tissue Sample
6. The Pit - Demolisher Boss Fight
7. The Saviors - Survive the Ambush
8. Find the Embers - Meet Troy
9. Higher Education - Meet Jade
10. Public Faces - Zombie Child
11. Meeting
12. The Museum - Tahir Boss Fight
13. Broadcast
14. The Clinic - Go Meet Dr. Camden
15. Extraction - Final Boss Battle with Rais


In this guide you will find, first and as is usual, a section of general advice, always recommended to play the adventure from a good basis without requiring a detailed explanation of levels. If you have any problem with controls at critical times, remember that you also have them listed below, as well as various items and objects that you need to survive the hostility of the city of Harran.


Sharpen your reflexes and explore Harran to meet new paths. Rather than fight, what prevails in this city is run ... to flee. Your forte is parkour and despite that zombies are extremely fast, can not scale like you. Play your tricks.

Don’t try to kill all the zombies: hit to defend, not to attack. Run is always the best choice.

Try to keep improving your skills to unlock more options trees agility, power and survival. They are vital for survival in Harran.

At night, hordes of zombies multiply and gain in strength and agility. However, should you live these distressing to earn more XP moments and therefore have more options in tree improvement skills.

You can buy weapons, but do not take your time in Harran as a shooter. Predominately sticks, pipes and punches more than any other firearm.

Constantly watch your strength meter: you can not give more hits if zombies just exhausted. If this happens in the middle of a zombie horde and can start running, because you'll be in the spotlight of all nearby creatures.

Ultraviolet light is a great ally, not only to see the traces of blood: they will help you locate faster enemies in a dark area.
Sometimes it is more effective than the flashlight, so try to combine them in underserved areas of light.

Explore every corner of the buildings to visit, and very attentive to the areas highlighted in yellow on your map estate: are areas that have not been explored fully, which means you can find items on them.
For example, the metal parts are vital to repair weapons such as pipes, so you should clean each area to which you go.

Search and find daubs insurance or green areas will greatly determine the difficulty of your stay in Harran. They can kick, going from night to day and checkpoint restart. The more secure points are, the greater the variety of sites to restart checkpoint. However, to unlock a safe zone must first clean zombies that plague, something you should consider if you lack health or objects of defense.

Your stay in Harran is continuity. What does this mean? That, even if you die, nothing will be as before. Nothing in Harran have retroactive effect. For example, if you face a fight against six enemies and die when they are two to load the last checkpoint you will face the two remaining, with the same health were when you died.
No "retry this as it was out at first." Yes, every time you load checkpoint miss a handful of points for survival, which can slow your progress on tree survival.


In the version of PS4, touchpad Dualshock 4 allows you to quickly access the map (if you slide your finger) or inventory (if you press the touchpad). You can see the designs that you can perform with the objects you've found exploring Harran, the items that you carry in your backpack, and even drop, improve and equip weapons.

Press BUTTON R1 or L1 to slide left and right respectively.
Power, skill and Survival: In this menu the three trees touchpad enhancements are included. As you earn points, you will be acquiring more and more interesting and effective in your anti virus creatures Harran skills. Do not worry if you redeem those points when the CPU will send you a reminder automatically.

Areas of Harran

Harran where the outbreak of the virus originated. It is the most urbanized of all area and collect more supplies (to have more abundance of empty houses, abandoned vehicles, etc), but zombies here are more dangerous than any other area of the city. Try to avoid, whenever possible, direct confrontation when in the free exploration mode, and do not waste items like metal parts, which need for the missions of the main story.

The poorest area of the city. It made a mess, is a nest of snapper is hard to leave. Try to avoid this neighborhood at night, because their huge slopes on beneficial principle for parkour, you will have a hard on more than one occasion been pulled out and being grass fearsome night stalkers.

The strength of the survivors, your main lair and the safest place Harran. During the first half of the adventure, be your most common refuge and here you will find your main friends. If you need to refine your technique of parkour, remember that the roof is a crane that interconnects the blocks of flats for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Located in the tallest skyscraper in Harran, is a true den of infamous creatures. In addition, scale altogether is a challenge, and you should not try until the closing stages of the adventure. By height ... and because Rais has an army at your service.

The main association of Harran has become a nightmare building. A small maze where survivors and traffickers have been deposited its provisions. Rais controls the area, and into it implies an almost certain death.

The Museum of Harran is one of the best preserved after the outbreak locations. Located in Sector Zero is the lower base Rais, where he and his men lay all their weapons and supplies. Like school, delve into it with ignorance of Rais supposed to die almost instantly.

Converted into retreat retains all the tiles and decoration. You can find numerous side quests, as well as the best seller in the neighborhood. The penthouse is protected by ultraviolet lights that protect it from marauders night. If you are fleeing from these fearsome creatures, go to the roof of the university and you will get rid of them.


Protagonist you control. You are an agent of UPS on official mission, pure bureaucracy. But in the end nothing goes as planned.

Objective that you have to find. He seized a confidential document UPS. It is your priority.

Trafficker. It has taken advantage of the misfortune that has befallen the survivors of Harran into submission. Psychotic and insane, until his men fear him.

One of your superiors in La Torre. Shelter Coordinator, is brave and fearful. It will charge the first missions when you're the rookie of the shelter.

Your best friend among human fighters Harran. A girl of character, often have very clear ideas and defend to the death their own. Sensible and equally reckless.

Jade brother, the boy wants to be a hero constantly. It has good ideas, but too often seeks to highlight on the rest. The care of her sister Jade still kept alive.

The main doctor interested in finding a cure for Virus Harran. Dr. Camden makes a tandem amazing intelligence and medical knowledge.

Executor of the analysis of a possible cure to Virus Harran. His laboratory has become a nest of zombies, which greatly hinders his work. Together with Dr. Zere, is the only hope for a cure.

Refugee. You will find him in the early stages of the adventure.

A brave girl whose origin is assumed foreign. She is the coordinator of the Zero Sector shelters, which already gives it a reputation among the survivors of the city.

Rais number two. His physical strength is matched only by his dementia. Lover of knives, butchering enjoys living beings. Natural hunter, takes advantage of the helpless survivors for their own purposes ...

Computer Base Rais. It's good man, but works for the wrong side. You will have to get their orders to half the adventure.


The IAS (International Relief Service), also known as GRE for its acronym in English (Global Relief Effort) is an international agency for help nations with various problems. You, Kyle Crane, UPS are an agent and you have to contact them from time to time to inform your superiors.

The Ministry of Defense US It is the second most important institution involved in the crisis of Harran for you, although that controls the UPS to some extent. His attitude to the crisis is more belligerent than the UPS.


Such as police rifles, military rifles, shotguns and pistols 9mm. You'll fit to face Rais men indoors and to annihilate any "big man". Note that the noise attracts viral ...

POLICE Porras.
Strong weapon with which you can Rais' henchmen who use knives. Against zombies are very effective if atinas to them in the head.

Military side is a terribly effective weapon, but spends the entire energy bar. In its normal aspect, it is equally effective and lends itself to add a modification of bleeding to stop viral harassing you.

Weak weapons that you can defend yourself in the early stages of the adventure. Modify them and improve them if you see it costs you kill zombies, but do not waste all upgrades for these weapons, half of the adventure begin to discard.

Inflict enough damage if hit in the head zombie, but easily damaged. Where a simple unusable bat, throw it with BUTTON BUTTON R2 + R3.

It is a pipe with a modification allowing the enemy to damage from trauma and burn.

Throwing weapons.
Such as military knives, spears, stars, etc. Hold L2 BUTTON to select targets and release to throw.

Explosive, toxic or incendiary. You need kitchenware and toxic lichens to create them. They are effective in enclosed spaces.

Very useful to create a fire barrier that prevents enemies near you. Effective against both zombies and against human enemies.

Your best weapon of distraction. Fits any type of zombie, not for humans.


Half human, half zombies. Possess superhuman agility and large quantities are very dangerous. With firecrackers you can easily distract.

The "normal" Zombie Biter slow but if you get too close. Try to avoid them whenever you can.

Creatures with green blisters on his body. They appear only at night and not attack.
Register your body to grab the tissue.

NIGHT angry.
The most dangerous creatures. Able to reappear in any other kind of zombie, are twice as agile than viral and only appear at night. You have to avoid them at all costs and not confront them: their physical strength is beyond doubt.

Pesky creatures that you slow down, you subtract endurance and immobilize. You have to silence them by force if you encounter one.

Fat creatures that hide acid in stomach. Its strategy is to run to you and exploit your side. If this happens, you will die at the first encounter. Always flees from them and prevent its explosion damage you.

They are a variant of explosives, just don’t let them come to you: use the distance to spit acid. With R1 + JOYSTICK BUTTON LEFT you can easily avoid their shots. When mate, always points to the head; otherwise, the acid will erode splash and cause your health.


JOYSTICK LEFT: Walking / Running.
JOYSTICK RIGHT: Rotate camera.

L1 BUTTON: to kick.
L2 BUTTON: a weapon.
BUTTON L3: secondary attack (with unlocked improvement).

R1 BUTTON: jump.
R2 Button: attack / shoot.
R3 BUTTON: point to throw weapon (with unlocked improvement).

BUTTON UP: No function.
BUTTON BELOW: no function.
BUTTON LEFT: select a weapon.
RIGHT BUTTON: select primary weapon.

TRIANGLE BUTTON: repair weapon.
SQUARE BUTTON: reload gun / enable trap.
CIRCLE BUTTON: crouch / slide along the ground (with unlocked improvement).
X BUTTON: interact.

TOUCHPAD: open interface (map, missions, inventory, designs, improvements).


1. Awakening - Parkour Test

Don’t start off right, just ... After the cutscene, your colleagues will lead you to the shelter known as "La Torre". Once you become familiar with those who run the place and you adapt to the controls, you'll hear screaming on the other side of the building.

After cure, you have to go to the roof to learn to use your most important weapon in Harran: parkour.

When the test and in full crane, will give you a bite attack suffered as a result of your rugged arrival. Go to the tower to talk to Jade. You have to treat your illness, so you must see Dr. Zere who will give you the drug antizin. Then go and talk to Spike, who is in the booth next to the caravan of Dr. Zere.

2. First Assignment - The Goon

After receiving instructions from UPS, Spike claims you again to make two more traps. Although I made with firecrackers, the area is full of zombies, so you may find some difficulty, as you will see in the next gameplay. If you run out of firecrackers and zombies have not left the area, use the tactics shown below to assemble the pitfalls of both cars.

Come to the points on the map to repair the rest of lighting traps. Beware the railroad electric pole, can give you more of a problem if you do not calculate well the jump ...

Turn your steps to the electrical substation to restore power in the area. You'll encounter your first serious danger: Zombie orange jumpsuit and carrying a stunning deck. Check out the video that follows to get out of this confrontation.

When you have repaired electrical fault, runs the shelter before viral see you and start an impossible escape to beat ...

With a little work done, you get to go back to the shelter to talk to Spike. Do it, and thereafter, go to the right place to send your usual report to the UPS.

After informing the UPS, you have to go talk to Breckenridge and Jade on the latest developments.

3. Airdrop - First Night Pursuit

After listening to Jade, go to the above points. You will see a parachute caught on the roofs of some buildings. You just have to get close and check boxes, as shown in the video. When you give to including antizin, dispute an agonizing flight of the night prowlers. With few skills you have developed in these early stages, is likely to die. As shown in the gameplay, you will see that nothing happens if this happens: you respawn at a random location of Harran and have to return to La Torre, but you'll be forced to restart the same flight.

4. Pact with Rais - Get a Gun

After going to the headquarters of Rais, you get to speak with one of his henchmen (do not forget to take the knife from the table on which Rais just leave that ... hand). Again, you have to deal with electronic problems forced to repair a communication antenna see you.

Go down the zip line you'll see in one corner of the antenna to direct your steps to the next.

Completed all tasks that have been allocated Karim, it's time to return to base de Rais and ask the leader to fulfill its part of the bargain.

What I feared to happen has happened, and you get to talk to the henchman Rais. Before going to see the guys who owe money to your new "boss", contact the UPS. When you finish the conversation, go to the indicated point to get the money from Jaffar.

With all the money in your power, have to go to the base of Rais to give it. However, his henchman you claim Radio: has emerged a sudden, and you have to change course to see what happened.

Go to the gas station, inspects the bodies and ... care, a type be positioned on the roof of the store with a turret. It is a delicate part, so watch the following video to get out of this section.

Now, is find the envelope demand Karim and return to base de Rais.

When you leave the base and part of the antizin in your possession, you must return it with your colleagues while looking for a quiet place to contact the UPS location.

5. Siblings - Bolter Tissue Sample

Meet Jade and direct your steps to the association of Harran for inspection. Prepare your equipment because the need in a while ...

When you meet with your partner, you must kill thugs Rais and after school. Your mission now is to return to La Torre, trying not to be late and be a victim of harraniana night.

A really difficult part lies ahead. After going to talk to Dr. Zere about those strange creatures with blisters, the good doctor will be interested in them and you have to bring a sample. Not only are called flighty to be extremely sensitive to noise, but because they only appear at night, and you know what that means ... Try the following gameplays to discover the easiest way to get the elusive tissue and return alive La Torre.

As is all too common, there will be unexpected. Rahim has been on his own, and something has gone wrong. You'll have to meet him to find out what happened and rescue.

The car in which you are surrounded by zombies are. You will have to release them all before opening the gate and talk to him. Beware the creature in the upper walkways.

Have a little over three minutes to go to the nest of angry and put the two explosive charges. Note that these creatures are very fast and aggressive and, as you will see in the following gameplay, if you do not quickly spot and focus on the column where you put the C4, die quickly. Place the two in the right places and go without stopping for a second to detonate the charges.

Return to the abandoned railway station to see how Rahim. When everything is over, Dr. Zere be the victim of an attack. Go quickly into position and protect it Rais men.

6. The Pit - Demolisher Boss Fight

It is a complicated battle. You will have to overcome to die and regenerate base, taking advantage of the enemies keep health you had to die. Try not to lose too many points to redeem survival in future skill points, and uses all improved to kill all the men of Rais movements.

After the failure in your task of protecting Zere, go to the base Rais to rescue following these steps:

With Zere held by Rais, your goal now will survive in its broadest and exaggerated concept: you're in a makeshift arena combat, and Rais and his men will enjoy the show as if it were a Roman amphitheater.
Your have to survive a horde of zombies and go collect items to improvise weapons and bring them down to get them all. It is not difficult, but you must know where to look. Check out the above gameplay if you find any difficulty.

After the first batch overcome, pick up the gun that throws you Rais and get ready ... Now we are getting difficulties.


It is a tough opponent to peel, with absolutely exaggerated physical endurance. Their front lunges can be fatal, so use R1 + JOYSTICK BUTTON LEFT side to dodge attacks (make sure you have unlocked this improvement in the skill tree).

If you decide to play the dismissal eye: you will not be on the same container long as the Home wrecker will launch asphalt rubble you subtract much life. Consider the following gameplay to adopt the best tactics to bring him down. Of course, know that you are almost in Ecuador the story mode, and physical skills unlocked not yet high enough to stand up to such a creature, so you probably have to resort to the regenerative deaths that have commented in chapters above. Ojo, because the end bosses recover health with every regeneration...

An exceptional improvement that will help you overcome this confrontation is what unlocks the launch of a weapon BUTTON BUTTON R2 + R3. Cement bonding wires cause serious damage to the victim.

As if this were not enough, a horde of viral misses you up. As your health will have been weakened by the confrontation with the Demolisher, try to kill as many you can before you die, and kill the rest after regeneration at the checkpoint.

After the cutscene, you will undertake an escape with some difficulty. If we ignore the hail of bullets and your questionable endurance will prevent you travel many meters before stopping to recover energy, the way to escape the sand is rough: many slopes, you open ground areas where the altitude will put you at a disadvantage and annoying bug shaped lock controls that prevent you jump if you fall a certain way in the last phase of flight, on the roof of the building under construction. Do not despair if you fall dead several times each jump is hurry and take advantage hedge to recover your optimal levels of physical endurance.

When you go outside, watch out for going too fast: the attack will immobilize you suffer, and if you throw up close marauders die. Stop when you suffer the attack and prevents the virus from the left to return to La Torre safely.

7. The Saviors - Survive the Ambush

Go to shelter Saviors to convince you with the Zero Sector. They are on the other side of town, so watch with infected hours.

Now you have to head to the tunnel where the entrance to the hiding of refugees. To your right, you'll find a door leading to the sewers.

In the sewers you will meet Hazan, type people passing from one sector to another. Follow him and talk to him to enter the tunnel that takes you across.

You'll encounter a horde of zombies that have to dispatch. The tunnel that will lead to Zero Sector is closed, so you can do two things: either spend resources abominable killing all creatures (something not recommended), or you take advantage of regenerative death to open the tunnel, die and regenerate in area to move to the other side, now with the open tunnel. It is the recommended option and we have followed in the next gameplay:

Why not, Rais has contacts up among survivors, and you will be ambushed. Firearms abound in this section, so you should not have trouble henchmen kill your opponent.

Touch go outside, finishing with a bully Rais in the courtyard and exploring places to find a zombie figurine wooden table. When you've wiped out the minions of Rais, go to the indicated point to find your destination in the Zero Sector.

8. Find the Embers - Meet Troy

When you get to the rooftops, Troy will contact you. You'll have to go to the shelter, located at the top of an old mosque, and convince her to help you find Jade.

9. Higher Education - Meet Jade

Troy asks you to go to college, the last known place where Jade was. Go to it and when you claim your new partner, put toward the shelter again to look at recent transmission.

10. Public Faces - Zombie Child

Head to the entrance to drains to talk to Michael. Along the way you'll meet a few dangerous hordes care.

After the talk, you must climb to the apartments 105 and 106, open the gas in the kitchen and put the burden of C4. The building is full of zombies, so you have to upgrade weapons short-medium distance if you want to survive.

The tricky part comes now: in the upper apartments, in addition to infected creatures, there is an infected baby. As the creature shout, you can not move with agility and attacking zombies: You have to approach him and shut him by force. He then dispatches the zombies you put loads with open gas.

With charges placed, Mike will ask you to retrieve his detonator. Beware the jump for the hoistway: as you'll see in the gameplay, you have to grab the yellow bars of the fund, not to the cables from the center. With the detonator in your power, only remains cause the explosion of all bombs.

11. Meeting

After the explosion of the apartments, Jade will contact you. See his new shelter to talk him.

12. The Museum - Tahir Boss Fight

First of all, you should go talk to the caretaker of the museum to tell how to sneak into it. Your shelter is quite inaccessible, you will have to follow the path of the next gameplay to talk to him.

You will go to sea, skyscrapers stated: There is a underwater entrance that you can use to enter. Yes, eye distances: sometimes should go back and take a breath, do not go crazy. You can make the journey without losing health, as we show below:

Once on solid ground again, go to the main entrance to exchange a few words with Rais.

Things get complicated. A troop of minions Rais come armed to kill you. Take the hypostyle hall for cover behind the pillars, and don’t forget to search bodies to get more ammo.

After killing enemies and climb upstairs, go for Jade. Prepare your best weapons, the worst is yet to come.

In the middle of the dispute between the antizin and two, you will be immersed in an inexplicable hallucination. You must find the right door and, once outside, you have to follow your partner.

Back in the real world, you get to face one of the toughest battles.


You will have to face the worst henchman Rais. As if his brute strength is not enough, you must also take care of some vulgar thugs who don’t cease to throw knives. You can turn once again to the regenerative death, but Tahir will be recovered as well, so we should not abuse it.

With Tahir dead, just take your knife is one of the most powerful in the game, and leave the museum. You should always carry equipped: your chances of survival increase dramatically.

Already in the streets of Harran, plays Troy to update what happened. Go to your shelter (watch the huge hordes that populate certain streets) and talk to her.

13. Broadcast

Head to the entrance to the sewer to head for the antenna. The best way is the one shown in the above gameplay:

Already under the city, you will find the road to the radio tower. You have to know where to go, so check out the above video (beware of viral upper floor):

After the jump (you must propel into the water, not to the dumpster on the right), you must explore two zones to find the access card. The confrontation with zombies will be long, so break out your best weapons to destroy the "big boys". Check out the section "designs" which is never over, if you have improvements available to incorporate some of your weapons.

With the map in your possession, go to the antenna tower and prepare to climb. But, as always, an unforeseen arises: a container is opened and a horde of viral will cast you up. Kill them all and, now climb.

If you have any problems with the horde of viral, here's a way to kill them with few resources:

And then, climb the tower: The UPS will contact you. When the conversation ends, go to the tunnel that leads to Old Town to complete the mission.

14. The Clinic - Go Meet Dr. Camden

Go to the laboratory of Dr. Camden. The entrance is infested with zombies, so you'll have access gliding. Eye upon entering, two henchmen Rais await you with rifles. Kill them and call the elevator.

Inside, looking at Dr. Camden. There are several flooded rooms, so you have to sneak through the ventilation system and reach the stores. It is a small maze, so follow the steps here to show you reach your destination:

Now, touch decontaminate the room that gives access to the office of Camden. You will have to follow the following steps to implement it:

Wait zombies fall after the decontamination process and once the doors open, go talk to Dr. Camden. When finished, leave the building and contact the UPS.

15. Extraction - Final Boss Battle with Rais

To confront Rais, you have to reach your tower. However, the path you have to follow is a little confusing and sometimes have the feeling that the game has been "bugged" or that the GPS has gone mad. Nothing could be further from the truth. Follow these steps to get to the tower:

Your journey passes again through the sewers.

Finally, exit the tunnel and head to the tower Rais. This part is not supported cooperative, and we warned.

As you enter the barracks Rais, will prepare a surprise: a horde of angry night pursue you, and you have to escape them desperately. Well you have to calculate the jump to not die in the attempt.

After this frantic flight, you must prove your insensitivity well vertigo and calculate each jump. There really damn areas just get over with the tactic of "trial and error", but do not give up and get to the top. Watch the video below if you have any problem getting to Rais.


Quiet, you will not have to fight "as is". Only you have to overcome a series of QTE which, yes, are indicated in a very discreet manner and disappear quickly, so that the margin of error is high. Fortunately, you will not have to repeat the climb if you die.