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The zombies are back with Dying Light, a game where these undead creatures crazy about getting complicated the task of surviving night. With a mix between survival and stunts Parkour.

Double Weapons and Infinite Money: As with Dead Island in Dying Light can duplicate weapons and selling them to get money easily. First you must unlock the ability "Throwing Melee" in the menu Power Skills. After that, you just have to equip a melee weapon and throw. While the gun is in the air, open your inventory and drop the weapon you just throw to duplicate. You can repeat as many times as you want, to fill the inventory. If you sell after all duplicate weapons you can earn unlimited money.

EXPcalibur Sword: The sword will be randomly EXPcalibur as booty. Still, we find in the southeast corner of the map. You must go to the boat house on the big lake in that area. Leave the bridge blocked on your left. Follow the rocky coast to the edge of the downtown Lake. See a very small island. Nothing to it and find a corpse holding the sword. You can read a sign that says "This EXPcalibur belongs to me". Once you have the sword, the body was burned and displays the Blueprint for EXPcalibur. This sword cannot be repaired and break after a few hits. But is powerful and can kill most zombies with a single blow.

And, as I could not miss, also we leave the record of achievement that you can find in Dying Light for Xbox One.

Somersault: Jump from the crane.

My left or your right ?: Meet Rais.

Traitor: Escape the sand.

Tourism: Reach the old town.

Grins: Show the world that you are still alive.

You can enter: Find Camden.

Vertigo: Enables the amplifier.

Disaster Recovery: Get 15 PAS.

We are all in this together: Save 15 survivors of the zombie.

Homo Homini Lupus Est: Save 15 survivors Rais men.

7 Luck: Win 7 cooperatives competitions.

World Athletics Harran: Part 10 cooperatives competitions.

Corporation: Sell items worth 10 & HARD_SPACE & $ 000.

Really?: Mata need your first infected.

Everybody Dance!: Shocks 5 monsters at a time.

Untouchable: Kill 20 enemies in a row without damage.

This is Harraaaan !: Kill 100 enemies throwing a kick from rooftops or cliffs.

Shut: Make silence a howler.

Barbecue: Thread zombies on fire.

Dodgeball: Kill 50 enemies with thrown weapons.

Club shooting Harran: Kill 50 enemies with firearms.

Electrified !: Catch 25 enemies into the trap in the form of electric fence.

Blinded by the Light: Blind 25 angry with flares or a flashlight.

Flying high: Kill 25 enemies with terrestrial or aerial Death Strike.

Master Judo: Throw 50 enemies with the hook.

Lighting !: Ciega 25 enemies with a light trap.

Small craft: Create your first order.

Master craftsman: Use designs at least 100 times.

Open Sesame: Open 10 locks.

Everyone knows Kyle: Reach level 12.

Agile: Reach career level 10 Agility.

Strong: Reach level 10 Power professional.

I'll cover: Complete 1 mission in Co-Op.

Polyamory: Complete 5 missions in a single co-op game with the 3 same companions.

Plumber: Kill a zombie with a wrench using swift jump, followed by aerial Death.

Sword Gabriel: Adds a curved saber sword or fire elemental effect.

Endless fall: Jump into the water at night from the bridge of Infamy.

Hare hunting: Catch a 5 elusive.

I am a runner and a fighter: Complete 15 challenges corridor.

Burglary: Complete all the quarantine.

Safe: Catch all the safe areas.

Mount Everest: Scale at least 8848 & HARD_SPACE & m on various objects.

Bowled Kill volatile.

Graduation Party: Survive a night chase Level 2 or higher.

The Legend of Harran: Reach level 18.

All written: Find all collectibles text.

Bittersweet Ending: Finish the game.

Full story: Complete all side quests.

If you know more tricks of Dying Light xone not hesitate to share them with us.

Location composite baseball bat

It has been at too high a survival Rank unfortunately no chance to buy a baseball bat, but it is still possible to find one.

For this one you need to go in the slums at the top of the highest motorway tunnel (horizontal road and a bus across the tunnel).

There is a side entrance side, pay attention to the map where there is a mission via! and to this it goes.

The mission is called: The Lost Brother.

Kill them and go into the room where your client was. You see right leaning against the wall behind the gate a composite baseball bat.

I recommend the weapon doubling trick so you can always be sure to have a baseball bat now.

Apply the weapon doubling trick because save the composite baseball bat even after quit game and load game state there does not appear again, this one has no more broken, so the weapon doubling trick again.