Evolve Monster Guide: Goliath

The Goliath is equally impressive as agile and overall the most balanced of all monsters. It is available from the beginning, but as the hunter can be equipped with numerous improvements, if you collect enough experience points. In addition, the other monsters can unlock only by success with the Goliath - giving it you should prefer to make friends with him, whether you want it or not.

This monster is distinguished by its superior jumping ability that allows you to travel long distances. In addition, this beast can be excellent climb up to almost any surface, which is about very handy when you are on the run and want to quickly get some distance between you and the hunter. Both the jumping and climbing you guys left no footprints - a peculiarity which can use its targeted to guide those who persecute you astray. Run around in one direction and then jump to a nearby wall to which it climbs.

Still perfidious can use your stealth capability. This Goliath runs crouching; making it leaves no footprints, and sneaks attack in the situation. Capture by hunter can not automatically exempt, which makes him an easy prey.

Like all monsters Goliath must also eat to build up his strength, to become stronger and eventually develop. There are more than enough wild animals that kill and be eaten on all maps. Always respect, careful not to let you get caught by hunters, but always take only food to if you are safe.

A common feature of all monsters is their fine sense of smell, which you activate by pressing a button. So you see animals and hunters, even through walls and you can zoom in or sneak targeted at them. If you don’t find yourself in combat with the enemy, you should use this ability almost permanently in order to avoid any nasty surprises.

Evolve monster Goliath: Skills

Rock Throw
When rock throwing the name says it all: your monster grabs a big chunk and hurls it in a desired direction. Of all the Goliath attacks Ranged Attack is still closest, even if the range is still limited. The damage, however, is high and can pull at once affected several hunters when they are close together. You can also deceive opponents by hold down the rock's throw button. The enemy has its jetpack consumed by an escape attempt, you can only throw the chunks specifically, if the hunter has no chance to escape quickly.

Butterfly Jump
The Goliath comes powerfully off the ground and then rushes at high speed on the ground where he inflicts great damage all related hunters. This allows particularly closely related groups weaken very quickly.

Fire Breath
More suitable for group attacks the fire breath, burying large parts of the area under flames and set enemies on fire, making them suffer over a short period of time continuously damage. A camouflaged hunter also visible - very convenient.

The slam use can both offensive and defensive, for example, to quickly flee from the hunters.