Evolve (PC) review

Evolve is a first person co-op action game, or solo action in third person, depending on its play as hunters or monster, respectively. Like the first, the idea is to work together towards reducing and eventually kill a noticeably stronger than us monster; and second, we must ensure evolve feeding local wildlife to stop hunters. This, of course, very basically, as there are different game modes that will discuss later.

From the outset we must note that is a title that can be played solo, but that true grace is to do with friends. During the review we have had moments with active servers and others with inactive servers, and the truth is that when playing offline is fancied over do it with the monster, because the grace of hunters is to talk to your peers, organizing strategies and although the artificial intelligence is very capable, obviously not the same.

Playing as Hunters

As the two aspects of the gameplay are so different, it seems correct address them separately. On the one hand we have the aforementioned hunters, making it an action game in first person and are divided into four classes: Assault, Trapper, Medical and support, and each has three different characters (two of them to unlock) each with its peculiarities that we provide sub-styles of play. Their roles are well defined-indeed, must have one of each in the battle-and if we collaborate with all, are practically unbeatable.

Capture the monster will not be easy, and we have to be aware of the environment to reach location. Whether a fallen tree or enemy corpses will serve us to know what happened out there, but we clearest signs such as footprints on the floor or if alert to a group of birds, an indicator on the screen we will point where it has the altercation occurred. Fortunately component is very important because there are times when by chance we found it very fast, and thus avoid having to fight an evolved and stronger form of it.

Once we found it, we better not let him escape. The first movement is launching a dome that traps, and once there, throw all artillery. It is the moment of greatest tension of the game, both the monster and us, and probably the most fun. We can hardly finish it at first, but if we cannot escape the second time, deactivated the dome until we reactivate, we will have many chances that this time we're done with it or leave very badly hurt.

Turtle Rock has managed to do that, all classes are important, and that the player who is in Assault is unhelpful if you have a doctor to help you survive the impacts of monster, and virtually everything we do is useless if the Trapper fails to stop the enemy. Although it may seem, to us we found very fun to play with each class, although some are better suited to our style. With a group of friends and a well defined role, we will be almost unbeatable.

Playing as the monster

By embodying any of the monsters, the gameplay is totally different. We spend a third person perspective; in addition to the action component stealth is introduced. The idea is to move quickly, while we try to be as discreet as a giant monster, as we eat all Possible animals. With a button we can enter stealth mode, which allows us not to alert the birds and make surprise attacks on our next meal.

With the monster we also dispense our four skills because we got three points by level of evolution, and every skill requires a point to be activated and can be improved up to two more. We can begin the battle assigning three points to a skill or distributing them as you want, and evolve (something we can do twice to level three) further increase the statistics. This also makes each player to suit your tastes with the monster and try different strategies.

There are three types of monster: Goliath, which focuses on the strength and close combat, the Kraken, which is more flexible and focused on ranged combat, and the Spectre, which as its name suggests, is almost like a ghost you can fool hunters. Again, the gameplay is tremendously with each distinct, and if we can learn to maximize their skills, will be a real threat to get to level three. Yes, have to know also move around the stage and finish first with key members of the hunters to take more chances.


To summarize, Evolve has twelve characters divided into four classes, three monsters, and twelve maps, as well as four main game modes. The first hunter of each class, the first monster, the twelve maps and five game modes are available from the outset, but if we unlock the rest of hunters and monsters have to invest a significant amount of hours as we progress from quite slow, and until we have "mastered" a character we can not unlock the following manner.

This is a double-edged sword because it can cause many bored of not being able to change, especially in the case of monster (with hunters, at least, can change class), but also encourages us to know each character already well acquainted with the experience. Despite being categorized, we have twelve hunters seem right, have three monsters, meanwhile, it seems very little, especially long term. True, to get the most from these three monsters have to throw many hours Evolve , but we believe that artificially extend the life does not replace long-term shortage of monsters, and not just for playing like this, but for the trying to hunt.

The twelve maps, truth, we could have left a better taste. It is undeniable that are well designed, with things for and against each monster, with corridors with different heights ... but when the they really have seemed too similar to each other, especially aesthetically. After playing in the twelve scenarios, you might remember four or five different, and although as a whole do have personality, just have hallmarks individually. With the games we're already falling with each map, but we believe Turtle Rock could have done more to enhance the differences between maps.

The game modes are: Hunting, basic mode, in which hunters have to struggle to destroy the monster and evolve it to Level 3 and destroy the power relay, Defense, where the monster must destroy the power source of the ship and defend hunters; Nido, where the monster must protect a number of eggs (which can incubate for generating another monster at the cost of losing) and hunters rescue; and Rescue, where hunters have to revive and evacuate five survivors and the monster kill the same number.

All modes work very well, and those with specific challenges on the map help avoid long persecution, and that force both parties gathered at specific points are given. If we decide to customize the game, we can choose the map and mode and switches, which give us control over the weather, and various advantages for the monster or hunters, ranging from support, more food, teleportation or even attacks flight. As always, more modes would not hurt, but it is true that they are all very thoughtful, and with such modifications can go a long way.

Finally, commenting that has a mode called Evacuation, where we have to go all modes in a row, all seasoned with a little story, and factors influencing the next game depending on who win. This mode is ideal to get familiar with the game, and will also automatically balancing each game, and allows us to learn more quietly than if we jump directly to online.

Audiovisual aspects

Evolve looks great, thanks largely to the lighting, which makes a great providing depth to the scenes and volume to the characters. In addition, the battles are a real visual spectacle on many occasions, and especially to battle the spectrum, putting on display a lot of effects of light and particles.

The textures are at a high level, and just sprites fall foliage something behind. It is a great pleasure to see how great they look the monsters which are those we see more regularly in the third person, as defined, and if any effect, as the rain comes into play, some prints are produced much highlighted. Recommended computer version requirements are not too high if you are ready for the actual games, but even in "High" some aspects "Medium", it looks pretty good in new generations.

The artistic team of Turtle Rock has created a very interesting and believable world, which gives the feeling of something alien where the hand of man is remarkable. Artistically some levels are far more inspired than others, but all share homogeneity that gives coherence to the universe. The characters are torn between what stereotypical and original, but the three monsters have a superb design with very Got developments and animations to match. Even the wild creatures of the planets are credible on the same issues, all with their features, seizures, behavior...

In the background sound remains, although it is very elaborate. Both protagonists’ monsters as the creatures that inhabit the scenarios have their own screams, and hunters can not stop talking in perfect Castilian, with easy to recognize-professional voices commenting on the action provided that we play online. This also involved in good sound effects.

Turtle Rock evolves

Evolve is fun from the start, there's no doubt. Play with your team is a great experience, and if the monster is also a friend, even more. With every game we discover something new, whether the behavior of one of the wild animals which also attack the hunter, that flower is a lethal trap, or that this weapon has a use not know. And when you think you know everything, you unlock one new improvement or a new character.

The downside would be about something just contained a progression system quite demanding and slow for the player who simply cannot spend too many hours and scenarios too similar to each other, which can make you get bored before discovering everything Evolve saved.