FIFA 15: best silver and bronze players on Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 brings the Ultimate Team mode, where players can embody true coaches, hire and train new athletes winning teams. In addition to the great stars of world football, the game also has good options in the lower categories, which can cost fortunes. Check out the list of the best silver and bronze players.

Al Muwallad (Al-Ittihad)

The Arab player can go unnoticed by the eyes of familiar players with players of great teams, but worth a fortune in the Ultimate Team mode. Particular speed and physical attributes of the athlete.

Muriel (Udinese)

The Colombian was among the gold players in recent games, but saw his performance drop dramatically, leading it to the silver part of the game. However, what was the price went up, as the player has great speed numbers, dribbling and finishing.

Silva (Almeria)

The Brazilian Almeria is fast those wards and dribblers, and ended up turning the object of desire of the players with silver times. The price goes easily the home of 100,000 coins.

Abate (Milan)

Another player who used to frequent the "elite" of the game, fell Abate production and category in Ultimate Team. Good for fans of silver teams that won a weight of reinforcement.

Assaidi (Stoke City)

Famous from previous versions of the game by five star dribbling, the Moroccan now integrates the silver part of the game. It is an excellent option for those who like to humiliate their opponents.

Rusin (Orlando City)

The most expensive of the brass players of the game, not Rusin has very interesting attributes, unless his strength, which reaches impressive 92 points. The player is one of the first athletes from Kaka team in the United States.

Garmston (West Brom)

The side of the English team does not have a technique of the finest. But he makes up for with speed, both in marking as uphill to attack.

Wynne (Colorado Rapids)

The defender Rapids is simply the fastest of the central defenders of the game with 93 points absurd. This means that the beak is faster than players like Neymar, Aguero, Sturridge and many others.

Oduro (Toronto FC)

Oduro is no killer but with speed 95, the player will certainly have breath to leave most of the dust commenting defenders.

Bolly (Dusseldorf)

The Ivorian has not very good in general attributes, but his 97 points were enough speed so that it would cost a note in the Ultimate Team mode. With a bit of whimsy, it's easy to get in front of the goal.