FIFA 15: List of Best Heading Players

FIFA 15 allows players to use various strategies to score goals in its various game modes. Among the most popular are the intersections to the area, resulting in serious headers. Wanting to make better use of high balls? Check out the list of best-heading players of the game.

1 - Aduriz (Athletic Bilbao)

The experienced striker Bilbao usually uses brute force and large size to take advantage in disputes through the air. To improve, Spanish is still an excellent header of the ball.

2 - Madlung (Eintracht Frankfurt)

The German Zagueirão is not there a lot of intimacy with the ball, much less is the fastest in the game. The story is different when the round comes from above, where the defender is relentless both in attack and in defense.

3 - Mandzukic (Atletico Madrid)

Old acquaintance of game fans, Mandzukic takes away the sleep of defenders with his height, strength and precise cabeceio. Break, the Croatian is still good finisher with his feet.

4 - Llorente (Juventus)

After a hit in Spanish football, Llorente was transferred to Juventus to fight for a spot as a team starter. To his credit, have the privileged physique and eye for goal, especially for the high.

5 - Pellè (Southampton)

With Brazilian star name. Italy striker has been highlighted by the English team and making beautiful in the Premier League. Besides mastering the crossings and entries, the athlete also has a powerful and accurate shot.

6 - Hummels (Borussia Dortmund)

World-class defender, World Cup champion with Germany, the beak of Borussia Dortmund unites strong marking the proper technique. The defender often still scoring with a header goals thanks to its height and strength.

7 - Carroll (West Ham)

After beautiful presentations still very young, the big man England striker seems to be at the peak of his form, but certainly still knows how to score goals. Be the floor, or mainly by air, Carroll is a constant danger in the area.

8 - Mertesacker (Arsenal)

Famous for its nearly two meters high, the defender Arsenal is not the most agile, but leverages its scale and to close the doors of defense against air balls.

9 - Felipe Santana (Olympiakos)

Only Brazilian list, Felipe Santana does not have much moral there in the squad, but made good performances in the Bundesliga before coming to Greece. In addition to his defensive skills, defender also sends well in attack.

10 - Terry (Chelsea)

Idol of twisted blue, the controversial player also made several appearances for England, with direct the captain's armband. In the field, Terry stands out for grit and physical force, including in air balls, which are its strong point.