H1Z1 (PC) Battle Royale - survival guide

If you want to participate in the Battle Royale and survive mainly you need a good strategy.

What is Battle Royale?

Battle Royale ("BR") is inspired by the book / movie "The Hunger Games". You will be brought by parachute on a map. In contrast to the normal play mode PvP or PvE aspect of survival engaged so far into the background that you have to pay attention only to your health and you have to survive as long as possible. There is no endurance, no energy and no hydration. The main danger is to the players, because BR has only one goal: survival to the last man. The map is gradually shrinking so that initially most of over 100 players each survivor is forced to go in the direction of the center. The map is small due to a gas shedding, makes the aircraft. You get basically a random Cosmetic Item for participation in a BR and increasing from 8th reward. It is always displayed when someone dies and will be displayed the number of survivors.

Now to my tactics, when you have dropped by parachute steer you in a direction. Use this to your advantage and go into the forest. First land, you should not waste time in gathering more sticks. Blackberries are uninteresting, because you don’t really need the branches and cannot starve or die of thirst. Once you have enough sticks, look for a safe position and tearing everything down to the belt - get yourselves a satchel and a Makeshift Bow and arrows. Throw away the flashlight that you don’t need. The binocular is essential so you should keep it. Move slowly and carefully towards the center of the map, the map of the BR uses ("M" button) and your compass in the top right. Run always bent through the forest, especially through bushes. Meet players, hidden and do it if possible. Once you have found the town for a firearm, look around you by using binoculars. Each player is looking for a weapon and most are very noticeable and run across an open field to be the first to be there.

Pay more attention to the poison gas. The remaining size of the playing field is marked on the map as the toxic range is shaded green. If you pay attention you may well end up on the first attempt ever at one of the top places and maybe even grab a valuable Airdrop ticket.