Iggy Azalea released her new album Reclassified

Australian singer-songwriter Iggy Azalea, who made history by joining The Beatles as the only artists to reach two of her songs in the first and second position on the Billboard Hot 100, established herself as one of the new artists of 2014, and her album "The New Classic" was one of the most successful albums in sales last year.

Azalea also re-write the history of female hip hop with "Fancy", becoming the first female hip hop artist to reach the first position on the Billboard Hot 100 in the last 20 years, something not seen since Lauryn Hill in 1990 with her song "Doo Wop (That Thing)".

"Fancy" Ft. Charli XCX, has sold about 4.5 million copies worldwide, besides being one of the songs with more streaming on Spotify and achieve top sales, including countries like Austrlia, US , Canada and Brazil.


1. "We In This Bitch"
2. "Work"
3. "Change Your Life"
5. "Beg for It" (feat. Mo)
5. "Black Widow" (feat. Rita Ora)
6. "Trouble" (feat. Jennifer Hudson)
7. "Dont Need Y'all"
8. "Rolex"
9. "Iggy SZN"
10. "Fancy" (feat. Charli XCX)
11. "Heavy Crown" (feat. Ellie Goulding)
12. "Bounce"