Jimmy Page: Led Zeppelin has stood the test of time

Guitarist Jimmy Page is confident that the music of Led Zeppelin is as followed and admired within another forty years.

The music of Led Zeppelin "has stood the test of time", as evidenced by the reception of the re-release of albums, of which the last is "Physical Graffiti" said Jimmy Page to EFE, guitarist of the rock group.

The musician, considered one of the best guitarists of all time, just re-master "Physical Graffiti", the sixth studio album by the band, a job that has consumed him much of his time, but he has done with great satisfaction.

This new edition will be released on the 24th, exactly 40 years after the original release, which once managed to sell 15 million copies and become one of the best-selling albums in the late seventies.

This album, rated one of the best records ever double, comes with a bonus disc containing seven new songs, including a first-version of "Trampled Under Foot", entitled "Brady & Coke" or crude mixtures of songs like "In My Time of Dying" and "Houses of The Holy".

"I'm very busy with this production," he told to Efe, during the promotional campaign in London for his latest re-mastered.

"Physical Graffiti" Page said his favorite song is "Kashmir", a classic band founded in 1968 by the guitarist with the soloist Robert Plant, bassist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham (died 1980).

"The response has been phenomenal. It was a fun project to do because I knew what was coming, "Page said on the work of Led Zeppelin have been remastered.

Last year, the group re-released its first album, "Led Zeppelin I", "II" and "III" along with songs composed by the quartet disbanded in 1980, and were carefully cataloged and stored for decades in files.

The producer and guitarist has spent much of his time in this remastering and has promoted the new edition from the iconic Olympic Studies, located in Barnes, just outside London, where he recorded in his day songs on the album.

Additional songs from the reissue of "Physical Graffiti" allow fans of the band listen very familiar topics but from a different perspective.

"It's so good to present this because you can see the details, what was done," Page said of the enormous creativity they had at the time the members of the legendary British group.

"It is a good illustration of why this CD that accompanies (the album) is so good," added guitarist, always dressed in black with his trusty leather jacket.

He also stressed that the power to travel the world allowed them to have experiences that were reflected in the music, but for them said more important was performing live.

In addition to founding Led Zeppelin, Page has a long history of projects with other artists such as the Rolling Stones, Queen, The Who, Eric Clapton and The Black Crowes, and was part of The Yardbirds and The Firm.

Page admitted to Efe confident that the music of Led Zeppelin is as followed and admired within another forty years because it has already demonstrated that it has "stood the test of time."

Today the songs of the sixth album by Led Zeppelin "do not speak different" from when they heard forty years ago, said the musician, who in 2005 was awarded by Isabel II with the Order of the British Empire for his work in helping others disadvantaged in Brazil.