John Travolta turns 61. Here is a list of his best films

The legendary actor John Travolta turns 61 and here we recall some of his most iconic film characters.

John Joseph Travolta is an actor, singer, dancer and American aviator pilot, known for his performances in films such as Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Urban Cowboy, experts, Look Who's Talking, Pulp Fiction, Face / Off, The Punisher, among many others. He has developed many different roles in many genres, which has given him the reputation of extremely histrionic and versatile actor.

He has worked with many renowned artists, including names like Uma Thurman, Olivia Newton John, Nicolas Cage, Nancy Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kirstie Alley, Denzel Washington, Danny DeVito, Brian de Palma, Christian Slater, Halle Berry, Samuel L Jackson Bruce Willis, Robin Williams, Harvey Keitel, Robert De Niro among many others.

His career spans over four decades, covering the prolific amount of over forty films, concentrating multiple nominations for the Academy Award, BAFTA and Screen Actors Guild Award Screen Actors Guild. He has won a Golden Globe for best actor and is regarded as an icon of cinema and entertainment.

Here is a list of John Travolta’s best films

'Carrie' - 1976
'Saturday Night Fever'- 1977
'Grease' - 1978
'Staying Alive' - 1983
'Look Who's Talking'- 1989
'Look Who's Talking Too' - 1990
'Pulp Fiction' - 1994
'Mad City' - 1997
'The Punisher' - 2004
'Be Cool' - 2005
'Hairspray'- 2007
'Wild Hogs 2' - 2010
'Killing Season' - 2013