Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D cheats, secrets, unlockables

The arrival of The Legend of Zelda 3DS gives us the illusion of handling Link and to discover all the secrets surrounding this wonderful mask. We also have some tricks to get new items in the game:

Getting mask processing: Once you get access to Termina Field, you can make some sequence of rupture. Walk to the northern passage blocked by ice, icicle Z-target from a distance, and jump right. If done correctly, Link will walk on the rocky outcrop near the ice. This gives access to the mountain village, Goron Mask, and the lens of truth without bow hero. Once you have the Goron Mask, head of the Great Bay. There is a fence blocking the path that usually requires to beat Epona, but you can use boost damage instead. Attract ChuChu from the patch of grass near field of the fence end. Switch to Goron form and use your jump pound ground. If timed correctly, the ChuChu hit him at the apex of the jump, which brought down animation / damage Liaison and give high enough to clear the fence. You'll get the Zora Mask shortly. If you are supplied with Deku Nuts, you can also go to the Pirates' Fortress and get the Hookshot; use nuts to stun the guards, and the use of fins boomerang Zora Link to trigger the hive and clear the treasure room. If you have some sticks and replacement pump Deku then you have everything you need to complete the Spider House Oceanside, network of Giant portfolio much earlier than normal. This way you have access to the three major changes in the game and some great items before even setting foot in a temple.


Big Bomb Bag (30 Bombs): As Hylian for Sakon in the assault to the shop lady pump on the first night. It will be available for 90 rupees in Bomb Shop.

Big Bomb Bag (30 bombs) (Alternative): Alternatively, if Sakon manages to steal the Big Bomb Bag, salt sale in the curiosity shop for Rs.100 at night 3.

Mayor hand pump (40 Bombs): As a Goron, talk to the Business Scrub Goron Village. Operating the Big Bomb Bag and 200 rupees for the update.

Charged Spin Attack: Collect allthe lost fairy in the Temple Snowhead and return them to its source.

Boost Defense (reduce damage by half): Collect all the lost Fairies at Great Bay Temple and return them to its source.

Double Magic Meter size: Collect all the lost Hadas in Woodfall Temple and return them to its source.

Great Fairy Sword: Collect the entire lost fairy in the Temple of Stone Tower and return them to its source. Mask Great Fairy: Collect Stray Fairy Town Clock and return it to its source as a normal Link.

Magic Meter: Collect Stray Fairy Town Clock and return it to its source.


City Clock Rupees easy: After you've regained Link Hylian, go to the top of the ladder of the town clock and make a leap of rolling over gap between buildings of the Eastern Gate. Continue jumping near the wall, using decorative purpose above the Honey and Darling Shop as makeshift platforms. Continue walking behind the sign City Shooting Gallery until a trunk containing a silver rupee. This treasure can be claimed once a time warp. In addition, the objectives above Honey and Darling Shop produce several green Rupees if you shoot with your items or bubbles Deku Link. This second trick reset each time the screen of this town clock loads.

Gossip Stone Fairy: If you play the Song of Healing near a gossip stone, which will produce a fairy to replenish your health.

Growing magic beans No Bottled Water: Instead of searching and bottled water to grow Magic Beans, simply touch the Song of Storms. The rain will water the Magic Beans automatically, requires no bottle.

Light Arrow Rupees: If you shoot blue bubbles in Termina Field and Ikana Canyon with arrows of light, each will drop a valuable Purple Rupee. Since the enemies reset whenever you exit and re-enter an area, this can be exploited to build hundreds of rupees in seconds.

Transform Into Butterflies Fairies: If you have a spare Deku Stick and health needs replacement, find an area with butterflies. If equips a Deku Stick and move slowly enough, butterflies will follow. If the leaders enough, you become fairies.

Use Explosive mask without damage: When the explosive mask is used, usually makes us year with the explosion. But if you hold the R button to keep his coat in advance, you'll be unharmed. * Note: You can not do this while locked in an enemy, since you will not be able to detonate the mask while lifting the shield.

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