Life Is Strange (PC): All optional Photo Locations

In Life is Strange you can go on photo tour of the campus of the Academy with Blackwell Actress Max. We describe in this article, where you can get the ten optional photos to fill the album of Max and complete all achievement.

Life is Strange is an adventure, with a clear focus on the cinematic staged story. However, the game in the various areas many hotspots Away from the actual story where I can look at interesting objects and talk with other characters. In addition, you can incorporate in passion under the arms and find beautiful designs in order to capture with her camera to film her photography student and protagonist Max.

A total of ten optional photos you can collect during the first episode of Life is Strange. While some of them are relatively obvious to find, others require a little more brain power. Sometimes you have to even Max's special ability to make use and manipulate time. In this article, we list all the optional photos, their sites and required actions. In this way, you will not miss any of the images and the associated achievements.

Life Is Strange Episode 2 - All 10 Optional Photo Locations

Macro Eyes - Optional Photo # 1

Shortly after the beginning of the game Max is back in the classroom her photography course. Once the hour is over, she gets up from her table and you can look around anywhere in the room. Just go to the table set up in front of the Max. There you see the phrase "Rachel Amber <3 4 Ever" scratched into the wood. Of this, take a picture and already is the first picture of your optional collection in the box.

Wide Angles - Optional Photo # 2

After you have followed some time in history, it eventually comes to the great court of the campus from Blackwell Academy. Here you see in front of you, in the middle of the square, a large statue in the middle of a fountain. Here, just walk to the other side, to look into the face of the statue. Now you can make a beautiful picture of the founder of the Academy.

Telephotogenic - Optional Photo # 3

For this you have to become active, to produce the desired motif for the first time. Directly opposite the statue you see a group of skater kids. One of them is Justin. You have to speak with him. Since Max obviously has no idea of skating, Justin can rebuff them. With the collected information in conversation, you can go back in time and deny better dialogue. When Justin is wondering what trick like you want to see, you respond with "Tre Flip". Trevor then tries to show off the trick and setting himself unceremoniously on the ground. Walk over to him and makes a picture of his predicament.

Close-Ups - Optional Photo # 4

You leave the campus with Max toward the dormitories. There you can see on the lawn two guys who play with a football. Very close, on the other side of the small parking area, Kate Marsh sitting on a bench and look at nature. Slight right of her you see sitting next to a soda can in a tree a cute squirrel. Go up close to the scene and turned on the small nature photo.

Red Eye - Optional Photo # 5

A little later you manage in the interior of your residence hall. There you finally embark in your own room, where the next shot is waiting for you. For this purpose, it turns you on entering the room simply by looking at the mirror and left of the door. The perfect opportunity for a Selfie in the mirror.

Focused - Optional Photo # 6

In search of the Flash Drive from Warren you find a note in your room that Dana has borrowed the stick. When you come to the door of Dana's room, you will witness how Juliet imprisons her friend out of jealousy in her room. In order to resolve the situation, you have to sneak you into the room of Victoria. There you will find just to the right of the door, a wall full of pictures that you can rearrange with Max. Once this is done, you have the motive for the sixth photo.

Zoomed In - Optional Photo # 7

After you finally leave the residence hall, you see Zachary who throws the football away from anger and thus Alyssa meets the head. Now turn back time and warn the girl on the bank of the impending collision. The ball then flies against a window of the dormitory and damaged it. Now you need only visit the crime scene and take a photo of evidence.

Focal Pointed - Optional Photo # 8

You leave the area with dormitories and Max gets automatically on the way to the parking lot of the Blackwall Academy. Before you meet with Warren, you should take a look at the old trailer in the back corner. On the page you will find an incredibly filthy windows. First, let Max on a sad smiley face and saying "I'm so dirty" write. The small artwork you think are then fixed with your camera.

Maximum Aperture - Optional Photo # 9

This image is believed to overlook the easiest of all. After all, you have in the house of Chloe perform an action that later has consequences and leads to the actual subject. So you go in the house of Chloe in the parents' bedroom. There you looked in the bird at the window, which is recently flown against the glass and has been injured. Now turn back time and quickly open the window. Now the bird should come flying into the room and sit on the wardrobe. We continue later if you arrive on the forest road to the lighthouse with Chloe. At the start of the level you turn again shortly to see and slightly to the right of the blue bird just sitting on a rock. Quick get out his camera and image number nine's in the box.

Light Leak - Optional Photo # 10

The last picture of Max's collection in the first episode you shoot the top of the lighthouse. Chloe has gone before, waiting on the bench with a view of the sunset on you. You are approaching from behind you in this way the perfect motif for the last snapshot of the day.