Majora's Mask 3D collectibles: All 7 Bottles

1. Witch’s Magic load Bottle (Bottle of Red Elixir)

Go to the Marshes of Madness and visit the witch’s magic shop. There is the entrance to the forest of the Mysteries, where you have to follow the monkey to find the weaken witch Koume. Looking at her job after her sister Kotake, who is in the magic shop. She will give you a bottle of red elixir. Hurry back to Koume and save her with the miracle drink. Then she flies to the info center and leaves you empty bottle.

2. Bottle

Save the witch Koume from the Forest of mysteries, so that she can work in the Info Center again. But first you must still complete the Duskwood Temple. Now run back to the info center and talk to the witch in boats. She offers you a special boat ride, Koume on the broom flying ahead of you. On the broom targets are fixed, which you have to meet with your bow and arrow. Scored 20 goals and avoid the witch taken to ensure that the second bottle is secured.

3. Bottle: Goron Race (Bottle with Gold Dust)

Include first for the Snowhead Temple, so again can prevail Spring in the mountains. Buy yourself now as Goron Goron Village in a powder keg and place it before the big rocks where the little Goronenbaby to the racecourse want. The Goronenbaby waiting whether in addition to area, with the two bridges on you. Have you blown off the rocks, you can now take part in the Goron race. In victory you will find a bottle filled with gold dust.

4. Bottle: Romani Ranch

First you worry on the first day as Goron a powder keg from the Bomb Shop in Clock Town or in Goron Village. Place it before the big rocks in the Milky Way, which blocks access to Romani Ranch. The rock is gone, you can speak, wants to make you ghost hunters with the little girl Romani. Agree and come back shortly before 2 clock and scare away the ghost until the dawn. Were you able to expel the spirits will reward you Romani with a bottle of milk. Note: Slow her time by playing the Song of Time backwards, also slow the speed of the spirits.

5. Bottle: rapids

First of all, you have to complete the Great Bay Temple. Then go to the shore of the sea and follow the course of the river, until you get to the waterfall. Hold the fishing hook and pull yourself to the palm upwards until you reach a secret cave that leads you into the rapids. Speak with the beaver in the water and challenge him to a swimming race. Here you have to swim through 20 rings in 2 minutes. Have you done it, you can play against other Beaver Brother, in which you must now pass 25 circles under 2 minutes. Have you also done this, the beaver give you an empty bottle.

6. Bottle: Milk Bar

Begin with Anju & Kafei (Anju's Anguish) side quest. Play until you get the express mail to Mama. Wait until the evening of the third day and visit the milk bar. You will meet Madame Aroma in the bar. Set on Kafei Mask and woodpecker at her and calibrate the express mail to Mama. Full of joy, she gives you a bottle filled with Chateau Romani (Milk).

7. Bottle: Stock Pot Inn

The seventh and last bottle you get only in the 3DS version: Having on the first night of the mask ringmaster you received from Gorman, you can visit him on the second day in his room at the inn. Set the mask of the circus director and talk to him. He asks you to get some milk counterattack against his hangover. Accept the application and run to the Milky Way, where you will meet the Gorman brothers. Get yourself some of which counterattack from milk and hurry back. Since milk is only 2 minutes durable, you should best attract rabbit ears and hurry up. Were you able to deliver the goods on time, you can keep on surviving bottle.