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To complete the 3 days (72 hours) adventure although you can always go back to the dawn of the first day using the Song Of Time. Every time you play this melody with your Ocarina step back in time keeping some objects, although you will lose others. Here you can see which objects are lost and which are not:

Objects you're missing:

- Rupees, except you have deposited in the bank rupees in the South Clock Town.
- Contents of bottles (bug, milk, water, potion, fairies, fish, gold dust ...)
- Photos
- Pumps and Bombchu
- Deku Stick
- Deku Nut
- Gold Dust
- Barrel of Gunpowder

Objects that you hold:

- Maps acquired Tingle and temples.
- Masks
- Spare heart
- Weapons and upgrades (except edged sword) except ammunition
- Sack of bombs
- Improvement of arrows, bags and sacks
- Melodies
- Empty bottles
- Hook

Each time you start the dawn of the first day it is advisable that time touches Song melody inverted to slow the passage of time. This way you can complete certain challenges and temples smoothly.

During the adventure you'll see many statues of owls. With them you can save the game but also move more quickly using the Song of flight. If you play this melody inside of a temple will take you to the temple entrance.

Inventory constantly adjusts according to your needs. It assigns to each of the buttons X, Y, I or II.

The Sheikah stone will help guide you when you are lost, and that will give hints on how to follow the main quest. Instead Gossip Stones only tells you the remaining time, unless you have the mask of truth.

In each map there are two types of arrows appears:

- Red: Displays where you entered.
- Yellow: indicates your current position.

Tingle will sell these maps by the following small fee, between 20 and 40 rupees: Clock Town, Waterfall Forest, Snowhead, Romani Ranch, and Great Bay Tower of Stone. Buy him all possible maps as soon as you can. Then there are the maps of dungeons that are within certain chests.

Link will begin with three heart health but can increase to a total of 20 hearts if you gather the pieces of heart. If you get four new Heart Containers. Each head of the temple increase due to a heart gives away a Heart Container. To know where paragraph are relevant inquiry Spare heart in this guide.

There are six classes of rupees. According to the color represents a value other than units rupees: green (1 rupee), blue (5 rupees), red (20 rupees), purple (50 rupees), silver (100 rupees) and Giant (200 rupees).

The bag of rupees Link will accumulate a total of 99 rupees just start the game, but can be increased first 200 and later 500 with improvements sack rupees. In addition, the bank South Clock Town you can earn a total of 5,000 rupees.

Two easy ways to acquire quickly rupees:

1- Go to East Clock Town each time you return to the Dawn of Day. From the north, where the boy who must tell the key to go to the observatory, move south but is down.
Follow the upper run and holding fast to the wall and jumping platforms until the chest is in the high southern part of this area. Hidden inside a silver rupee (Rs 100). It is very useful to get rupees each time you restart the day and, in this way, you can buy everything you need in stores.

2- Visit inside the Old Castle of Ikana, if you defeat the Mummies (Gibdo) inside.

Paragraphs "Optional Missions" in this guide focus on the events of the book of Bomber and obtaining masks. For the remaining challenges (heart pieces) go to paragraph Spare heart of the desired area where you will find the requirements for obtaining it.

Optional missions need not be performed at the time specified in this guide, and that can be made before or after the indicated times.

Despite being optional trying to get the six empty bottles of play when instructed in this guide to avoid unnecessary travel in some moments of the main quest.



- Button A: Save weapon / Roll / Zoom Telescope / Roll / Download (climbing) / Galopar Epona / Mount or dismount.
- Button B: Attack with sword / Attack Circular (holding B) / Back.
- L Button: Aim.
- R Button: Shielding shield.
- X Button: Zoom Telescope / allocated object.
- Y Button: Object assigned.
- Start Button: Open notebook Bombers.

Deku Mask

- Button A: Attacking
- Button B: Release deku while flying bomb / explosive Shoot bubbles
- L Button: Aim
- Right Cross arm: Tips Taya

Bremen Mask

- Button maintained B: Run to attract small animals

Goron Mask

- Button A: Roll.
- Button B: Hitting.
- Button A and, without moving, press B: Crush.

Zora Mask

- Button A: Nadar
- Button B: Soaking
- R Button: If you're swimming electric shock

Blast Mask

- Button B: Exploding

Mask Kamaro

- Button B: Dancing.



Caregiver cuckoos in the yard of the cuckoos. You can infuse your look with respect, but deep down you love animals. We will give away Rabbit Hood when you turn the mission of attracting ten pups cuckoos using the Bremen Mask and up keeping the button B.


Busker that appears at midnight in the laundry Clock Town. It is responsible for the music in the company Gorman. He is able to write songs on the fly. It will give the Bremen Mask if you talk to him at midnight, preferably the first day, provided they do not carry any mask equipped.

Sister Rosa

Twin sisters are part of the company Gorman.

Gorman Brothers

Two brothers in the circuit Gorman southeast of Dairy Road. You can challenge him 10 rupees to a horse race with Epona. If you win you get the hood of Garo.


Son of the mayor and that is hidden in the laundry, but appears on your children's version. He is engaged to Anju.


The ghost of a talented dancer. Since he can not find peace, dancing under the moon. It will give the mask that bears his own name.

The Man's Chest

Located his shop "Treasure Chest" East Clock Town. Apparently the prize varies depending on the physical aspect.

The deku the playground

Some deku found in a hole north of Clock Town run this playground.


Protagonist of the game you will have three days to save the world from destruction.

The Zora from the beach

Zora next to the beach. They pass pipe breaking pitchers.

Madame Aroma

It is the mayor's wife normally found at the official residence of the Mayor and is one of the most influential people. It is responsible Carnival and the post office.

Mamamu Yan

The woman racetrack. Look at everyone over his shoulder.

Toilet mysterious hand

Appears starting at 12 pm in the toilet of the Stock Pot Inn. His identity is unknown.


A fisherman off the coast of Great Bay. Will launch his game when the ocean back to normal.


Little girl who lives at Romani Ranch with her sister Cremia. This girl you called Grasshopper will ask you to help her on a mission from Day 1 and give you two rewards: Song of Epona and a bottle of milk.


Soldiers followed to the letter the orders of his master. Ikana protect Cemetery.


Taya fairy brother always go with Skull Kid.


Fairy accompanies you throughout the adventure and accompanying Skull Kid. He will join after converting the Deku child protagonist and part from his brother.


Always appears in the north of Clock Town on Day One. He is 35 years and is considered to be the reincarnation of a fairy forest. Its function is to sell game maps.


The representative of the Zora band, The Indigo-Go's. With it you can get the mask of Gorman.

Selling lottery tickets

West Clock Town, but you can not make out the face of the person in charge.


Arc Hero

Weapon you get to beat the first vice in the Forest Temple.

Powder Keg

You can only use having permission Goron Cave north of Pueblo Goron. Accept his challenge to take up the boulder blocking the entrance to the circuit and returns to take permission. You can have a drive, but you can buy or Rs. 50 pump in the store if you have a long conversation with Goron Goron mask you wear on.

Rupees Stock 

At the beginning you can only carry a total of 99 rupees, but you can increase your bag fulfilling these requirements:

- Adult Bag: Deposit a total of 200 rupees in the bank in the South Clock Town.
- Tote Bag: Beat the event Mysterious beach house in the house of spiders from the beach.


They can be purchased in multiple ways (cost 30 rupees 10 units in store pumps) and serves to pop against enemies or walls / cracked soils.


These mouse-shaped bombs are practical, sleek and self-propelled. 10 units cost 40 rupees to the bomb shop.

Milk Bottle

With a drink will recover five hearts.

Empty Bottle

During the game you can get multiple units and serve to bring various objects inside.


Find object within certain dungeon chests and serves to reveal hidden places you do not see on the maps of the dungeons.


When you acquire the Arc hero amenities of this object when you save the units of arrows, but you can get upgrades:

- Normal: 30 units.
- Large: 40 units. It gets to surpass the record of 39 goals in the store red target shooting.
- Giant: 50 units. Successfully complete the challenge of shooting on the way to southern swamp, exceeding the rated 2,180.

Letter to Kafei

Message has been received from Anju hold the event in The Sorrows of Anju.

Pendant boyfriends

Key that will give Kafei in the realization of one of the missions MINOR object. You'll have to return it to Anju

Bombers' Notebook

Given by the seller Happy Mask. It allows you to keep track of the events and activities of people.

Entrance to the fishing area

It allows you to free use of a fishing rod fishing in the swamp or ocean.

Mom special shipping

Kafei urgent note to his mother. The request of Madame obtained during the event.


There are two kinds:

- Shield Hero: Purpose and initial defense shield that is used with the R button
- Shield Mirror: Obtained in the pit of emptiness and is used as the front shield, but may reflect certain types of light.


During the game offers an different versions:
- Kokiri: Initial Weapon from the Kokiri Forest.
- Sharp: Improving the Kokiri Sword and you get to improve in the smithy of the mountain village of paying 100 rupees.
- Emery: One of the best weapons in the game. You will have to have the sharp sword with no use and forged with gold dust. Is unbreakable.
- Great Fairy Sword: The most powerful sword has black roses etched on his resume. Get lost 15 Fairy Temple Stone Tower and visit the Fountain of fairy in Ikana
Canyon, east of the house music box and meet the Great Fairy of Kindness that rewards you with this sword.


During the game you can purchase different kinds of arrows:

- Normal: When you get the Arc hero.
- Fire: Run and torch burning enemies to beat the deputy Wizzrobe in the temple of Snowhead.
- Ice: Freezes objects and enemies. You get into the box that appears after beating the deputy Big Eye in Great Bay Temple.
- Light: Hits the target with the sacred power of light. This is achieved by defeating the deputy leader Garo in the Temple of Stone Tower.

Deku Pipes

Pipe that springs from deku body after pressing the ocarina with the Deku mask.


Artifact obtained in Great Bay Temple which serves to trap objects or hooked to certain platforms.

Zora guitar

Zora band instrument after pressing the ocarina with zora mask.


Use to plant it and water it with wet mud water to grow a magic sheet.

Tear moon

Lunar rock very beautiful radiating a strange light. Use to change by the writing of the city, including the Deku Flower, near Town Clock Tower.

Room key

Obtained by Anju to reserve the room from 2 pm using the Goron Mask. With it, you can enter and exit the Stock Pot Inn anytime

Magnifying truth

Object discovered in a chest at the shrine, east of Goron Village. Requires talk to the owl and have the courage to jump the invisible ice blocks. Look through it to see the mysteries that are invisible to the eye. Spend magical power.


Tingle will sell these maps by the following small fee, between 20 and 40 rupees:
Clock Town, Waterfall Forest, Snowhead, Romani Ranch, Grand Bay Tower of Stone.

Besides being dungeon maps that are within certain chests.

Deku Nuts

Press B while flying to release deku pump. Upon impact, the Deku Nut bursts in a blinding flash, freezing nearby enemies.

Ocarina of Time

Musical instrument full of memories of Princess Zelda.

Deku Stick

It comes from carnivorous plants and may serve to ignite and use it as a torch.


In the empty bottles you can fill it with potions that have different effects:
- Red: Charging health.
- Green: Retrieves magical power.
- Blue: Restores health and magic power.

Gold dust

Prize awarded to the winner of the race Goron. You need to make the Sword Emery.

Saco pump

You can buy various improvements of this bag pump following these steps:
- Sack of pumps: Purchased in store pumps in West Clock Town area and will include 20 bombs. Serves to keep the pumps you buy or collect.
- Sack of large pumps: Beat the first two parts of the event store pumps (more details in the notebook Bombers in this guide) and pay 90 rupees in bomb shop in West
Clock Town area. Now you can take up to 30 pumps.

- Saco giant pumps: Successfully perform the third part of the event store is flying bombs that the people of the mountain with the Song of the flight and move to Goron Village. Near the sanctuary you will see another Deku merchant. Ponte Goron Mask and make you an offer: Saco large pumps plus 200 rupees for his sack of giant bombs. Accept it and you can now take up to 40 pumps.

Drum Goron

Traditional Drum Goron tribe that appears if you press the musical instrument Goron mask on.

Changes from the original

In the enhanced 3DS version has been produced great changes from its original version. Here we indicate some of them:

1- The locations of the 5 guys you have to catch by City Watch some remain but others have moved.
2- Some stray fairy forest temple has slightly changed place.
3- The strategy of the Heads of the Temple have changed, especially Temples of the forest and the Tower of stones. Chief forest temple has changed, as have all weak point (the eye).
4- The sack of bombs bomb shop in West Clock Town can not acquire first.
5- Some statues of owls have changed their location.
6- The notes of the melodies have changed and even some you can learn at different times over the original.
7- The book of Bombers now what gives you the Happy Mask salesman when you regain your original appearance.
8- The names of some places have been changed slightly.
9- The Song of Time now allow you to select the exact time we want to advance. Originally you could only occur at dawn or dusk.
10- Most parts of hearts and empty bottles are in the same areas as in the original version, but not all. These are a few examples:

- In South Pantano is a piece of heart (event The new working witch) but will give you an empty bottle instead of the piece.
- On the third day event Ikana Graveyard if you make tests with Captain Helmet get a piece of heart instead of the empty bottle.

11- The Mask of giant still appears in the Temple Stone Tower but in a different place.
12. The mask of stone now not be before Ikana Cemetery, but the Pirate Fortress.