MH4U (3DS) Monster guide, tactics

In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, there are so many big monsters like never before in the game series. With this guide, we want to give you an overview of all the great monsters in MH4U. You can find information about the element weaknesses, habitats, vulnerabilities, and attacks of each monster and what tactics best to defeat them here. The information of each of the monsters is divided into two sections:

1. Description: Here you will find the name of the monster and general information. Also, what parts of the body can deny the monster is described here.

2. Tactics in the fight: you give away the story with which tactic is best defeated the monster and which body part should attack with what weapon. In addition, you described here, which uses the monster attacks and how you recognize. In addition we show you here the possible weaknesses of the element monster.

Note: We are on the hunt and be hunted each monster list here.

Great Jaggi Description

The Great Jaggi is the first big monster you meet in the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. As its name suggests, it is the largest animal in the herd-Jaggi and thus also their leader. He distinguished above all by its colorful ruffles. The Great Jaggi has no specific elements or special skills and is solely on his two legs on the go. While you are fighting against him, he is always supported by small Jaggi and Jaggia that he can call again and again, if you have too many killed.

Can be destroyed when Great jaggi only his ruffles on the head. Since he is the first large monster that met her in the game, it is with him to the weakest of the big monster and you will meet him very often. Although he has no elements, but the most effective against him is fire damage. You can defeat him very well with each weapon and it should be no problem turning it off.

Areas in which the Great jaggi arises: Ancestry steppe, Always forest, hollow sink

Great Jaggi: Tactics in the fight

The Great Jaggi is not very difficult to defeat. You can actually destroy it with any weapon ACCOMPANYING each element issues. The Greart Jaggi serves as a kind of training for beginners to become would gain at MH4U and learn how to avoid and attack.

Although against the Great Jaggi each element is effective, best done with a weapon with fire damage, because he still has to fire the biggest weakness. The tactic is only just the fact dodge his attacks and then launch attacks against him. You can have his attacks foresee. The classic Great Jaggi attack is his bite. This he often performs quickly and without warning. But the damage is small. After the bite he is vulnerable to some attacks. However, it can also run multiple bites in a row.

If the Great Jaggi makes his tail bat this is a good opportunity for you. He leads namely with its tail around an attack in which he turns in a semi-circle. He always makes two tail lashes one by one. After that, he is very vulnerable to attacks and his tail bat is not particularly difficult to evade. Often he also uses a body-check that is probably one of his most powerful attack. Before he starts his attack, he turns half to one side, leans back and seems to charge his attack shortly. This differ attacks in any case, because they caused much damage to you and you will be thrown to the ground when hit in any case. He may also appoint several body checks in a row, so watch out! Accesses best to his head, since there causes the most damage your punches and can make his ruffles broken.

Seltas Description

The Seltas is a giant insect, which is the second big monster to which you hit in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. To see this monster is mainly because of its very large horn. Although the Seltas has no specific element, but can perform various status attacks, reduce your status. It is for the most part in the air on the way and flutters his wings around you.

The only part of the destructible body is his large horn. Since he is one of the first big monsters he is not very hard to beat and should represent no problem for most. The most effective weapons against him, causing the shot damage, so bow and bow guns. Nevertheless, he is very quick and easy to defeat with other weapons. You should use against the Seltas especially weapons with thunder element, as they hurt him greatest. Fire Element weapons are also effective against him.

Areas in which the Seltas occurs: Ancestry steppe, Always forest, hollow sink, original forest, Heavenly Mountain

Seltas: Tactics in the fight

The Seltas is to defeat quickly with every weapon and should be particularly difficult for anyone to defeat. If you fight him anyway take a thunder-weapon, to have more advantages over him. If you do not have this element, you can also take a fire weapon that is effective against the Seltas.

The tactic looks similar to the Great Jaggi. Differs from all his attacks and grabs it directly. On the one hand he makes a round punch. He rotates completely in a circle and engages with its claws in a radius of. It can also perform status sink attacks. He spits on you without warning with slime balls. If you get hit, it lowers either your defence or your stamina is reduced. Damage depends on the attack but barely. However, his strongest and most important target is his horn attack. Before using this, he leans back a bit and then rushes at full speed towards you. This attack is well assumes watch, so you can dodge well. If you get hit you will lose tidy life.

If you want to fight him, takes the best yet with bombing. Since he stays most of the time in the air, you may well get him with these from the heavens and undisturbed attack a few seconds. If you want to make his horn broken, you naturally have to attack his head. However, he suffered on his horn the least harm. His weak point is located on the belly.

Velocidrome Description

The Velocidrome is the first large monster that you will encounter on a research mission. He is just like the Great Jaggi that largest animal of his pack and leads to the Velocipreys. His trademarks include, above all, the great red crest on his head and his red claws. The Velocidrome has no specific elements, but can deal with different status attacks, reduce your status.

Unfortunately, the Velocidrome has no destructible body part. It is similar to Great Jaggi Although in some respects is more difficult to beat for beginners. You can use against the Velocidrome any kind of weapon. But best of all are ice-element weapons, as they inflict the most damage. The only weapons that should not select her in a fight with him, are weapons with dragon element. In this element, he has a great resistance.

Areas in which the Velocidrome occurs: Always forest

Velocidrome: Tactics in the fight

The Velocidrome is to defeat well with every weapon and he is susceptible to almost all elements. He is especially susceptible to ice element damage, which is why you should take weapons with this item when you fight him. Under no circumstances you should weapons with dragon element away, because it is not particularly susceptible to this type of damage.

The Velocidrome similar to Great Jaggi in the sense that he is the leader of a pack and he gets help from his little companion. He calls this, however, did not immediately return, which is why you should take care of you once the Velocipreys. Unlike the Great Jaggi, the Velocidrome is a very nimble and quick big monster that often jumps back and forth. He catches you with a jump by landing on you, which provides a lot of damage to you. Differ from the jump so as much as possible. He grabs every now and then with his teeth, and he does without warning. All in all, the Velocidrome a very manageable big monster whose attacks can evade good and actually is quickly defeated. For beginners, the difficulty lies he caused mainly in the speed of the monster and the damage if it hits.

Yian Kut-Ku

The Yian Kut-Ku is the second big monster that you will encounter on a research mission. He is a fire-breathing Vogel wyvern and resembles a giant bird, both in appearance and in behavior. Are striking, especially his huge beak and his big ears. The Yian Kut-Ku is an attack with fire damage and can ensure that you burn.

His big ears are his only destructible body parts. In order to destroy it must cause much damage to the head of the monster. Especially effective against this monster weapons but are addressed with water element damage. Ice Element weapons much damage. What weapons do you use class is up to yourselves as it is to defeat well with each weapon class. Use should under no circumstances weapons with dragon element. Of that element, namely it is as good as resistant.

Areas in which the Yian Kut-Ku occurs: Ancestry steppe, forest Always

Yian Kut-Ku: Tactics in the fight

The Yian Kut-Ku is to defeat well with every weapon class. The weapon you should have the element of water or ice, since these elements cause him the most damage. Weapons should take in any case, are weapons with the elements or dragon fire, since these are relatively minor harm.

The fight against a Yian Kut-Ku is especially beginners to the test. The Yian Kut-Ku is in fact a very fast monster that can cause a lot of damage. A weakness of the Yian Kut-Ku is his big ears. By this he is in fact particularly vulnerable to sonic bombs. Shipyard so from time to time which can be to make it briefly unable to move and attack well. The Yian Kut-Ku often running to and fro, and sometimes it spits fire. These attacks but you can dodge well and draws you a fire-resistant armor to guard against his fireballs. This monster can expire but also in a rage mode in which it is faster and more damaging. So then fit most. In addition, sound bombs are not effective during his rampage mode on him. After some time, however, the Yian Kut-Ku is also tired and hungry. Then it is very slow and it can not perform all of his attacks. This is the perfect time to make him beat up properly. Of course, the Yian Kut-Ku also brings some point what to eat to get back to forces. Then he digs namely its beak toward Konchus and eats them. Meanwhile, you can attack him.