Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) beginner's guide

The following Beginner's Guide to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, we devote ourselves entirely the beginning of the game. How does the game, roughly, how can I recognize collectibles and how to do well with the online mode?

Did you play the "two-Quest Tutorial" at the beginning; you are now prepared for the game on the whole, almost. In this guide, it goes again to the processing of the important information that you may survive as a monster hunter out there.

Val Habar

Val Habar is the beginning of the village, begins where your adventure. You are here with the caravan leader and have the opportunity with multiple NPCs to interact.


- Road Chef - Cook yourself of two ingredients a meal that offer you certain in the next quest status bonuses (eg more stamina). During the first visit, there is a coupon!

- Val-Habar Dealers - The dealer offers you some materials for sale. So if you're looking for traps or similar, then you are in the right place.

- The Craftsman - the artisan forge you out of materials that you receive, inter alia, by hunting monsters, new weapons or armor. You can also upgrade your existing equipment here or equip your fellows.

- Courier - With it you can activate that also allows you for guild card exchange the StreetPass.

- Val-Habar Outfitter - Here you can directly buy weapons or armor. However, here at the beginning only standard goods on offer.

- Guild Bridesmaid - When you get the necessary quests where you have to get monster hunt or materials. Complete specific quest one stage, rising to the rank and get more, but also more difficult quest.

Your house

The house is you retreat in the village. In your own home you can make in your Felyne Comrades, save the game at the object box.

You activate your Felyne Comrades back of the board. Do you want to have a companion with you, then you can put it in sleep mode. Before bed is your primary comrade whose equipment can change here.

Right in the house there is the object box. Here outsource its items, you can change your equipment or set sets and of course take it out items. The object box is also left again to find the gate in Val Habar - if you still need a quick Items for upcoming quests.

In bed you save the game, and among other things access to upcoming DLC content and turn it on and browse the gallery.

Types of weapons

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate offers a total of 14 types of weapons. This is not just a little, and the newcomer arises because inevitably the question: Which of the following weapons should I take it?
  1. Sword & Shield
  2. Great Sword
  3. Long Sword
  4. Duel Blade
  5. Insect Glaive
  6. Hammer
  7. Lance
  8. Gun Lance
  9. Hunting Horn
  10. Switch Axe
  11. Charge Blade
  12. Light Bowgun
  13. Heavy Bowgun
  14. Bow

Yes, the selection makes it not easy. Therefore, you should select the Level 1 Quest at the guild Bridesmaid times. There is a tutorial for each weapon in which you get explains all the tricks and may try directly to a Great Jaggi.

In general: Use the beginning melee weapons such as the sword, the Insect Glaive or hammer. Bow or Bowguns are more for advanced players - precisely because these weapons also very good for multiplayer games.


In the game you have as Monster Hunter always two tasks regardless of the selected quest: you are either hunter or collector. Or both simultaneously.

Killing creatures brings you not only raw materials / items but train you too. Fight example, often against a Great jaggi, then you have some time to better adjust to it.

The most important steps when you go hunt big monster:

1. Paint ball take and thus throwing the creature, so that they can track it on the map.

2. Ignoring eventual sheep, say, little monsters. The spawn after a rule, therefore you shall concentrate on the main monster.

3. Start the monster snort (change any features or you can see the "breath"), then you should definitely be prepared to be attacked aggressively.

4. Capture the monster to limp - perfect! Follow it in the next area when the paint ball remains in one place. The monster is sleeping and you can either attack or capture with a case and min. 3 sedative bombs.

5. Felyne Comrades may also be helpful in order to distract the monsters!


You should be awakened in the territories and see color contrasted from the surrounding crystals / stones. Or you see insects flying around or even fish in a pond. But how do I get the material out there?

Very easily:

- Buy yourself the merchants in the village claw hook and networks (bait when fishing you want).

- Take these things on a quest and search the area for particularly striking stones / crystals or from places where their flying butterflies see.

- Presses A To reduce the goods. But remember that each collection is limited and you must then present new search. Furthermore, you can also get broken pickaxe or network - so you always reserves there.

- For things like mushrooms or herbs you seek the environment for just such fungi or showy shrubs. The degradation process is the same here.

Many of these things, such as ores or insects, you need either a combo or material so that you can forge weapons / armor.

Online Mode

The online function of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is designed relatively straightforward and allows you to do that from various quests with up to four players.

How do I start to play online?

The prerequisite for spectacular (or caustic) multiplayer games, access to the Internet. So make sure your 3DS or New 3DS is connected to your router.

Step into the game then the assembly hall in Val Habar (front left in the village) and you can see here left the quest giver. The mean will deliver you low-rank quests. The lady on the left next to High Rank quests (switch on later dates). Right you can do on the monster in the arena while trying to set up personal bests at the lady hunting.

How can I find an online lobby or how do I create one?

Accesses to return via the touch screen on the world map. There you will select the assembly hall and get the chance to create a lobby or to find one. You can then specify certain factors (eg what you want to hunt for monsters) and get started. Basically you will find in the search always five pages of four lobbies. Created a lobby her, then you have to just wait until someone joins.