Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (MH4U) 3DS review

Looking back, it is striking how Capcom jumped from Sony to Nintendo with the exclusivity of its hit series Monster Hunter, mass phenomenon in Japan. And how its creators have adapted perfectly to mark the peculiarities of a portable as Nintendo 3DS, the Ultimate Monster Hunter Tri reached two years ago (also on Wii U) and now more settled and well armed Ultimate Edition Monster Hunter 4 also debuts New Nintendo 3DS, the new model of the console that hits stores this Friday February 13th. The Monster Hunter 4 Original not released in Europe, so for hunters Spanish MH4U 3DS this issue is, after a long wait, the first contact with which is understood as the fourth generation of monsters of the franchise. And we can say right away that is a real joy, a title made with care and attention to pour absolute feedback from the player community, actually delivered, plural and alive.

But powerful brands consecrated games always have a first challenge to face if they are to everyone: be a good gateway to new players. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is also this as any of its predecessors, it's best to start MH in this addictive adventure caravan of hunters, guilds, abominable creatures, nonstop action and dye J-RPG. Mass phenomenon so its ability to continue attracting faithful as it goes its way. From then it was clear that Capcom Monster Hunter series still has players who seduced and better order to explain the possibilities and the complete guide to tutorials, tips, tricks, combos tables and recommendations in-game so staged. Guide, of course, optional and avoidable for those who already know how everything works in this rich universe.

Again, it all starts with a custom hunter will edit in name, attire and appearance. A ship in the Great Desert and passionate captain welcome us to this new adventure on the trail of a mysterious relics, also presenting one of the great monsters of the game, an impressive Daren Mohran and how far the fighting has much more depth and possibilities above. Arriving at Val Habar, the first and colorful village of several cities that shape the universe of Monster Hunter 4, we meet our Felyne assistant and companion for possible exits, the first missions and submissions, merchants, the crucial Supply Crate, characters in the plot weight or importance of the Guild Hall and connections with other optional - players. For the usual, this is already well known, but as the first step on hunting area, begin to receive updates in autumn.

MH4U settles what is already going to be canons, evolving formula and experiment with innovations. The lore of the series is great and vast, with a bestiary that this year and reaches almost 100 different monsters and force us once again to hunt down the most demanding and really colossal, to peak RC (Range Hunter G) to deal with all orders available to NPCs, guild halls and delegates of missions. Jobs and adventure that will have us glued to the portable more than 100 or 120 hours safely, four or five times more if we get into the online and want to squeeze the maximum and become the best equipment and weapons. There hunters who cast more than 1000 or 1200 hours to their Monster Hunter, is an enabling this cartridge. Again with this delivery, duration and progression of our character and gear are the keys to its addictive and durable approach.

Vertical gigantic: Tajo hunter

But a new game you want to meet the requirements needed new weight, and with its obviously superior graphical section or extension of monsters and quests format in MH4U are several playable and design points that leave no one behind it was the franchise so far, but also the improve and evolve. We speak of a continuity of delivery interface, mechanical, objectives, inventory items and gameplay. But a delivery that now makes hunting and much more vertical maps and importance of the heights, introducing powerful attacks from the air, the possibility of getting on the most colossal monsters or scalable scenarios where getting to the top facilitates exploration and deeds.

Now the numbered areas have different heights, and the same numbered interior can have up to four five uneven ground, forcing us to let us fall from a great distance or climb walls with a new movement up and scrolling vertical surfaces. Run towards a projection and attack in the air or drop us unsheathing the weapon rise to very harmful lunges for monsters, shock loaded and we know how to exploit that end up being fundamental Advanced battles to ride creatures. The same applies to the massive creatures whose weakness is its top or hidden in his coat back, for example. They force us to mount and hold over her body with a sort of mini-buttons to destroy its most vulnerable point and make effective our slashes pounding the X button before falling. If we succeed, the beast will roll across the floor.

All this verticality of MH4U had said many times in previous intakes contact with the game, but see completely finished and, having thrown tens of hours you can say that certainly is a factor. There is equipment designed to enhance the air strikes, climbing, easy climbing riding a monster, get lethal commands with other players if we are to a certain height, etc. Not only scenarios have different levels (or steps) and the monsters are larger and with the possibility of being shot from above, but also all the traditional components of the series to this new formulation and calculation of gameplay options fit.

New additions

In the bestiary of new creatures making their debut in this title, Seregios, Najarala Subspecies, Tetsucabra Subspecies, Kecha Wacha Subspecies, Zamtrios, Nerscylla Subspecies, Seltas Subspecies, Seltas Queen Subspecies, Dalamadur Subspecies and Gogmazios. Many are evolutions of old friends, and also return as a surprise some monsters that more skilled in hunting Capcom probably did not expect and remember fondly.

Is added, therefore, greater variety. Something that is also achieved with fighting against creatures that have patterns of attack larger and unexpected, or that in their attempts to kill hunters have total and changing interactions with the scenario. Beast horned in its onslaught stay nailed in a rock monsters that take advantage of caves and crannies to prepare ambushes, others hang from the trees, they get soft earth beneath, or giant birds with flapping create drafts that could affect the environment. MH4U has many surprising clashes even for us who are regulars to the brand and the genre of action melee, because even back old acquaintances giants with some new moves, including greater use of the environment and some tricks of hunting or different behaviors. He has worked in the AI to continue improving. There really challenging missions. Others, however, are bread.

Felynes, weapons, Unions and Other Requirements

The variety comes with depth of play both schema and player progression, exploration, commissions, collection and combat. In MH4U some submissions are complex or require performance of the main mission with a more marked to also meet these optional tasks order. Gallery arms increases relative to MH3, with new types Cane (Glaive) Insect and Axe Cargo useful for advanced players seeking another form of combat and unreleased features for more advanced missions. The first allows us to play with agile attacks and even absorb enemy skills, with ability to use the cane as pole to jump higher. While the second consists of a combination of shield + sword that can convert to recharge in a devastating giant ax, leaving quite possible moves and combinations.

There are also a handful of new objects, traps and altered states, and therefore original combinations, more possibilities for equipment configuration and statistics Felyne, which can now exceed nv. 20 and have its own equipment and skills. It's good to have them last and use them as support as distract monsters to attack the hunters. The food to enhance the attributes of hunter and Felyne, combinations of objects, the wise choice of what to wear in the bag and the intelligent use of money and guild points remain gameplay mechanics and resource management that will shape how greatly evolve in the adventure and our possibilities. Total freedom to decide what we become and how we move attributes and techniques.

The Felyne gains considerable importance in every way in MH4U. So much so that Capcom has incorporated a lot of designs and special customes for kittens unmistakable game universe, sweet to fans material. Super Mario Bros Costumes, Samus Aran (Metroid), Link (The Legend of Zelda) and Canela (Animal Crossing) to celebrate this exclusive portable Nintendo. Also Sonic, Mega Man, Dante from Devil May Cry ... There collectibles to bore, find all ensures hundreds of hours and that constant looteo be the only way to get prepared hunts highest level. Again MH4U is perfect in this, balanced and amazing mix of mechanical progression.

The statistics, however game direct action considered are fundamental in Monster Hunter in the fourth game and return to be with the traditional presentation with objects presented with icons in a grid, weapon upgrades prompted by spending minerals and special items for this, points of attack, speed and defense always affecting the utility and performance of each sword, hammer, knife, spear, bow, cane .... It is important to know how to move and dodge in time, namely chaining blows or shots fluids (combos) without resting times and not lose sight of the energy bar, able to identify as the behavior of its remaining monsters health and weaknesses, and so on.

The peak of mining, the butterfly net, vials or baits fishing rod are other objects that motivate and enable different missions, collecting missions, sample collection, search, Stamina, trial, truly stealth .. . There is so much variety as you might ask, but holding up better at this than their predecessors. Expedition missions hunting new areas, monsters diary to record all that are bringing down until the whole bestiary, costumes and hidden from Felynes equipment, video sequences , extra tasks guild halls, the battles of the Arena ... Collecting and completism to bore, leaving the player quite well the feeling of getting something-small sea- with each game and try.

Does the definitive Monster Hunter?

However, it is clear that there will be players who find repetitive Ultimate Monster Hunter 4 for its orderly scheme missions check off as completed on the board, for its limitation for specific hunting areas according to the task to be accepted by the menu system s pretty simple inventory, for some combos that are repeated endlessly like a pressing button ... Monster Hunter has always had something of all this, yes, but its greatness is not going out there, but the ability of the brand to engage any gamer profile for hours, offer freedom, a fluid, challenging and satisfying combat, and plenty of incentives to collectors and equipment upgrades and range of character.

In MH4U the characteristic factors of the series and today really controversial and even inseparables are eradicated, but some blunders of the brand did not like left behind and many would like to see disappear all in order to form a true revolution in the series. Therefore, if you did not like anything MH, perhaps this may seem like a new 4U more of the same that follows these points that don’t quite sell it to you. But more likely it is that we convince you much more than before, there is a notable effort in change and certainly many fields to not be as continuity as the last chapters have evolved.

And along with this, regarding MH3U in 3DS (last) had an acceptable list of things to improve, or simply incorporate balance. To start with, and as more data significant at the same determinant in a proposal for action and collectibles such as chapters of the series, is the inclusion MH4U finally independent online multiplayer, and without a Wii U with a copy of Game managing the network game as in MH3U. Meet friends or strangers online is easy and fast, with only a few taps on the touch screen spend from offline to online, more intuitive than before, with more factors to choose to join others and sneak into groups, set objectives, communicate, share tactics ... And no lag.

Of course, the ways in LAN-with consoles next to ours and StreetPass - remain. Tools are incorporated indications group communication and a matchmaking expedited, clear data visibility and territory of other players, some advanced configurations starting and specific missions thus also can find for offline if we unlock the campaign with sufficient range hunter. Great idea for those who do not want to play with others, are in an area without internet or prefer not to join online or friends or strangers. MH4U is best enjoyed in the company, but also a big gamble in singleplayer.

Moreover, there were points that directly not finished in MH3U like that here, taking complaints and suggestions from the community, have managed quite rightly. For example, with respect to MH Tri Wii in MH3U camera movement so that the fastest underwater hunting was reduced somewhat complicated. Also came to be somewhat less satisfactory objectified camera on the monster with a touch of left trigger. In MH4U camera works fully objectified and camera movement is placed on the right stick (if New Nintendo 3DS with your new button C, or having a Slider Button Pro for the standard model). Furthermore, increased mobility is added to the virtual touch screen crosshead.

The team for the series has tried to make this the definitive Monster Hunter and best to date, and decisions like these two years have been reversed or avoided to give the player just what we asked and as comfortable as possible during the hunting, menus, cities and shops, cameras, check statistics, detailed cards guild battles of the Arena ... They are aware of the enormous fan community there waiting game and Europe can not fault the MH4 version that comes with this edition Ultimate.

Another issue comes in the technical section, with the most colorful in the series laptops and a good graphic exponent to take advantage of the capabilities of 3DS. MH4U is vivid and colorful, with some lighting effects, glare and reflections really striking, animations hunters and believable and natural monsters, good distances drawn textures with roughness and definition, dynamic shading, remarkable level of detail in clothing and weapons, sharp 3D effect at the same time comfortable (especially in New 3DS) ... But also has some visual defects to the engine work more comfortable, more austere parameters arriving him to leave at levels that seem from another era, as polygonal characters that stand together, not too strong and firm feel of the gun hitting monsters, physical strange for some journeys by air or objects or textures poor resolution. CGI cinematic, though, are still impressive.

Capcom static gets a prodigious visual exercise, but with the game in motion there are some details that detract in-game within an overall graphical section that achieves a remarkable and very solid level. The title is comfortable in the console, no framerate drops or pulling or tripping affects the gameplay. All this is accompanied by sound, as always also a more than good result. Repeating classical melodies, new compositions that fall short of epic tone of the series, return of traditional audio effects, and groans of the characters to expressiveness. Locating the Castilian, once again, is absolutely exemplary. The dialogues are filled-in text-local games words, sayings, references, and other qualifiers in a humorous tone. There is a job very brave in terms of translation and it shows soon.


Every experienced hunter has a mandatory appointment or better still 3DS New Nintendo 3DS- with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Any player who does not even know the series and want to know what its popularity is due, too. Capcom has managed to play to advanced and novice in one cartridge and super recommended, leaving behind some of the pitfalls of its brand hunting-monsters and put up a new laptop only episode where the cooperative multiplayer games starring the best but which also will find hundreds of hours of single player content. The more vertical style battles, scenarios, inventories and successful use of cameras feels great to all new arsenal and bestiary of creatures already reached the hundreds of species, some colossal. Graphically very solid and with a location to Castilian impressive, MH4U is a must for the Nintendo console for anyone adore the genre of action dyed J-RPG classic. Online satisfactory, new collaboration tools of communication and coordination, improved Guild Halls .... It only fails more innovative variety of missions for which we come from above and taking certain audiovisual licenses that do not put it at the highest level. Otherwise, very good hunting party that will keep you glued to the screen for months. Capcom has managed to do it again.