Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate walkthrough

Table of Contents

1. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Tips and tricks
2. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Tips to high-level quests
3. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Combat System
4. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Areas
5. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Multiplayer, Key-quests, Urgent quests Rank Advancements
6. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster Seltas, Great Jaggi, Kecha Wacha, Gypceros, Tetsucabra
7.Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster: Nerscylla, Gendrome, Congalala, Zamtrios, Basarios
8. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster: Yian Kut-Ku, Lagombi, Najarala, Rathian, Khezu
9. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster: Gore Magala, Iodrome, Gravios, Seltas Queen
10. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster: Zinogre, Rathalos, Tigrex, Dah'ren Mohran
11. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster: Shagaru Magala, Daimyo Hermitaur, Emerald Congalala
12. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster: Purple Gypceros, Brachydios, Cephadrome, Monoblos
13. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster: Pink Rathian, Red Khezu, Black Gravios

Walkthrough in progress

Once again, we hit the 3DS in the wild monster hunting, and even if the new installment is much more beginner-friendly than its predecessor, there's a ton of information, weapons, tips, tricks, secrets and tactics to explore.

To this end, we have compiled all the relevant information in our extensive Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Guide to the hunter's heart desires.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Tips and tricks

Patience pays off

Monster Hunter is not an easy game and especially the greenhorns among you that will be felt in the first urgent quest. In general: Don’t give up immediately, but take the time. Patience is the Alpha and Omega, to warm up with Monster Hunter. Also in the duels with the huge beasts, it may well happen that you have almost taken a half hour on the prey and the monster pretending it would not even itch your shots. Again: Don’t give up, but remain concentrated, make on and on, and at some point it will begin to limp and to run away and you can look forward soon on raw materials for a new armor. We can at this point don’t say it often enough: Stay patient and you will understand the appeal of MH.

Collects, there's no tomorrow

To successfully complete a hunt, you will hardly do without the use of items, and also for the crafting of new weapons and armor you need a variety of different resources. Therefore, you should definitely get used to search your environment and collect at the appropriate points. With a pickaxe you can break down at rock crystals ores, capture beetles and butterflies network with other small creatures. All other collection points you can exploit without additional tools. The gathering is an essential part of the game system - not for nothing are offered with the harvest tours missions in which you can fill your bags to your heart's content. Clear: Many objects such as potions you can buy Zennys against the merchants. However, you should pick you money in the long term rather for crafting when you do badly needed there, especially later in the game, and would rather pick up the components by hand. This you can also do parallel to a hunt.

Find your favorite weapon

Choosing the right weapon is crucial for the masters of the combat system. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, and differs greatly from the others. So use the time at the beginning of the game to find your personal favorites 2-3 for this is the game in the campaign even 14 "tutorial quests" that deal exclusively with the weapon types. In general: For those who prefer fast acting the way and stands on a long combo chains, accesses the short double swords or the long sword, it is more likely to be a difficult and this powerful weapon, Great Sword, Hammer and morph ax are your best options, and for the Ranged offer at bow and crossbow.

Chasing is better with a full stomach

An empty stomach is on the hunt extremely counter-productive, because you miss so many bonuses to health, stamina and status values. Therefore, sit before any quest at the table in street cooking and seek you out a tasty meal. Fresh ingredients that could increase your endurance at the next quest, ingredients with star bring a bonus to the health bar. Moreover, any combination influenced in any way your status values - this you can read after selecting a meal on the bottom of the screen. With coupons and gourmet vouchers you can also increase the quality of food once - that is why you should take a break this is best for very serious quests. Again and again you ask the cook also about meeting some side missions - after he improved the ingredients stages. So do not wait and check off these side quests. Later in the game you are grateful for every good food!

Pack your hunting bag together

Preparation is half the battle and who can forget the, at the end there pretty stupid if you suddenly run out of potions or whetstones. Therefore, pack before each quest starting your first game bag together. You should always have enough potions, mega potions, whetstones and fried steaks. Travel in their territories with extreme conditions, forget in no case cold or hot drinks, and if you put yourself on a fishing mission, take necessarily a shock trap and pitfall and a few calming bombs. Optimally prepared for all eventualities hunters have always there pickaxes and beetles networks. Plunges you into their heavier quests, it is recommended that in addition to the 10 potions and 10 mega potions still take 10x honey to combine the normal potions to 10 other mega potions. In addition, you should at the beginning of each quest the local storage box by medicines, rations and other useful stuff to browse.

You think at this point perhaps "Actually, I just wanted to hunt, do not go on vacation". There you have of course absolutely right. But don’t worry: How complicated is not the whole preparation. And at the latest when you have forgotten the preparation once, you will realize how important a clean sorted hunter pocket.

Let assist you from the Felynes

Do you play the offline campaign, you should in any case your Felyne companion with you on the hunt. Early in the game you unlock the first, and later as a host of other added - two can follow you in the quest. So you are not completely on your own in the single player campaign, but have two comrades here to help. This is one of advantages because the attention of the target monster is distributed on three characters and their order during the fight takes short break to heal you or to sharpen the weapon. On the other hand you support the comrades’ active with healing or status buffs and attack depending on the type and independently on large or small monsters.

Don’t go alone to hunt!

At the comrades panel in your house you can send missions to hunt from a specific date Wild comrades. Upon successful completion, return them back with various monsters residues from which you can tinker new equipment for the crew at the blacksmith. Send your comrades regularly and don’t forget to equip your Top companion appropriately - this ensures that the companions are a real help in battles against stronger monsters. You should play online and go to second on a quest, you also accompany there a top-Mate support. Another reason to strengthen the companion regularly.

Use the duplication object 

Especially, later in the game you will need vast amounts of resources to produce or to combine certain items. These include honey, various insects and berries and other items. Theoretically, you can collect all these within the quests, but this takes lots of time. To put that into perspective, you have the old merchant in the village for a small fee to caravan points the way to duplicate objects.

Post their specific object types on several "rounds", that can reproduce quests. Use the offer specifically for honey, because honey is essential to combine mega potions, of which you will need a lot later in the game. In between the trader depends also side missions to complete those additional gains - do this as soon as possible in order to get the most out of the object.

Customize and build a proper defense

The making and assembling the correct armor sets is an essential part of any Monster Hunter game. Each piece of equipment has various skills levels that you can see them at the blacksmith or the fitting screen (eg attack +4, +2 food, perceiving +3). These skills are activated when your total equipment reaches a value of 10. Sit the individual pieces of equipment so together so that you activate as many as possible and reasonable skills - the active skills can be reviewed in the status screen. Suppress when selecting the part for more information on the individual skills, the Y button.

It is a complex system that is internalized not quite as fast. At the beginning it is not so very important, however, later, a variety of skills can be decisive battle!

To illustrate the importance of the skills we have listed a few here:

  • Attack: Increases the damage you exercise in hits on the monster.
  • Defense: Increases your overall total defense against attacks.
  • Perceiving: Indicates when a monster can be caught (point on the map is lit red and white on). You must have previously marked it with a paint ball.
  • Quick Setup: Reduces the time required for setting up traps.
  • Hearing: Prevents the inability to move the clamor of large monsters.
  • Feasting: Increases the effect of objects for stamina regeneration, eg steaks.
  • Gift: Negates the effect of poison, that you can not be poisoned.
  • Ranger: You see the card, without having to carry the card object in the inventory.

There are a huge number of possible skills, each equipment item offers various values. At the beginning it is worthwhile to assemble a complete set, eg a Nerscylla set that consists only of Nerscylla equipment parts. Later, however, it is useful to put together a set of individual, independent objects to activate strong and useful skills.

The blacksmith you can forge beyond decorations in the form of jewels, which also have skills values. This you can then install into the vacant slots in your equipment.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Tips to high-level quests

From the "end" of the history of the single player campaign or hunter rank 4 in multiplayer mode you reach the high level quests. These differ greatly from the low order. The biggest difference is due to the difficulty: Even supposedly weak monsters like the Gypceros is in the high-rank quests (HR quests) suddenly a real threat and depending on the quest, it is possible encounter more than one, even to meet four large monsters.

Therefore, you should as soon as possible establish a high-level armor. These are usually indicated by the suffix "S" or "U", if this is the armor a monster subspecies - with equipment of HR exclusive monsters like the Deviljho drops the letter "S" away. Crucial here is primarily the enormously increased defense value. Even if you have been painstakingly put together a complete low rank Rathian: Get rid of it! You need to fix as possible an HR armor, otherwise you have no chance in the fight.

Another fundamental difference between LR and HR quests that will drop you off in the HR quests in a random area of hunting around, so don’t start at the base camp. It may happen that you start directly in the field, in which the target monster is just. Want plaster, mark the monster with a paint ball and ashamed of not just disappear for the meal to another area. If you need a map, you can find it in the storage compartment in the base camp, other supplies such as medicines, rations or like will only be delivered after some time. So here you are provided solely to you and therefore you should never go out unprepared - Mega potions are the least!

Finally, the high-level quests are quests in which you meet for the first time on so-called monster subspecies, such as the Emerald Congalala or Hell Zinogre. The subtypes are characterized by an increased agility and aggression, altered starch values and often by other elements and element weaknesses, but they are usually identical in terms of behavior.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Combat System

A fight in Monster Hunter is long and sometimes very exhausting. It is important in any case that you get away maintain the concentration over the entire duration of the fight and that you remain patient because your booty arises not just like that, but continues long and bravely defended. Elementary to the existence of any struggle are the right timing when attacking and dodging and understanding of your enemy. You will learn in the course of the game, to read the individual monsters and their attacks to look ahead. Fight against 3-4 times a Great Jaggi and you realize immediately when it tackles the brutal body check. It is not a mindless memorization, but forward thinking and doing what is required in the fighting in Monster Hunter.

Depending on the monster, it is often useful to keep in his back or on the side and must be avoided at the front of his head, since most monsters use strong bite attacks.

You should already well verse with the chosen weapon in heavy fighting in any case - do it within the Weapons tutorial quests Quest Level 1. Hold the gun whenever possible in the sharp area (which it recognizes from the weapons coloring of the symbol in the upper left corner) and it sharpens, if necessary, in time with the grindstone after. Blunt weapons do not only less damage, but also often bounce from the armor of the monster from. Important: Even block with the gun to ensure that it loses its sharpness, so dodging is more practical.

The sharpening of the weapon costs valuable time as well as taking a drink and eating a steak, which often don’t have you in the rush of battle. Choose the right time so smart and proactive in order not to be attacked during the process from the monster. If necessary, you distort the process hastily in another area.

Monster Ride

New Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the opportunity to ride monsters and they absolutely on the floor. Move this simple down from an elevated platform or a wall on the monster. Alternatively, you can also repel from the ground and jump directly to a monster with the Glaive insect with the key combination R + A. Are you on it, you have a little mini-game consist in which at rest phases (green icon) A and roar at you, etc. (yellow icon) with R hold fast. Refit the green monster bar icon, you will be thrown down. Fill the bar completely, you force the monster for a few seconds on the floor.

Break Body Parts

Various materials you will receive only if you destroy specific body parts of the monster. How can detach or break their wings example tails. To do this, you simply need to turn on the corresponding part of the body - sounds simple, but it is absolutely not, since most monsters move quite quickly. The easiest way you do it yourselves by- case brings the monster (eg climbing) and then collectively start on the body part or by using a distance weapon with which you can reach the wing. If the body is damaged, a refractive noise and is signaled optically characterized accordingly.

Catch Monster

For some quests, it is not necessary to kill a monster, but to capture it. For this purpose, it needs a certain event - either a shock or a pitfall trap - and at least two sedatives bombs. The challenge in capturing is to wound the monster so strong that it has no strength and falls asleep in the trap. If the monster is too strong, it dies and the quest is failed; you have not wounded it enough, it escapes from the trap and is resistant within this quest over the same event type. Therefore, you should always carry both types of cases with you when you move to a fishing quest. To lay a trap, also takes several seconds, which is why you should weigh yourself in complete safety when you start the process - otherwise it can happen that you attack the monster at this time.

But when is now the right time for the event? In general, you should pay attention to signs of weakness of your loot: If there are still frequent and stamina regenerates, this is a sign of weakness, but not necessarily unique. However, when it hobbles out of the area, that's your cue: Now is the right time to catch the monster. Once it has fallen into the trap, you have to throw it only two sedatives bombs.

To simplify the whole process work skills perception and quick setup. The former shows up on by flashing the Monster marker on the map that the monster is ready to be caught, the latter reduces the construction time for both types of cases.

To catch monster is actually important not only for fishing quests, but also recommended in normal hunting quests, because you get more rewards in the form of materials for successfully captured monster. Therefore, it is also much more difficult undertaking than simply hunt.

Chose Right Weapon

With 14 fundamentally different types of weapons MH4U offers a wide selection - but which one is right for you? That depends entirely on the type of player. In general, all weapons have their own advantages and disadvantages. Right at the beginning of the campaign are 14 weapons tutorials posted on Quest board in which you, the operation of all types of weapons is brought closer. Does this tutorial and decide as early as possible for 1-2 types of weapons that you like best - several times to change later in the game to the type of weapon, is not recommendable, given the high cost and forge the challenging difficulty.

In general, large and heavy weapons such as the Great Sword or Hammer extremely strong, but in reverse are also extremely slow. Light weapons such as sword and shield or dual swords are extremely fast, but comparatively weak. Hybrid weapons like the Morph-ax or the elite blade connect two weapon types with each other and are therefore particularly recommended for players who want to combine different fighting styles into a weapon. Rang weapons are a completely different world and in single-player missions more of a hindrance, because you need a lot of time to aim - that in multiplayer with a team agreed quite reasonable. A new addition is the type of weapon Insect Glaive, a kind of baton with integrated (K) insect. With this weapon can you perform melee attacks using the insect as a projectile and even repel you from the ground to jump on monsters.

Take the time to start the game and play the tutorials for you to familiarize yourself with the different types of weapons and select those that match your playing style.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Areas

Here is a description and listing of the different hunting locations that you will visit.

(1) Ancestry steppe

Tree steppe is the first hunting area in the game and has in itself no secrets. The little monster who meet in the steppe ancestors, are primarily Jaggi, Jaggia and Konchu.

(9) Always forest

Always the forest is not a traditional hunting grounds, but is traveled only in exploration. Depending on the rank (low rank or high rank), the structure of the area is vastly different. Always in the forest you can reduce many places ores and gather berries and insects. Occasionally, there is also a hidden treasure area, tap from the rusted equipment you can - this may turn out to be in luck as a good new weapon or armor.

(10) Hollow sink

The hollow sink is a large cave like hunting area where you can mine ore in many places, especially in the fields of 2, 8 and 9. In the hollow sink you meet mainly on Konchu and Genprey.

(11) Great Forest

The original forest is a large jungle-like hunting area is mainly inhabited by Konchu, Bnahabra and congas. Fit during the hunt, not to follow in the many lakes and poison – puddles.

(12) frost frosty Sea

The frost frosty sea is a hunting ground with the extreme cold condition. Take necessarily hot drinks with you, otherwise you will lose enhanced endurance. At Frost Sea you meet especially on Zamite and Pepe.
(13) Volcanic depression

The volcanic depression is a hunting ground in a volcano, so you are also exposed to extreme conditions. Therefore, take cold drinks, otherwise you keep losing in the hot areas of the map of vitality. The structure of the hunting area is identical to the hollow sink. Also in the volcanic depression you can, especially in the areas 2, 8 and 9 reduce rare ores. You meet in the volcanic depression, especially on Ioprey and Rhenoplos.

(14) Sky Mountain

The sky mountain is a hunting area in a mountain above the clouds and offers few secrets. On the sky mountain you meet mainly Jaggi, Jaggia, Remobra and Konchu.

(15) Dunes

The dunes are a new hunting ground in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Here, too, are exposed to its extreme conditions. Chase them during the day, you need cold drinks, hot drinks at night, however. The dunes are a vast hunting area that is inhabited mainly by Hermitaur and Cephalos.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Multiplayer, Key-quests, Urgent quests Rank Advancements

In order to progress in the online multiplayer mode, you have to ascend in rank hunters. For this to happen again, you do not have all the quests of their respective rank complete, but only those that defined the game as "Key Quests". These are the following from level 1 to G-rank:

Hunter Rank 1

1. Hunt 1x Seltas
2. Hunt 1x Kecha Wacha
3. Hunt 1x Tetsucabra
4. Hunt 1x Gypceros
5. Urgent Quest: 1x Nerscylla

Hunter Rank 2

6. Hunt 1x Rathian
7. Hunt 1x Khezu
8. Hunt 1x Zamtrios
9. Hunt 1x Najarala
10. Hunt Quest: 1x Gore Magala

Hunter Rank 3

11. Hunt 1x Tigrex
12. Hunt 1x Gravios
13. Hunt 1x Rathalos
14. Hunt 1x Zinogre
15. Hunt 1x Seltas Queen
16. Hunt 1x Dah'ren Mohran: Urgent Quest

High Rank

Hunter Rank 4

17. Hunt 2x Kecha Wacha
18. Hunt 1x Purple Gypceros
19. Hunt 1x Emerald Congalala
20. Hunt 1x 1x Gendrome & Tetsucabra
21. Hunt 1x Pink Rathian: Urgent Quest

Hunter Rank 5

22. Hunt 1x 1x Najarala & Rathian
23. Hunt 1x Red Khezu
24. Hunt 1x Gore Magala
25. Hunt 1x Tigrex (outbreak)
26. Hunt 1x Black Gravios: Urgent Quest

Hunter Rank 6

27 Hunt 1x azure Rathalos
28. Hunt 1x Hell Zinogre
29. Hunt 1x brachial Tigrex
30. Hunt 1x Brachydios
31. Hunt: 1x Shagaru Magala Urgent Quest

Hunter Rank 7

32. Hunt 1x Akantor
33. Hunt 1x Teostra
34. Hunt 1x Kushala Daora
35. Hunt 1x Dah'ren Mohran
36. Hunt 1x Dalamadur Urgent Quest

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster Seltas, Great Jaggi, Kecha Wacha, Gypceros, Tetsucabra

The big monster in Monsters Hunter 4 Ultimate naturally show again many different ways of doing business and require targeted tactics. At this point, we present to you the big monster before more accurate.

(1) Seltas

The Seltas is the first big monster on you meet in the campaign, and not a very difficult opponent. He spends most of his time in combat in hover and sometimes racing here from a distance for you to order you to attack with his horn. You can destroy the horn. Caution is advised if the Seltas occurs together with the Seltas Queen, as the two "merge" if you are not restrained.

Element Weakness: Fire, Thunder

(02) Great Jaggi

The Great Jaggi is one of the weakest big monsters in the game and is perfect to try out some new battle strategies and weapons. He normally has a herd Jaggi and Jaggia around you - you killed them, he summons after some time. The Great Jaggi preferably engages with bite (sometimes several in a row) and tail whips, but dominated in addition also a powerful, sideways body check. His bites sent to only puny damage Bodycheck but can cost you a good deal of your HP bar. So make when he looks to the side and take a step sideways and jump out of the way in time. Beat shoots or otherwise loose on him - the fight is usually over quickly. His weakness is fire element, generally you can but do it easily with each weapon.

Element Weakness: Fire

(03) Kecha-Wacha

If you would cross a monkey, an elephant and a bat would come out about something like a Kecha-Wacha. The Beast is an absolute master at climbing and constantly lurches in networks and roofs along, but can also smaller routes lie down in flight. His attacks are manageable: He hits often repeatedly with his hands on the ground, jumping out of the hand over hand down upon you, or simply run you through the pile. In addition, he water bubbles that cause water damage.

Element Weakness: Fire, Thunder

(04) Gypceros

The Gypceros is a comparatively little monster, characterized but not less dangerous. He is very fast and agile and runs like through the area - so jump in time to the side to avoid being hit. Fit addition to, not to be caught by the poison either straight or in a high arc during the race to the left and right. In between, he makes for a blinding flash that stuns you - turns you on time and keep distance away.

Element Weakness: Fire

(05) Tetsucabra

The Tetsucabra is a giant toad with a powerful jaws, he loved to slash you on the head, you should not be dodged in time. So keep as far away from his jaw when he launches an attack. It is generally advisable to attack him from the side or from behind. You can destroy his jaw and cut off the tail lobes. Fit on when he pauses for a moment and looks at you directly - then is probably a rush.

Element Weakness: Water, Thunder

7. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster: Nerscylla, Gendrome, Congalala, Zamtrios, Basarios

(06) Nerscylla

The Nerscylla is a giant spider and therefore the most commonly encountered in those areas of the map where there are networks. It can be tiring you, poison you with his spine and often misses spider webs in which you should be taken from sticking. You can escape from his attack relatively easily by not come back to again directly under the sting. Avoid the nets is also quite simple: Take care when the Nerscylla stops and swings back briefly, and then jumps in time for the page. In the later course of the fight he will be two "gripper arms" form from his body, which he also packs over a long distance and extreme can dish out a lot of damage. Keep yourselves during or after this transformation, so best behind him and strike from there on his backside.

Element Weakness: Fire, Thunder

(07) Gendrome

The Gendrome is the leader of Genprey-pack and not too heavy, yet often underestimated opponents. He is extremely fast and tends to be a lot of running around, making it difficult to meet him with heavy, slow weapons - this is a fast weapon is like a sword. The Gendrome can paralyze you with bites and render briefly immobilized.

Element Weakness: Water, Ice

(08) Congalala

The Congalala is the alpha male of the Conga pack and not a very tough opponent. Nevertheless, he also has some attacks that can make your life difficult: Above all, his quick succession of attacks claws can inflict enormous damage. Also you should be careful when you stand directly behind him, he can often fall backward on you. The Congalala also tends to excrement in order to submit or eject smelly gases that prevent you from using objects. Therefore take a fragrant deodorant with hunting.

Element Weakness: Fire

(09) Zamtrios

The Zamtrios is the alpha male of the Zamite and inhabits the cold sea. It resembles a mixture of shark and amphibian and is able to swim under the ice - you then know him only by out-looking dorsal fin. As expected, the Zamtrios for many of his attacks using the element of ice. Particularly dangerous is the Ice Beam, he spits over long distances, as well as the powerful body check. The latter, however, you can accurately predict, because he pauses comparatively long before the execution and accurately focused you. Imagine in these moments so best just behind him, to be sure. If the Zamtrios aggressive, he protects his body with a hard ice cover, penetrate the only weapon with a high degree of sharpness; you must first knock off the ice cover. In the battle progressed the Zamtrios blows eventually to a huge "ball." Use this phase to injure him by the thin, little protective skin, but keep distance when he rolls toward you or mounts a jump. You may destroy his legs, the dorsal fin, tail and head.

Element Weakness: Fire, Thunder

(10) Basarios

The Basarios is an extremely well armored monster you meet exclusively on surveys or during arena quests. He is quite slow, but his attacks have even more power - you can relatively easily miss them by quickly dodging. He hides in the forest. More often he buries himself, and only shows his back that resembles an ordinary rock. By its lures the Basarios in his rush attack in the rocks explosive. Always Forest, you can quickly do much harm. You can detach his cock and destroy the chest. Laid-open point is then more susceptible to damage.

Element Weakness: Water Dragon

8. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster: Yian Kut-Ku, Lagombi, Najarala, Rathian, Khezu

(11) Yian Kut-Ku

The Yian Kut-Ku is a large bird, you meet almost exclusively in exploration and hardly in normal quests. Similar to the Gypceros he runs a lot and likes through the area and picked its beak toward you. In addition, he can shoot big fireballs and ensure its wings for wind gusts, push back you.

Element Weakness: Water, Ice

(12) Velocidrome

The Velocidrome inhabits the forest always and is therefore also to be found almost exclusively on exploration. He is the alpha male of the Velociprey. Similar to the Great Jaggi he has no element and will always summon only by its speed and dangerous by the possibility of new Velociprey support. You should have no problem with this monster.

Element Weakness: Ice

(13) Lagombi

The Lagombi is a kind of mixture of rabbit and bear and lives in icy areas such as the freezing sea. It is comparatively small and not too difficult opponent. You should be careful, however, to its mouth attacks - similar to those of Congalala - can multiply successions after the other and cause great damage and on the big snow balls he throws at you - these freeze you a short time. In addition, the Lagombi can slide across the ice and then hurtling at you at a tremendous speed. You can break his ears. To change the area of Lagombi slides on the ice away - it is, however, already badly injured he hobbles to the exit. He is sensitive to the elements of fire and thunder.

Element Weakness: Fire, Thunder

(14) Najarala

The Najarala is a huge snake beast that is a real challenge for aspiring hunters. Due to its length have many of his attacks a long range. He often throws shed at you get stuck in the ground now and then explode in the next deafening cry of Monsters - so you keep well away from them, because you don’t move the cry and the explosion thus cannot escape or attack them in a safe moment to break them. The Najarala bites often when you stand in front of him, and two times in a row. Again and again he will try to encircle you and then crush you what inflicts a lot of damage if you don’t roll through the gap in time the "circle". You may destroy his legs, the tail, the head and protruding plates on the back.

Element Weakness: ice, water

(15) Rathian

The Rathian is a huge dragon-like monster and the female counterpart of the Rathalos. She struggles both on the ground and in hover in the air. On the ground, they often run directly towards you, bites, turns into a kind of whip attack two times around its own axis or throw large fireballs. In the air, however, it is often glide on you or tries to poison you with his claws. Especially dangerous is its rollover attack in the air, where its not only poisoned you, but also greatly injured. You can destroy its wings and head and cut off the tail. The Rathian is currently in hover, you can bring him with strong hits with heavy weapons to case.

Element Weakness: Dragon, Thunder

(16) Khezu

The Khezu similar to Gigginox from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and is a wyvern with the element thunder. He is mostly to be found in the caves of the frost Seaway. During the Battle Khezu climbs frequently on walls and ceilings along and can then plop down upon you from above. The Khezu, both with his head as well as execute strong attacks with the tail, making it dangerous from all sides. Among his most dangerous actions include the discharge of electrical balls, an electric aura and the blow with his head for the "extension" of the neck. You can damage his head, the wing and the body.

Element Weakness: Fire

9. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster: Gore Magala, Iodrome, Gravios, Seltas Queen

(17) Gore Magala

The Gore Magala is one of the most feared monsters in the game, and for good reason. Despite its size he is extremely fast and agile and performs its attacks in quick successions, so little time remains to sharpen the weapon or sipping potions. In addition, he is infected with an unknown virus. In combat, runs and jumps of Gore Magala (online often called "Gore" for short) is constantly back and forth and placed again and again large virus-fields on the floor, you should enter into it - infect themselves with the virus. Once infected the bar on the left screen start to fill. If the bar is completely filled, your fighter will no longer heal from normal bleed damage ("red" damage to the health bar). Use zero berries to reset the bar and prevent the activation of this effect, and wage a vigorous on the Gore Magala to completely get rid of the virus - another way of healing does not exist. However, the viral effect is not the only thing that makes the Gore a challenge for every hunter: Due to its high speed hardly leave time to breathe, so you should rather quickly change the field in emergency situations. Is by no means alone on the hunt, but always take both Felyne companion with you since you only have a chance if the attention of the monster is split into several hunters - especially when it is angry because his speed and aggressiveness increases again. No matter how the battle even started: Stay patient and concentrated, then you force some point the Gore Magala to its knees - and then you have definitively proven as a professional hunter.

Element Weakness: Fire, Thunder Dragon

(18) Iodrome

Similar to Velocidrome, Gendrome and Great Jaggi the Iodrome is the alpha male of a Ioprey-pack. It is a fairly simple opponent whose behavior is roughly equivalent to that of the Gendrome. Special attacks can not handle the Iodrome, but he often spits poison, which is why you should not draw without appropriate antidotes in the fight, and calls for distress brought about new Ioprey. A clever tactic does not need in this fight. You can destroy the comb.

Element Weakness: Thunder

(19) Gravios

The Gravios is a huge, extremely well armored Flugwyvern. To defeat him, you have to be very careful and tactically - otherwise you are going to fight this monster quickly to the ground. Despite his clumsiness and the return of his attacks of Gravios is very strong and is able to inflict enormous damage to you in one hit. Take care not frontally to stand front of him - then you are namely an easy target for his rush attack and the blast of fire that he spat at irregular intervals. This jet of fire puts you in addition to fire, so soaked him best by a well-timed lunge.

It is not easy for novice hunters to meet the Gravios because its strong armor block out almost all attacks weak weapons; therefore abide most of the time close to his legs and beat on this one to bring him down. Here, however, remain cautious not to be lulled by his gas expulsion or set on fire. Alternatively, you can also keep trying to ride him through a climbing jump and thereby force on the ground. Have you brought the Gravios a few times to the ground, hang of it and can survive the rest of the fight without major problems. You can cut off the tail as well as damage the two wings, legs, back plates and the head - the belly.

Element Weakness: Water

(20) Seltas Queen

Although the name led to false assumptions: The Seltas Queen is superior in all respects anything but an easy opponent and the small Seltas. It resembles a giant scorpion and moves - unlike the male - to its powerful, thick armored feet on the ground continue. In most cases, you can meet the Queen, accompanied by a male to - if not, it comes from fragrances to attract a male, to assist in the fight. Should you fall into these fragrances, you can use any items for a while - so don’t forget to bring deodorant spray.

Sometime "fused" in the midst of the battle the Queen together with the Seltas an even bigger, even more powerful monsters; about this time you ought to be absolutely careful because everything now follows in the next few minutes could mean your death. The Seltas on the back of the queen dominates some brutal attacks: She has several times in succession with kinky speed towards you or even thrown from Seltas on you, which given its enormous weight can be really hurt. Avoid at this stage any thoughtless attacks and really smite only if ye are sure to not be attacked immediately. Have you separated the two after a while, you should first turn off the annoying Seltas and then devote yourself entirely to the weakened queen. You can break all four legs and cut off the tail with the pliers.

Element Weakness: Fire, Ice

10. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster: Zinogre, Rathalos, Tigrex, Dah'ren Mohran

(21) Zinogre

If you know the Zinogre already from previous MH games, you know, with what you have expected - if not, you may set a hard and difficult fight. The Zinogre is a very agile and nimble opponent with extremely sharp claws and a penchant for thunder and lightning. In the quiet state of combat is still bearable - here he comes only occasionally three "Thunder Balls" and scrapes you several times in a row with his claws. In between, he tried to charge with energy - this you realize the symbolic whine. Beat at this moment necessarily on him and do your best to abort the process!

In this way you can win in which their comparatively easy time with him have her precious minutes. Eventually, however, he has been fully charged with energy and falls into the Rage mode. Fits twice now on, because now the Zinogre is not only much faster and more aggressive, but also depends on increased damage and fits all attacks almost seamlessly together. Keep your distance and attack him only to secure points in time, for example if it is for a short time after jumping on the back or as he lets his "Thunder Ball". His anger phase can last for a few minutes in which you could die at any time, if you are not careful - sometime it is a slap in your weapon from the concept and bring down, then the aggressive phase is over too. You can break the head of the Zinogre and also cut off the tail, the dorsal spines, claws and horns.

Element Weakness: Ice

(22) Rathalos

The Rathalos is the male counterpart to Rathian and even an entire bit stronger than his partner. In essence, the behavior of both is the same, but the Rathalos mastered some additional attacks such as heavy fireballs or a nose dive from the air - he is also a much faster way. It can poison or stun you if you get hit by his claws or the swoop attack as well. It is generally advisable as with the Rathian, not head-to stand directly in front of him and instead of attacking him from the side. You can detach his cock (which cancel out his whip attack) and destroy the head, the wings and back.

Element Weakness: Dragon

(23) Tigrex

The Tigrex is swift and quite strong and is thus comparable opponents such as the Zinogre or Gore Magala in nothing. However, its high agility is not his only brand: Especially dangerous and feared by hunters is his loud cry that makes you not only unable to move, but you can severely hurt even if it is not far enough away. Therefore, depart shortly before the cry necessarily behind the Tigrex or block from the roar - if possible - with your weapon. Otherwise, valid for the entire fight absolute care and concentration. You have to imagine any serious attack of the Tigrex, if possible, to even have a fighting chance.

Respect absolutely sure not to get caught by his jump attack with subsequent tail whip and run away immediately when charging you. With a little flair you can quickly analyze and avoid time his behavior. Care to keep a greater distance between you and the Tigrex: The Beast often throw heavy boulders by you that you also upset. We recommend in all cases, to climb the Tigrex as often as possible and to separate his cock, as this reduces the radius of its whip attacks. And do not worry: With a little patience you get this. You can also damage the head and front claws.

Element Weakness: Thunder Dragon

(24) Dah'ren Mohran

This battle is very different from than what you are accustomed with Monster Hunter. On the hunt for the Dah'ren Mohran you shall in no common hunting ground sent, but be in the first phase of the struggle on a sand ship. And not without reason, because Dah'ren is a gigantic monster that would fit into a normal hunting area. Therefore, you must also take a different approach than usual shoot in Phase 1 first with the ballista and cannons on the Dah'ren -. Munitions can be found on the left and right on the ship. The ballista you can also target the horn to destroy it, so you have the same the side quest hunting mission. Once the Dah'ren "docks" on the ship, you can attack with melee weapons his flank. Arrows pointing to the edge, that's your sign for climbing onto: Runs just on the monster over and climbed his back. There you can to various boulders collect ores (so do not forget the pickaxe!) And also violate a place of his back.

Jump to the work is done easily from the back to the sea of ​​sand, you will simply return to the ship. This concept draws the entire first phase through until you play the report after some time that the final phase of the fight begins. In this second phase, you are on solid ground and you see the Dah'ren Mohran from a distance run toward you. Here you now have two options: You can either use the ballista and cannons to fire at him from a distance, or approach him and attack his huge body in melee.

Our experience has shown that the combat is more effective and promising, especially if you are playing in multiplayer. Conceded the Dah'ren a heavy hit, he is briefly violated there - then you can climb into his mouth and collect rare materials like monster guts. After a while Dah'ren Mohran falls lifeless to the ground and you have won.

Element Weakness: Thunder Dragon

11. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster: Shagaru Magala, Daimyo Hermitaur, Emerald Congalala

(25) Shagaru Magala

You remember certainly good at Gore Magala. This is important because these memories help you in the fight against its adult form, the Shagaru Magala. Shagaru is not only much larger and more impressive than Gore, but also many times stronger and just as agile and nimble. You fight against the Shagaru in a separate hunting area in which there is no possibility to withdraw, and where only returns a single rock, behind the cover you can search for sharpening or healing. So prepare yourself for a long, adrenaline-fueled fight that demands all your abilities. In general, the behavior and movement patterns of Shagaru are almost identical to those of Gore; his mouth and blows virus balls, however, depend on increased damage over a larger area.

Keep yourselves in no way directly in front of him, when he's not lying on the ground - a single hard hit by him could cost you loose half your life bar! It's best to ride, by stationed behind him and his tail or wing attacks - it works especially if he just fixed one of your companions. Take in the fight absolutely zero berries, to avoid being attacked by the virus that prevents automatic healing of your bleeding damage. Otherwise, we can not but advise you to proceed as well as against Gore, ie constantly to keep moving to keep as possible behind him and always ready to evade or block - here is a corresponding endurance management essential for success. The fight is difficult, so stay the whole time patient and concentrated. You can catch the Shagaru way, not (traps have no effect) - that you can damage his horns and wings twice and cut off the tail.

Element Weakness: Fire, Dragon

(26) Daimyo Hermitaur

The Daimyo Hermitaur is a sort of giant hermit crab protects with a Monoblos Skull and accordingly is also very well armored. Vulnerable, he is actually only on the exposed front - there you are, however, also a perfect target for his attacks scissors. The trick, then, lies exactly then to attack the daimyo forward when he can not defend himself, so has just completed another attack. A particular difficulty in the fight is that the daimyo, as befits a crab, almost exclusively moved laterally and therefore you usually hold out his cover.

So you have to observe exactly when he will stand still and can be attacked. Although you can "shield", ie the Monoblos Skull, damage twice, but here you are an easy target for his rear attack in which he attempts to impale you with the horn of the skull. If you directly in front of the Daimyo, the probability is high that he will direct a large jet of water upon you; this can block or dodge either by a plunge. You should still be made, you take a short time water damage and lose stamina faster. You can destroy the shearing of the Daimyo and damage the tank twice.

Element Weakness: Thunder

(27) Emerald Congalala (subspecies)

The Emerald Congalala is a subspecies of Congalala and differs only marginally from the normal Congalala. The biggest difference lies in its new element weakness and ice is that it can emit more and different gases now, including for example, those that burn or paralyze you.

Element Weakness: Ice

12. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster: Purple Gypceros, Brachydios, Cephadrome, Monoblos

(28) Purple Gypceros (subspecies)

The Purple Gypceros essentially corresponds to the normal Gypceros, with the difference that the purple subspecies is much stronger, causing increased poison damage and appears frequently. It also provides twice dead instead of - as the normal Gypceros - only once. Go in to the fight exactly as for Gypceros.

Element Weakness: Fire

(29) Brachydios

The Brachydios is a pretty strong monster that lives mainly in areas with extreme conditions, ie the volcanic depression and the frost by sea - therefore think depending on the hunting grounds of the cold or hot drinks. It differs from all the other monsters in the game especially the fact that he slime on the floor spread with his thick arms that explodes after a short time and in contact with fire. You will be affected by these explosions, you take a lot of fire damage, so keep your distance from the slime puddles. On the other hand even "slimy", avoid as far as possible in contact with fire and wait until the mucus has dissolved.

Most attacks of Brachydios are designed for the distribution of mucus, which is why he strikes most of the time with his arms. Occasionally he pushes his mighty horn into the earth and causes large radius explosions. A further leap attack is part of his repertoire. All of these attacks, however, are relatively easy to predict, so you can dodge mostly good with decent stamina management. You can destroy the horn and the arms and cut off the tail of the Brachydios, but he will continue to distribute mucus.

Element Weakness: Water

(30) Cephadrome

The Cephadrome is the alpha male of the Cephalos and prefers to live in desert areas. The most of the fight, he spends under the ground - so you have to catch him when he jumps out of the sand and sit for a short time remain. In general, this is a pretty easy battle against a relatively uncomplicated opponent, but this can be stressful, that the Cephadrome warp again and again under the earth. He commands a rush attack and a strong Sandstrom attack, moreover, no dangerous tricks. With a little patience you should be able to easily kill this monster.

Element Weakness: Thunder

(31) Monoblos

A huge, powerful monster with a single sharp horn on his head. Although the Monoblos can not cause status effects on you, it is by its sheer power and surprising agility a challenge for every aspiring hunter. He often burrows into the ground and moves to another location with the horn advance out again, or races with the horn ahead of you to to impale you. Also dangerous are his heavy lashes with its tail. If you have previously fought in another Monster Hunter before a Diablos, you should be familiar with behavior and attack patterns of Monoblos. It is recommended to first separate the tail to overturn the whip attacks, and the Monoblos mainly to attack on the wings when you are fairly well protected here before most of his attacks. You can damage the large horn on the head and both wings.

Element Weakness: Thunder

13. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Big Monster: Pink Rathian, Red Khezu, Black Gravios 

(32) Pink Rathian (subspecies)

As a subspecies of the Rathian Pink Rathian dominates the same movement and attack scheme and different from their "normal" version mainly due to the increased damage and longer life force. Go into this fight with the same way as against the Rathian.

Element Weakness: Thunder Dragon

(33) Red Khezu (subspecies)

The Red Khezu corresponds in his behavior and his attacks almost 1: 1 normal Khezu, his voice can now sign but also maintained during the run and is weak against water. Apart from that, the differences are marginal to non-existent.

Element Weakness: Water

(34) Black Gravios (subspecies)

The behavior and attack patterns of the Black Gravios is largely identical to that of the "normal" Gravios, with the difference being that the Black Gravios much more frequently emits explosive gas fire.

Element Weakness: Water

Stygian Zinogre (subspecies)

Stygian Zinogre is one of the few subspecies, which differ quite strongly from the "normal" version of the monster. He is not only much more aggressive than the normal Zinogre, but above all for an entire bit faster and hands out violently - he also takes a lot less time to re-energize. Much more than normal Zinogre face him with absolute caution when he gets in the Rage mode, as he strung together the attacks constantly. Other than his normal counterpart, he does not attack with the thunder, but the dragon element. Go in the fight against similarly to the normal Zinogre, but be extra careful.

Element Weakness: Thunder

Brachial Tigrex (subspecies)

Differences between Tigrex and brachial Tigrex up to a stronger and more frequent cry scarce, so keep yourself according to the tactics that we have already recommended you for the Tigrex.

Element Weakness: Water

Yian Kut-Ku Blue (subspecies)

Yian Kut-Ku The blue behaves almost identically to normal Yian Kut-Ku - that is quite the same way as before.

Element Weakness: Water

Ruby Basarios (subspecies)

Have you already fought the normal Basarios, you also know, as you deal with the ruby-Basarios. The two variants correspond to the different coloration.

Element Weakness: Ice


The Deviljho is one of the strongest and most feared monsters in the whole game and reminds his powerful body and small arms outward to a Tyrannosaurus Rex. To a large risk of Jho is mainly due to its heavy tail, with whom he performs many attacks, and by his strong teeth. Despite his appearance, he is a very fast monster in battle often running toward you, and whose attacks can be difficult to dodge. To defeat him, is anything but simple - yet we give you here a few tips on how you should proceed. Generally it is a good idea as soon as possible to separate the tail, as the Jho thereby loses balance and falls more frequently; also with whip attack is then severely weakened. The safest is you when you come back to again close at his legs - in no case you should directly in front of him! Particular caution should be exercised when he gets in the Rage mode and red lights. At this stage, it will emit radiation that can cause damage to dragons and cover a large part of the area. These can block though, the Dodge, however, very difficult, which is why you should definitely are rather behind or beneath it. You can poison poisoned meat or paralyze briefly with paralyzing flesh, also you can lure him with any kind of meat into the established traps the Deviljho. The fight, given the strength of Jho take a while, so stay focused and consistently draws you in case of need for healing in another area back.

Element Weakness: Thunder Dragon

Silver Rathalos (subspecies)

As the azure Rathalos Silver Rathalos also corresponds to the greatest possible extent the normal variant. However, the fight takes place in a separate hunting grounds, the spire instead.

Element Weakness: Thunder, Water

Golden Rathian (subspecies)

The only relevant differences between the Golden Rathian and the other Rathian variants lie in increased stamina, vigor and aggressiveness. The fight takes place on the spire like with the silver Rathalos.

Element Weakness: Thunder, Water