Persona 5 Release Hype Builds

Atlus has made us wait almost an entire generation that we can finally see Person 5 on the horizon since the fourth installment of the saga went on sale on PlayStation 2. But if all goes well, the agonizing wait could end the same year, but after seeing its first playable trailer and have seen its first details, one thing has become clear to us that we still have to wait just a little longer until the launch.

In case anyone does not know what we're talking about, say that person is a series of Japanese role games it was born as a spin-off of Shin Megami Tensei, although the success which achieved with Persona 3 and Persona 4 has made its popularity has skyrocketed so very much like to outshine the original saga.

There is more to see the multitude of games related to the third and fourth installment of the saga (Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Person Q Shadow of the Labyrinth, Persona 4: Dancing All Night, reviews of the two games as FES and Golden, etc. ) that have been released in the past year to quickly realize what dear defendant who has become the series.

Its success is due to many factors, starting with the care that is every one of its sections, although probably one of the highlights is the so perfect fusion achieved between a social simulator school life and research of dungeons with fighting for traditional gender shifts, which obviously will be one of the hallmarks of Person 5.

So, what do we know about the game so far? For starters, this time the story takes place mainly in Shibuya, one of the most important areas of Tokyo, although considering that it seems that we will be able to use the metro, it would not be unreasonable to think that we will have the opportunity to visit more places in this great city. The study also wants to make us feel in a huge city full of life.

Regarding the protagonist who touch us incarnate, we will have a big problem that will have to face at some point to get over, because the consequences of not doing so could be catastrophic, a feature shared with the other characters that will join our group. This problem will be represented in the game by a kind of "mental prison", as we saw in the trailer.

Obviously, the gameplay returns us to propose live a school year, day by day, where in the morning we will have to attend classes, meet friends, etc., while at night it touch us go different dungeons dressed as Thieves to fight a great darkness and steal "something" unknown. In these parts, the characters will wear masks that apparently will have a key role in the story (something like Persona 4 glasses).

Speaking of characters, so far only know three members who will join our group: Anne, Ryuji and Morgana. The first two will be our companions of the institute and each will have their own problems to solve. These, like the protagonist, appear to be related to the fact of losing their homes. Instead, Morgana is a kind of cat-like creature that has the ability to transform. Moreover, their role in the plot is said to be quite important.

As expected, the combat system will be by turns, but Katsura Hashino, the director, says they are introducing different innovations that make it much more enjoyable for everyone. Each character can use in battle a kind of gun actually not be such and classic skills as the system of All-Out Attack return for the occasion, allowing us to execute a devastating attack in which our entire group will participate after we have taken advantage of the weaknesses of enemies.

As for the dungeon, highlights the fact that the game will combine different randomly generated elements with no. for example, the most important places to visit during the main story are designed to offer all kinds of challenges as "phantom thieves", so your design will remain unchanged so we can take advantage of the new capabilities of our characters (such as ability to jump through different platforms coverage or move to avoid detection coverage).

As expected, the person will again have a prominent role during battles, but for now we only know the first to get our protagonist: Arsene, inspired by the famous Phantom Thief Arsene Lupin (created by French writer Maurice Leblanc) and whose design has seemed spectacular.

Finally, with regard to his audiovisual section, say the leap to that seen in Persona 4 is more than evident, although not what you would expect from a production of PlayStation 4, as we remind you that this is a PlayStation 3 native project (in fact, everything that has been taught so far, including the trailer, belongs to the latter version). Yes, the title looks great, with well recreated scenes, full of life, characters with exquisite designs and best of all: an art to remove its hat that exudes style and good taste, something paragraph that applies even to menus, which shows how much they are caring this new adventure.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed that Production IG, the popular animation studio that was responsible for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, will be responsible for creating the scenes of anime that we will see throughout the game, which assures us that will high quality. As for the soundtrack, say Shoji Meguro, the usual composer of the series will return again, but this time his compositions are very inspired by jazz, because it believes that it is a style that is in keeping with the theme game.
As we said at the beginning of the text, Person 5 suggests ways and wait until it finally hits the shelves will be very long. So far all we've seen has only served to fuel our "hype" and that we still know almost nothing of what the title has to offer as there are many doubts in the air that need an answer, so now we just have to arm ourselves with patience and wait for these promising thieves decide to provide big blow.