Republique Remastered (PC) review

Successful Kickstarter game finally reached PC and Mac under the title Republique Remastered, an adaptation of the original dystopian adventure starring Hope, adapted to new graphics engine Unity 5 and with the first three chapters included. Discover more about this interesting game in our review below.

Republique, the new project of young studio Camouflaj formed by industry veterans - and who participated in games like Metal Gear Solid 4 or Halo 4, among others, has made quite an impact with its efforts to bring an entire AAA experience each Touch increasingly popular format. And the dystopian adventure Hope has led to the emergence of big budget and project renowned first in the App Store and more recently in Google Play, with the launch of the first three chapters: Exordium, Metamorphosis and Zeros and Ones . Already in the presentation of his Kickstarter campaign announced that the intention of its creators was to bring the Orwellian universe to compatible Republique and the result has been none other than Republique Remastered, an adapted version of the original title to a point-and-type interface Click traditional style, conversion to Unity 5 new graphics engine and the inclusion of the first three episodes at launch, with the remaining two still to come as their version of smartphones and tablets.


Our adventure starts Orwellian a unique and surprising way; your PC will become the hacker tool to help Hope, a mysterious woman held in a facility for the simple fact of spreading an intolerable for those who seek to preserve the oppressive power of a company subject to the domain message and the technological control. Thus, we receive a call that we answer, being Republique a fully immersive experience since its inception. Through a phone "borrowed" Hope maintain contact with us while we guide by countless corridors and rooms undetected by numerous guards, without leverage our capabilities hacker to use the surveillance system itself Omniscient , figure in the shadow that controls and press.

From the moment we become the real Big Brother, because our task will be to jump from an inner chamber to follow the footsteps of Hope, open locked doors, hack electronic devices, look for clues that help us in so particular flight, prevent the coming dangers and other tasks companion from a distance. All this through the scanner mode can be activated at any moment and highlight those objects you can interact in one way or another, a technological window that is a success in a format like Republique. Definitely an original way to get behind the wheel of an interactive experience that bases its development on a strong narrative component, beyond offering an interface with many options, yes, to some extent.

And is that as with other titles with which it shares certain parallels without going any further, the work of Quantic Dream - Republique is uncovered as a closer adventure film that classic video game format. Yes, David Cage's detractors should not overlook Camouflaj thriller, as it allows greater interaction and the ability to immerse completely in his universe oppressor, part of it through our screen. And how could it be otherwise, Republique shows a really high production values, with a love for detail and an extreme in every aspect designed to make the universe a shocking world Republique care, far from leaving the indifferent spectator.


With a first episode introduces us to its mechanical and puts us in the attractive setting Odyssey Hope, in the second chapter come more interesting developments as a new type of more armored enemies, the Prizrak, soldiers not follow established routes and bring us much more difficult, and new skills to our suffering protagonist, as the possibility of seeing our enemies through walls or anticipate their movements projecting their next steps and avoid them without raising the slightest suspicion. And just as with the original, three-dimensional map that came as a novelty in the second episode, becomes also available in Exordium, a decision that will help us in our break as we try to come through so labyrinthine rooms.

Zeros and Ones

The third and final episode for the time being Republique, which leave behind libraries and warm environments of the two previous chapters to deepen the cold aisles of Terminus, the central server responsible for the decline of a society oppressed up the end. Also, its development will focus on showing us, the viewers, the effects of control information and the media in the style of the famous novel 1984. It is thanks to the greater involvement of the personal aspect of the characters, we can investigate their past and use their weaknesses against them, adding a plus gameplay more than successful. Although due to its tendency to numerous cinematic, the tempo is somewhat slower than in previous chapters, minimally burdening gameplay already somewhat slow. Here some new skills such as the ability to delay patrol guards or lay mines to let KO are added.

Moreover, it still has a very interesting technique bill, now reinforced by his step Unity 4.5 to 5, a process that has gone hand in hand with the developers of popular graphics engine and has served to achieve the first game based entirely in the latest version. Thus, issues such as more realistic and based on physical shadows, more effective global illumination and real and bright dynamic effects of reflection time, all are improved to promote a graphic section that gave their best on touch devices, especially tablets. And is that facial animations, lip-sync and animation was already at a high level and now look better than ever on their way to PC, besides correcting some texturing issues for this release. Furthermore, there has been a good optimization, allowing Republique enjoy a wide range of equipment.

In order to complete a degree in a spirit of genuine AAA and as happened in its touch version, featuring the voices of renowned industry heavyweights like David Hayter, Jennifer Hale, Mark Daugherty or Leila Birch, among others, interpretations and offer a level of titles that have participated previously, which are not few. Yes, countless voices and dialogues remain in English; a lime and sand, as if he were dubbed, we lose so successful performances, forcing us to be constantly reading if we have a good level of language. Yes, texts and captions are translated into our language itself.


With this new remastering, our desktops can finally receive Hope and company with a well adapted -the mouse interface becomes the ideal extension of our finger when interacting with different icons contextuales- a graphic section something improved with the adoption of the new Unity 5 game engine and the same level of the original version in terms of artistic design and interpretive work of recognizable figures in the video game industry. Perhaps the touch version is more intuitive, but the result of its translation to support is exemplary, with a system that adopts smoothly typical point-and-click and make it its own to offer a unique adventure.

Republique Remastered is now available for PC and Mac on Steam, GOG and Humble Store at a price of 24.99 euros with the three chapters appeared so far and access to the impending last two episodes: God's Acre and Terminus.