Resident Evil: Revelations 2 gameplay review

The first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 gives the exact dose of horror and action, balancing things and setting the stage for what promises to be an episodic game. Turning Fear classic style.

There are video game franchises that have completely disappeared, and others that lose their identity over time into something completely different to the original idea. The securities that comprise the first group, especially when they are good, are a real tragedy for the fans, powerless over the fact that their favorite heroes will not return to consoles. We think sagas as Medievil, Onimusha or Dino Crisis, with so much potential; but the games are the second block, the mutant franchise, are worse. Because we see the transformation does nothing to advance and how it seems impossible to go back. Resident Evil survival horror like other 90, see Silent Hill- is perhaps the most notorious case of this change in mechanical and focus, since Resident Evil 4, where it worked beautifully as a breath of fresh air. But the arrival of Resident Evil 5, more arcade, puzzles and barely focused on action, completely distorted the original concept of the series; Resident Evil 6 with its promised return to origins, came as something at half being true statement that only 25% of the total: some times of the phases of Leon S. Kennedy. The rest, more of the same.

Interestingly, while domestic consoles and PC franchise experienced this change, was born in a small portable alternative project itself-now-containing those ingredients longed first deliveries. Controlling ammunition knows what to spend every bullet pistol or shotgun, a taste for the oppressive atmosphere and good level design, rewarding exploration and backtracking. It came under the name of Resident Evil Revelations and launched timidly Nintendo 3DS, becoming one of the great exclusive to the platform. The game worked fantastically in terms of sales, with critics and users dedicated to their premise, prompting Capcom to launch in 2013 on home consoles (PS3, 360, Wii U) as well as PC. And on to what we have now in hand, then recovers the basis of the original and expands incorporating new playable level, a new scenario and a stronger technical section, in addition to a new form of distribution - episodic- You may like more or less, but you have to accept. Furthermore, arrives at a reasonably low price: € 25 four episodes, similar to what we're seeing with other similar releases roll as draft Telltale Games or the recent Life is Strange.

The adventure begins

The full game will arrive stores on March 18, so for now we can only talk about its first episode, which begins with Claire Redfield in a kind of reception party soon goes kaput with the arrival of a police force. The image fades to black and when we open our eyes we are in prison. The cell door opens Claire, and quickly heard our friend Moira shouting across, and with a set of cameras you discover that someone has taken us there to carry the game of cat and mouse. The history part, from this point, the need to escape this security complex and discover why the hell have been transferred there. This occurs in the first half of the episode, as in the second pass control to Barry Burton, who arrives at a location after receiving a distress message. Where appropriate, has the support of a girl who lies on the coast, Natalia Korda, who seems to have some special skills. During this boot is thus lay the foundation of the plot, and it is something that is done surprisingly well: solving mysteries medium, location and intriguing creatures of the underworld, and strong personality of its protagonists. Capcom has done a good job.

Yasuhiro Anpo, director of the title, is a veteran in the franchise (his credits include Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2, besides the first Onimusha) and has known how to coordinate every aspect of the game to give it a classic look without forgetting the added innovations post -Resident Evil 4. Here is a continuity game from the original Revelations, aiming for a balance between survival and arcade, getting quite complicated and is that any player can feel comfortable depending on what look: neither is a 'mata-mata' where we can live bullets, and allows for mistakes if we choose the highest difficulty level. In this respect it is exemplary, also giving opportunity to replay the episode after completing the first time (something that can be done in just an hour and a half) with different options as do-that trial say, possibly as fast or invisibly that hidden enemies map and evidently alerts us to try to memorize patterns of movement.

For those not familiar with the original Revelations, needless to say it was a title of adventure, action and exploration in the third person, and that is something that remains in this sequel. The first half of the season will control Claire, who is able to face the threats they face with a knife, a pistol and a shotgun, unlocked progressively as we go. The goal in this section is out of prison, for which we must revive electricity in the complex, look for a piece of gear to open a door and go outside with it. In this segment the game is quite simple, just based on several doors explore barely big headaches. The enemies are scarce, except at one point in which they appear in groups and give a taut string, but overall is particularly affordable. There are no puzzles to solve and everything is based on exploration. Claire has the support of Moira, daughter of Barry Burton, who has a supporting role consists in using a flashlight to illuminate areas of the stage and hit the enemies to strike with an iron bar. The control between the two characters can be exchanged at all times is crucial, for example, because Moira can point to very dark areas to give cartridges or hidden objects.

The second half of the episode was spent with Barry, and does the opposite way to Claire and Moira. With it, we started on the outside of the prison, specifically on a pier with our boat until we hit a girl, Natalia. Barry is good with weapons so its way to deal with enemies is more frontal, and with it more challenging to find time to end the creatures that appear in this environment nightmare. The support, this time, it provides small, it is able to 'see' through walls or feel the presence of the enemy, in addition to its small size can squeeze through holes or slits to move to another side of closed areas and thus open doors or do other actions. As in the previous case, we can switch control of both characters and cooperation is key. Needless to say, incidentally, that there is a cooperative mode that does not delegate to the second character to the IA but allows any person to join our game, which is always much more fun. With Barry go into prison because walking the same environments that Claire and finally we go to the area from which it received the distress message.

In addition to the above, to give the game more beer we can improve character skills such as having more firepower or endure more blows. Replaying the story get enough points for improvement and something that interest us, since the title is packed with unlockables, as a 'achievements / trophies internal' as well as collectibles that are pretty well hidden during the campaign. Apart from this, by the way, we have an Assault mode in which tests are multiple focused, this time, pure and simple arcade: ending series of enemies that attack glass (the tower defense lifetime) clean the scene of zombies and other creatures, collect power-ups across the stage, level up, improving the characters, and so on. This mode has online options, by the way, as rising score rankings. Similarly, there is enough material unlockable (galleries with designs, secret files, etc.) and numerous in-game challenges. In short it is an episode that offers enough extras to be recommended, plus your asking price.


The first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 offers enough content to justify its purchase, and although it is true that the campaign itself is short (but remains in line with the experiences that other episodic titles, of course), invites to be replayed several times to get all collectibles, try the trial and invisible ways, get the best grades at each level of difficulty, and so on. As a game, it's a solid continuation of the first Revelations and although it has a catch design (Moira / Natalia could have differentiated roles) this is a game that does very well what is proposed, creating a tense moment (some nocturnal flight outdoor) and telling a story that, at least in his boot, is quite solvent. We do not know yet how it will develop the plot, but the usual cliffhangers of the television series also make an appearance here leaving wanting more. Luckily, the episodes will at a rate of one per week, so soon we will find out what happens in that prison and why Claire and Moira were sent there.